50 Most Profitable Things to Sell at Fairs: Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit

most profitable things to sell at fairs

As there is a rising desire for homemade and handmade goods, selling crafts and other things both offline and online, especially at fairs can be a most profitable business venture. 

However, because there are so many possibilities and numerous elements to take into account, selecting the crafts to manufacture and market for profit can be difficult. 

Therefore, you will learn all there is to know about producing crafts this year that you can sell for a profit in this post.

You will also learn about the most profitable things to sell at fairs.

Kindly read through to the end.

Key Takeaways 

  • Lower production costs are typically indicative of a profitable craft sector. It doesn’t cost much money and doesn’t take much time to create products in a given category.
  • You can undoubtedly make your passion into a business if you enjoy crafting and creating beautiful things. Some people have turned their craft-making abilities into full-time enterprises, which can be a terrific way to supplement their income.
  • You need to know what customers want and be able to earn a profit on every craft you produce in order to transform your hobby into a business.

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50 Profitable Things To Sell at Fairs: Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit This Year

It’s a terrific chance to get additional money if you start your own creative business. 

The global market for handcrafted goods is expected to increase by 9.1% yearly and reach $752.2 billion in 2022, according to IMARC.

There will probably be a market for anything that you can handcraft at home. 

Here are our top picks for 50 simple items you may create and market to make money from home.

This list also contains the 50 most profitable things to sell at fairs.

  • Necklace
  • Earrings
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Canvas painting
  • Art prints
  • Coloring books
  • Pillowcases
  • Candles
  • Candles
  • Pet supplies
  • Sweets
  • Artificial plants 
  • Soap Bar Dishes
  • Sharpie Mugs
  • Coasters
  • Kitchen Utensil Holders
  • Cloth Napkins
  • Lip Balm
  • Soap and Bath Bombs
  • Body Scrubs
  • Soap Dispensers 
  • Milk Bath
  • Perfume
  • Face powder
  • Bookmarks
  • Stationary Pouches
  • Notebooks
  • Clipboards
  • Dry- Erase Boards
  • Cable Organizers
  • Custom T-shirts
  • Tote bags
  • Socks
  • Sunglasses case
  • Coat hangers
  • Mittens
  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Enamels
  • Felt sleeping mask
  • Gift Baskets 
  • Subscription Boxes 
  • Music 
  • Stock Photos
  • Ebooks
  • Software Programs and Applications
  • Online courses
  • Keychains
  • Greeting Cards
  • Pacifier clips
  • Traditional Handcrafts

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1. Necklaces

most profitable things to sell at fairs

The best product to create and market from home is handmade jewelry. 

Necklaces rank among the most widely worn types of jewelry.

It is very popular to wear necklaces. It’s best to design a jewelry style that fits your talents. 

In order to enter the market competitively, do research and focus on a niche. 

Animal-themed necklaces are one type of item you can create.

2. Earrings 

most profitable things to sell at fairs

Earrings are among the easiest crafts to produce and market. 

For beginners, there are several earring designs that are simple to construct. 

To make your designs more appealing to your audience, you might adapt current designs and alter the materials and embellishments.

3. Friendship Bracelets

most profitable things to sell at fairs

One of the most popular home crafts to offer online is friendship bracelets. 

Additionally, they enable you to start earning money online with little outlay of funds. 

For instance, some friendship bracelets can be made using nothing more complicated than embroidery floss and basic equipment like scissors and tape.

For the purpose of identifying your target market, experiment with various friendship bracelet patterns and develop original designs.

4. Canvas Paintings

most profitable things to sell at fairs

Among the most well-liked home decor company ventures are canvas paintings.  

There are many sources of inspiration available to get you started if painting is new to you. 

Abstract florals, cityscapes, and phrases are a few painting concepts for wall art.

5. Art Prints

most profitable things to sell at fairs

Without printing them out, you can still make artwork for home décor. 

Selling art prints or digital printables is a terrific method to market original ideas without having to worry about actual production or delivery.

Using design software or a photo, you may make digital art. 

To avoid prints with blurry details, make sure to create high-quality image files. 

Then, sell them on your own website or through an Etsy shop.

6. Coloring Books

Both youngsters and adults enjoy coloring books. It serves as a fantastic stress reliever and creative outlet. 

Utilize design software to make original illustrations from scratch for your coloring book. 

As an alternative, you can download designs that are in the public domain and turn them into line art. 

Finally, if you want to create high-quality coloring books, be sure to collaborate with a reputable printing business.

7. Pillowcases

Pillowcases may be used to beautify homes, which makes them a fantastic product to create and market. 

Try utilizing sewing and embroidery techniques to give them a distinctive look. 

To appeal to a wider audience, you can create pillowcases in a range of sizes.

8. Candles

Because of their simplicity, candles are simple items that are simple to create and sell from home. 

You only need wax and knowledge of the melt-and-pour process.

To make aromatherapy candles, you can also add essential oils. 

They appeal to distinct market niches because of their medicinal qualities.

By 2031, the candle market, which is continually expanding, is anticipated to be worth $16.9 billion.

9. Pet Supplies

There are many different types of pet supplies, from homemade snacks to apparel and accessories like pet ID tags. 

Develop distinctive pet items to boost your brand’s recognition among consumers and pet owners.

For instance, selling handmade dog treats is a good business plan to make additional cash from pet owners looking for healthier treats. 

Dog treats can be made from natural components, with a focus on nutrients and health advantages.

Try making bespoke collars or pet clothes if you have sewing or clothing-making skills. 

Pet adoption is on the rise, which is driving up demand for pet apparel.

10. Sweets

If you enjoy preparing sweets like candies, cookies, chocolate, or other treats, you can start selling food online. 

Be aware that some goods can require refrigeration or only have a short shelf life, which can restrict your shipping options.

11. Artificial Plants

Crafts for home decor that mimic real plants are popular. Paper, wire, and felt are used most frequently to create DIY artificial plants. 

Homemade artificial plants can also be created utilizing unusual materials such as wool yarn, fabric, and plastic.

12. Soap Bar Dishes

A dish designed specifically to hold a soap bar serves this purpose. DIY soap bar dishes can be made from materials including wood, ceramic, or recycled coasters. 

To increase sales, use creativity in your design and pay attention to utility.

13. Sharpie Mugs

Given their simplicity and originality, Sharpie-painted mugs are among the best unique products to market. 

An oil-based Sharpie marker and a basic mug are all you need to make them. 

Make money with your works by starting to create bespoke designs or design-to-order mugs.

14. Coasters

Another thing you may manufacture and sell online is coasters, which can be both utilitarian and aesthetic. 

They can be produced using various materials, including felt and cork. 

To make your coasters more appealing, give them a special touch with artistic prints or paintings.

15. Kitchen Utensil Holders

Crafting kitchen utensil holders is practical since they keep a kitchen orderly. 

Experimenting with various unusual materials may improve the item’s distinctiveness and worth as wood is typically used to make things of this nature.

16. Cloth Napkins

For crafty individuals who enjoy sewing, this project is perfect. 

Since the necessary skills are simple to learn, even total beginners may find DIY guides online to get started. 

Try investigating various cloth patterns and creating original designs.

17. Lip Balm

The production of lip balm at home is another simple personal care product. 

A supermarket will have the majority of the ingredients. 

To make the lip balm more appealing, emphasize its advantages.

18. Soap and Bath Bombs

It’s a great chance to start a company selling homemade bath bombs or soap. 

These handcrafted goods can be simply manufactured at home and are always in demand.

Despite using basic materials, the manufacture of soap calls for specialized tools and protective clothing. 

Soap-making at home requires a small financial investment, so keep that in mind.

19. Body Scrubs

Body scrub might be a good addition to your product line if you intend to create soap. 

Only a select few people have the time to manufacture their own homemade body scrubs, so they are in high demand.

20. Soap Dispensers

You may provide homemade liquid soap in addition to soap dispensers for sale. 

One of the most lucrative things to build and sell is a soap dispenser made from an unopened glass bottle or a decorated Mason jar.

21. Milk Bath

Given its many health advantages, a homemade milk bath makes a fantastic skin-nourishing product to market. 

Try other additives, such as salt and essential oils, instead of powdered milk.

22. Perfume

For both sexes, perfume is a popular product. 

With natural components like different flowers and essential oils, creating a DIY perfume at home is simple.

To increase the perceived worth of your products, in addition to experimenting with various scents, make sure you acquire high-quality packaging.

23. Face Powder

The best handmade products to sell online are face powders. 

Without any special tools, making them at home is simple.

Considering how inexpensive and all-natural homemade face powder is, many people use it. 

Therefore, to get started, search for recipes online.


It’s easy to produce and sell bookmarks, and they’re also profitable. 

Depending on your ingenuity and available resources, you can make them out of anything.

Hence, Design distinctive and intriguing bookmarks before selling them. 

Crafts that capture people’s attention tend to be more appealing to them.

25. Stationery Pouches

If you want to sew, you can create and market stationery pouches. 

Even with only basic sewing abilities, creating stationery pouches is simple.

Make sure to tweak the designs to fit your target demographic, which will include office employees and students. 

Expanding your product line to sell purses and bags will be simpler once you have mastered the production process.

26. Notebook

As more people start keeping journals, the notebook industry is becoming more well-known.

A notebook can be made in one of two ways: either from scratch or by repurposing and embellishing pre-existing ones. 

A unique cover and page layout will set your product apart from rivals, so use your imagination while designing them.

27. Clipboards

One of the easiest crafts to produce and sell that promotes productivity is the clipboard. 

Decorating pre-existing clipboards and reselling them for profit is one approach to creating them.

With some woodworking expertise, you could also create your own clipboards.

28. Dry-Erase Boards

A dry-erase board can be used for office decoration, note-taking, and idea generation. 

It’s a well-liked item for home offices, making it one of the best crafts to create and market for profit.

Dry-erase boards may be made from scratch very easily. 

A photo frame with a glass writing surface and a dry-erase pen are all you need. 

Create a captivating frame using ornamental elements like ribbon and scrap paper to increase its selling factors.

29. Cable Organizers

Owners of numerous electronic devices frequently use cable organizers. 

It comes in a variety of forms, from a straightforward band that keeps connections from getting tangled to a personalized box that conceals disorganized cables.

30. Custom T-shirts

In the online clothing market, t-shirts are among the most popular commodities. 

Notably, they are simple to create and design. 

Additionally, consumers do not need to try the items on to determine if they fit as long as they order the 

correct size.

Create appealing designs for a certain market segment and get a supplier to make them launch a custom t-shirt business. 

To minimize the headache of managing inventory and delivery, think about drop shipping.

31. Tote Bags

Making and selling tote bags online is a terrific way to generate money. 

The market for tote bags is anticipated to increase to $3.6 billion by 2030 as a result of the rising need to replace plastic bags.

Various types of cloth can be used to create tote bags, but make sure they are robust. 

Make them more appealing by designing imaginative designs as well.

32. Socks

Selling handmade socks is a common practice. 

Knitting and sewing are the two most typical techniques for producing socks. 

Therefore, try both methods out to choose the one you like most.

33. Sunglasses Cases

A fantastic DIY craft idea is to create cloth casings for sunglasses. 

To appeal to a variety of customers, experiment with various fabric patterns or embellishments.

It is a really good investment.

34. Coat Hangers

There are several various DIY coat hanger choices, including mobile coat racks and wall-hung coat hangers. 

To produce original designs, choose a design that fits your carpentry abilities and experiment with various colors and shapes.

35. Mittens

Mittens are a great option if you want to make DIY crafts that have a track record of success, especially in the winter. 

If you know how to sew or knit, you can make them at home with ease. 

Make the patterns appealing by using your imagination.

Wool sweaters and t-shirts can also be used to construct mittens. 

You can attract ecologically concerned customers by reusing current resources.

36. Hats

The beautiful thing about making hats is that they don’t require advanced sewing abilities. 

You can either design and market pre-existing hats or make them from scratch.

Don’t forget that there are many different sorts of hats because hats are a diverse product area. 

Various target markets and demand trends can apply to each. 

Therefore, Pick a market that interests you after doing some study.

37. Scarves

An accessory for fashion and warmth, scarves serve two purposes. 

Even if the demand for scarves is greatest in the winter, you can still meet spring and summer market demand by producing scarves using lighter fabrics.

38. Enamel Pins

People can personalize their clothing and luggage with enamel pins, which are accessories. 

Creating original designs and working with a reliable manufacturer to get enamel pins made and sold requires both of those things.

39. Felt Sleeping Mask

Anyone can learn the straightforward techniques required to make felt sleeping masks on their own. 

You have a lot of creative freedom because the supplies are quite simple to find.

40. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are simple items to sell for a profit because they are frequently combined with other products or given as made-to-order items. 

With wood or wood, you can create a straightforward present basket or box.

Include items in the gift baskets that you can produce and sell, or those you can buy from other vendors. 

It’s also a smart idea to choose personalized presents depending on consumer preferences.

41. Subscription Boxes

Starting a subscription box business is a great idea if you have several homemade product ideas. 

Each month, a variety of things are supplied in a subscription box.

For instance, if you offer fragrances, lip balms, and other beauty products, package them up and send them to subscribers of subscription boxes every month.

To streamline the procedure and tailor the material to the tastes of your customers, use the same box size each month.

42. Music

Online retailers frequently sell music, which is one of the most popular digital goods. 

If you want to upload your tracks to music streaming services, use services like DistroKid. 

If you don’t have enough material to create an album, think about selling singles.

43. Stock Photos

Utilizing a camera and developing your photographic eye via practice are prerequisites for creating stock images. 

Sell your work on stock photography sites like 500px, Getty Images, and Shutterstock once you’ve built up a respectable portfolio.

44. eBooks

Writers who want to earn more money should think about publishing eBooks. 

The subjects could range from fictitious stories to do-it-yourself guides. 

Amazon and Payhip are two websites where eBooks can be sold.

45. Software Programs and Applications

Several platforms are used by many web developers to sell their apps and services independently. 

You need to be sufficiently skilled in programming, to understand the market, and to network.

Selling your work online is best done through a dedicated website or an internet marketplace like Gumroad.

Launching a company that produces and sells plugins or themes might be something you should think about if you’re interested in WordPress. 

There are still many new features that can be used even though WordPress users are your only intended audience. 

They are available for sale on a variety of websites, including ThemeForest and CodeCanyon.

46. Online Courses

Selling online classes might be a successful business venture if you have in-demand expertise or abilities. 

To promote your classes, either build a website or sign up for services offered by websites like Udemy and Skillshare.

47. Keychains

A common purchase among many different types of people is a keychain. 

Any design you choose can be made, however, it will be simpler to sell keychains if you focus on a certain market or topic.

A variety of materials and methods can be used to create keychains. 

To determine what will sell best, research your target market.

48. Greeting Cards

Birthdays, marriages, and holiday seasons are just a few occasions that greeting cards are used. 

Making them is reasonably simple and inexpensive.

To get you started, there are a ton of original greeting card ideas online.

49. Pacifier Clips

To keep a toddler from losing or dropping their pacifier, pacifier clips are attached to their hand or clothing. 

High demand exists for this straightforward, reasonably priced gadget.

You may need to check your region’s pacifier laws, so keep that in mind. 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) rules should be followed when making pacifier clips in the US. 

Pacifier clips, for example, are prohibited from being longer than eight inches, according to one guideline.

50. Traditional Handcrafts

Each region produces unique traditional handicrafts that make for interesting products to offer. 

You can support the global preservation and promotion of regional culture by producing and selling traditional handicrafts online.

This is one of the most profitable things to sell at fairs.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Starting A Profitable Craft Business

Starting a profitable craft business comes with many benefits that the owner stands to enjoy if he chooses the most profitable things to sell at fairs.

Hence, the reasons you should consider starting a profitable craft business are stated below.

The following are a few justifications for thinking about creating your own home-based crafts business:

1. An Innovative Business Possibility

Your art can be shared with customers through a craft business, which can be a creative outlet. 

A craft business can be a fantastic opportunity to use your creativity to fill the demand from consumers who are looking for distinctive additions to their homes.

2.  A Fresh Stream of Income

An excellent way to earn additional cash while being creative is through a DIY crafts business. Many craft enterprises began as part-time jobs but eventually grew to be full-time operations.

3. Increased Demand from Consumers 

Homemade crafts are a terrific method to satisfy demand and attract new clients while producing in-vogue crafts in industries like home décor and garden decor, which have experienced considerable growth.

4. Learn new Abilities

It takes a lot of talent and finesse to create handmade things, as well as company management. 

You can develop your present skills and pick up new ones while managing your own craft business. 

This will also allow you to make extra money.

5. Diversity of Knowledge 

There is no indication that the market for handcrafted goods will slow down. 

Without making a big investment, one can create and sell a variety of items online from home.

You must create profitable craft business ideas that sell well if you want to be successful at making money online. 

With so much conflicting information available online, selecting the best handmade products may unfortunately be difficult.

Is Starting a Craft Business a Good Investment?

Handmade crafts that don’t require pricey materials that you have to buy are the most profitable to produce and sell. 

A lot of business owners can make money with textile-related crafts like knitting. 

This is so that everyone can learn to knit quickly and because the materials required to get started with knitting are cheap. 

Furthermore, the speed at which you may produce goods will also increase with your level of knitting experience.

All in all, starting a craft Business is not only a good investment but an excellent one.

How to Start a Profitable Craft-Making and Selling Business

The tips to start a profitable craft-making and selling Business are discussed below;

  • Think about your skill set and how your internet business might benefit from it.
  • Make sure the industry you choose can be profitable before deciding on it.
  • Based on the size of the required starting capital, consider the investment risks.
  • To expand your own business, do more study on the goods you’ve chosen to sell and keep up with market developments. 
  • In order to stay current and relevant to consumer preferences, use social media or Google Trends.


You can make extra money by opening an internet store and selling items you can make and sell from home. 

Due to the great demand for various handcrafted goods, there is a wide variety of business concept alternatives.

Additionally, running a craft business entails setting your own working hours. Just strong craft ideas and a dependable sales channel are required. 

An excellent option if you want more control over your online business is to have your own eCommerce website.


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