15 Most Profitable Animals to Raise and Make Huge Profit This Year

Most Profitable Animals To Raise

Nobody should pass up the numerous business opportunities that the year offers. Carefully read this page to see the most profitable animals to raise this year.

Particularly the agricultural sector offers businesses a lot of possibilities. 

What function does agriculture serve? 

The impulse to eat is a natural instinct for humans. 

Our food is produced by agricultural items like crops or cattle. 

Moreover, Nigeria is blessed with a huge area of rich land ideal for raising cattle and crops.

Since agriculture was historically considered to be a low-paying industry exclusive to the poor, people held a bad opinion of it. 

The ultra-rich in agriculture, however, appears to be attracting more attention recently, and this trend is not anticipated to stop this year or later.

Therefore, this article seeks to discuss the most profitable animals to raise this year.

It also seeks to provide a list of the most profitable animal farming ventures to consider if you’ve decided to begin raising livestock this year.

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Key Takeaways 

  • The good news is that most livestock farming may be started with little or a lot of money, depending on your financial stability or the scale you like.
  • A key source of animal protein for human consumption is the farming of animals. We also obtain wool, bones, and skin from this enterprise.

15 Most Profitable Animals to Raise and Make Huge Profit

The most profitable animals to raise and make huge profits from are outlined and discussed in detail below.

  • Fish Farming
  • Chicken
  • Snail
  • Cattle
  • Goat
  • Pigs
  • Rabbit
  • Grasscutter
  • Sheep Farming
  • Crab Farming
  • Quail
  • Bees 
  • Turkey
  • Alpacas
  • Gamebirds

1. Fish Farming

most profitable animals to raise

If there are enough water bodies in a community, growing fish can be a profitable enterprise. 

The tanks can, however, also be used to grow fish. 

Catfish, prawns, salmon, shrimp, and many species of carp fish are all very popular worldwide. 

A market study should be carried out before launching a fish farming firm to determine the level of local demand. 

Growing in popularity these days is ornamental fish breeding as well.

2. Goats Farming

most profitable animals to raise

The past few years have seen growth in the intensive and semi-intensive goat-rearing method for commercial output due to its favorable economic prospects. 

Notably, the company makes a good profit. 

Entrepreneurs are also drawn to the developing favorable market conditions and the simplicity of gaining access to better goat technologies.

3. Chicken

most profitable animals to raise

Selling chicken eggs is where the real money is, as almost every home requires them. 

Because you can utilize broody hens or an incubator to hatch eggs, you can always have a consistent supply of chickens because hens lay eggs.

Also, Because they require little upkeep and are inexpensive to raise, hens are frequently chosen by homesteaders. 

Additionally, you have a variety of revenue options.

You should budget $4-6 per dozen when selling your pasture-raised eggs.

How to Profit from Growing Chickens

  • Offer eggs
  • Market hatched eggs
  • Grow and market chicks
  • Grow and market pullets
  • Selling chicken parts

4. Snail

most profitable animals to raise

Another industry that has benefited from the unexpected national fixation with weight loss is the snail farming business. 

A huge market for snail farming has been generated by the rising popularity of white meat over red meat. 

It also has the benefit of starting out with less space and expense.

5. Cattle

most profitable animals to raise

The easiest and most successful livestock to grow for profit is regarded to be beef cattle, but homesteaders on small plots of land will not be able to produce cattle. 

Regardless of whether you want beef or dairy cattle, you need to provide them with a lot of high-quality pasture, extra hay, fresh water, space to wander, and veterinary care.

For each head of cattle you grow, you’ll make a respectable profit because there is a sizable market for meat in Canada and the United States. 

Cows are often low-maintenance, which may surprise you given that they do need a lot of food.

You’ll discover that there is a thriving market for organic beef, milk, and cheese if you can raise your cattle in an organic manner. 

Be sure to research the rules in your state regarding the sale of raw milk and raw milk cheese, though!

A Guide to Making Money From Cow Raising

  • Whether organic or not, sell beef
  • Sell dairy products like milk, butter, cheese, and yogurt.

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6. Pigs

most profitable animals to raise

Did you know that due to their high value, pigs were given the moniker “mortgage lifters” by former homesteaders? 

Pigs are simple to grow and gain weight until they are ready to be slaughtered, and they will eat almost everything.

It should be noted that Pigs, though, can be harmful. 

Pigs can be violent, especially if you’re not used to handling large animals, despite the fact that they can be quite cute (depending on the breed).

Pigs are the ideal animals to raise since they will consume anything you give them as long as it is edible. 

Your pigs will be ecstatic if you give them all of your food scraps. They also need a spotless area to work in.

You might find it hard to believe, but pigs are extremely intelligent. 

Pigs typically require two spaces: a bathroom and a sleeping area. 

Pigs won’t disturb their sleeping area as long as they are kept apart.

Every 4-5 months, if you breed pigs, you should be able to have at least 8–10 piglets. 

Some breeds of raised pigs can fetch more than $100 per piglet, depending on the market. 

If you intend to sell 15 to 20 piglets annually, you will make between $1,500 and $2,000 in profit.

How to Earn Money Raising Pigs

  • Sell Pig Meat
  • Breed and market heritage pigs

7. Rabbit

most profitable animals to raise

Rabbits are a great animal for urban homesteaders because they don’t require much area to raise.

Since rabbits reproduce so quickly, you can always find enough rabbit meat for your household. 

Rabbit meat is a nutritious option. The monthly litter size of a pair of rabbits can range from 6 to 10.

$1 to $2 per pound is the going rate for rabbit meat. For six or eight weeks prior to slaughtering, the rates must be raised. 

You can make almost $4,000 a year from selling rabbit meat with just one pair of breeding rabbits, given how quickly they multiply.

Raising rabbits need not always be an unpleasant method to make money. 

Rabbits that are good for pets can be raised and sold to households to generate income.

Additionally, rabbit dung is very valued by organic gardeners because rabbits tend to create a lot of it. 

You may sell the manure to neighborhood gardeners, and it makes a great fertilizer.

8. Grasscutter

most profitable animals to raise

Due to its ease of establishment and management, grasscutter farming is said to be a very lucrative animal agricultural business. 

Additionally, it is one of Nigeria’s most profitable industries for raising animals.

Since grasscutter meat is consumed practically everywhere in the nation, your product will find a ready market.

9. Sheep Farming

most profitable animals to raise

If lambing coincides with Ramadan or Easter, sheep might be financially successful and has proven to be a very profitable venture.

People are willing to spend more at either of these times for fresh, high-quality lamb.

Raising both sheep and cattle may be a good idea. 

Since it takes so little time for you to turn a profit when a lamb is born, it is thought of as a short-term sale item. It might take up to 18–24 months for cattle.

Also, Sheep are a fantastic choice for land that is steep. 

Sheep require very little upkeep because they can easily navigate slopes and because they eat anything.

How to Earn Money From Sheep Farming

  • Pure and sell
  • The wool is spun into yarn.
  • Sell lamb.
  • Create and market lambs to neighborhood farmers

10. Crabs

most profitable animals to raise

Crabs are growing more and more popular all over the world, especially in African countries, and they may be utilized to make a variety of delicacies for commercial production. 

It is simple to get started and doesn’t cost much in terms of cash or labor.

Furthermore, It needs five to six months to mature before it is suitable for harvest.

11. Quails

most profitable animals to raise

Due to their reduced noise levels and small space requirements, quail requires less upkeep than guinea fowl. 

The best, tallest fencing is required to contain quail if you want to let them roam freely. 

For both financial gain and self-sufficiency in terms of eggs and meat, they are excellent to grow. 

They require a covered enclosure, roosting locations, and vegetation for cover. 

One square foot of each bird must be allowed in their space.

In order to prevent them from turning cannibalistic, you’ll need to provide them with protein supplements as meals. 

For the sake of preventing harm and even death, keep them away from other birds like chickens or geese. 

These birds are smaller than chickens, but hens begin producing eggs at eight weeks and produce one egg on average every day, with three to four eggs equaling one chicken egg. 

Among backyard growers, the Coturnix breed is well-liked.

12. Bees

most profitable animals to raise

One can raise honey bees for profit in a backyard because they are low-maintenance agricultural animals that can thrive there. 

They are mostly used to make honey, but they also generate bee pollen, royal jelly, beeswax, and bee bread, which are all well-known goods. 

All you require is a water source and hive boxes. 

They are not recommended for novices, though, as they require supervision during the winter, are sensitive to pesticides and other pollutants, and may require particular care. 

An expert hand is required for tasks like replacing the queen bee or eliminating an aggressive colony. 

Bears, skunks, raccoons, and other predators are also able to eat honey bees or turn them into food, making them vulnerable. 

Most beekeepers are sociable people, and they are frequently willing to serve as role models.

13. Turkeys

most profitable animals to raise

Although they are not the simplest to raise, turkeys are the most profitable farm animals we have kept for meat. 

Whether it’s due to unfavorable weather, predators, inadequate vitamin content in the feed, or even the turkeys accidentally drowning in one inch of water, we frequently lose a large percentage of turkeys.

One advantage that turkeys have over chickens is that they can substitute up to 25% of their food with grass. 

There has been so much success rearing them in chicken tractors, where they get access daily to fresh grass and insects but cannot fly away or receive too much activity.

Heritage turkeys and Broad Breasted turkeys differ significantly. 

A historic breed may require more time to mature and will produce between 8 lbs of meat from a Royal Palm or Midget White hen and 25 lbs of meat from a big White Holland or Standard Bronze tom. 

For a heritage breed, it takes about 4 pounds of feed to produce 1 pound of meat. 

Heritage breeds can naturally breed, allowing you the choice to hatch your own poults each year, and are a little smarter than other breeds.

A BB turkey, such as the Broad Breasted Bronze or Giant White, will yield roughly 1 lb of meat for every 2.5 lb of feed.

They can be slaughtered when they are young and only weigh a few pounds, or they can be raised until they are fully grown and weigh over 35 pounds! 

Due to their big size and tendency to be less hardy, these breeds are not suitable for home breeding, thus you will need to purchase the poults every year.

Between 75 and 80 percent of their live weight is turned into final meat in turkeys.

14. Gamebirds

most profitable animals to raise

If you reside in an area where there is a large need, raising poultry, such as quail, turkeys, geese, and pheasants, can be a well-liked solution. 

They can be grown for their specialized eggs as well.

The amount of your game bird population and housing should be determined by the size of your target market (for pheasants and geese, for instance, about 10 hens per square meter can be adequate).

To house the birds, you’ll need to build barns, hutches, or runs and learn about their particular feeding and equipment requirements.

Depending on your region, you could be able to sell a dozen eggs for as much as $10 and each processed bird for $15 or more because quail eggs and meat are popular menu items at upscale restaurants.

Additionally, you may raise birds for release while charging hunters to use your land for their hunts.

In Tennessee, for instance, a game farm costs $175 per hunter for four pheasants or eight quail, and $35 for each additional pheasant.

15. Alpacas/Exotic Animals

most profitable animals to raise

These animals can be tough to care for but are a worthy investment because alpaca wool is far more sought-after than sheep’s wool (softer and three times as strong).

In order to avoid loneliness, you must keep a minimum of two alpacas.

These sturdy animals won’t need a large barn, only a lean-to shelter in case of inclement weather.

Five to six alpacas can be kept on an acre of pasture, and in the winter they’ll need extra oats and vitamins.

Despite having significant initial costs ($1,000–$2,000 for female alpacas), alpacas can earn $500 from the sale of simply their raw fleece, which weighs around 10 pounds and is worth $3 per ounce.

Although you cannot sell them for meat, their progeny may be had for about $1,500, and healthy adult females with the correct traits could fetch between $10,000 and $20,000 on the market.

To build a farm store to sell wool/fiber goods, you must register newborn alpacas and check local zoning laws.

The above animals are the most profitable animals to raise in 2023.

How To Start A Profitable Livestock and Animal Business

You can start farming there if you have some backyard space. 

On the other hand, you may rent a space for farming. 

Cattle, poultry, pigs, catfish, and sheep are a few of the main potential commodities in the USA.

Always choose an animal that is in demand in your area. 

Considering that carrying something a long way will raise your costs.

The only way to create protein products for human consumption from natural materials is through livestock. 

From their own backyard, anyone can start raising livestock. 

However, industrial-scale farming guarantees higher earnings. 

It is even conceivable to engage in small-scale commercial farming.

You must prepare a business strategy in advance of commencing any of these ventures. 

Also, the associated costs must be understood. The break-even time must also be calculated. 

You can start your own business, we hope, with the aid of this list of the most lucrative livestock farming business ideas.

Is Rearing Farm Animals Profitable in Nigeria?

The farm animal venture is quite lucrative in Nigeria and comes with a plethora of benefits.

The nation offers farmers seeking to increase their revenues a desirable alternative due to the abundance of land ideal for agricultural output. 

However, there are certain difficulties with rearing animals in Nigeria, including erratic weather, poor infrastructure for the animals, a lack of resources, poor living conditions of the animals, etc.

The list goes on and on.

All of these factors can make a difference in whether an endeavor is successful or not. 

Despite these difficulties, farmers in Nigeria have discovered ways to reap the benefits of their labor by utilizing certain farming techniques that have a long history of success.

What Animal is Most Profitable to Raise in Nigeria?

The easiest and most successful livestock to grow for profit is regarded to be beef cattle, but homesteaders on small plots of land will not be able to produce cattle. 

Regardless of whether you want beef or dairy cattle, you need to provide them with a lot of high-quality pasture, extra hay, fresh water, space to wander, and veterinary care.

Therefore, the most profitable animal to raise in Nigeria is the beef cattle because of its demand to the Nigerian citizenry and its meat usage over the years.


This list of the farm animals that will bring you the most money to grow on your homestead is one we hope you’ve liked! 

This page contains several assertions that are worth noting for application, so please keep that in mind. 

The numbers will vary for each person depending on their environment, the cost of livestock and feed in their area, the breed they select, how well they take care of their animals, and more, even if they were accurately based on our own experience and data from other farmers.


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