TikTok Monetization: How Much Does TikTok Pay Per View? 5 Super Ways to Maximize Earnings.

How Much Does TikTok Pay Per View

How much does TikTok pay per view? Well, in this blog post, we will talk about TikTok monetization and how much TikTok pays per view.

TikTok is a social media platform where users can create and share short videos. It has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over 1 billion active users. TikTok’s success is due in part to its engaging content and its ability to help creators build communities.

If you’re a content creator, you should keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to make money across all of your channels. 

Also, I imagine that the question on your mind is: How much does TikTok pay per view?

With all the work and effort you’ve put in, you want to be able to make a profit and monetize the platforms you’re using. 

Therefore, you may be interested in knowing how much money you may make from TikTok if you’re just beginning to gain a following.

You can decide if TikTok is worth your time and investment by finding out how much it pays. 

Additionally, it will help you get a sense of the potential the platform offers you. Let’s now explore the payment options and rates available on TikTok.

In recent years, TikTok has become an attractive source of money for digital artists who are ready to invest the time necessary to understand the platform’s ins and outs and, of course, put some effort into producing interesting TikTok content. 

Thousands of creators and micro-influencers are making a respectable living through the popular video-sharing app TikTok, with some even converting the side gig into a full-time profession. 

While the enormous rewards that TikTok superstars are garnering may be the exception rather than the rule, the platform nevertheless attracts thousands of creators and micro-influencers.

As a TikTok creator, your earning potential is virtually limitless, but this wide range also makes it challenging to pinpoint a certain sum of money.

In this post, we’ll give you the facts on how much TikTok pays per view, the various ways to earn money there, and how to increase your TikTok earnings.

This blog post shall also answer the question: how much does Tiktok pay per view?

Key Takeaways

  • The amount of money a TikTok creator can make is not clearly defined. It all depends on how much effort you’re prepared to put forth to study every aspect of the platform and produce the most interesting material you can
  • The TikTok Creator Fund and Creativity Programme Beta programs give creators a way to make money directly through the app by giving them a percentage of the platform’s earnings in exchange for views
  • Selling digital goods, collaborating with corporations, and producing user-generated content are just a few of the numerous ways that TikTok users can earn money.

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In recent years, TikTok has also become a platform for creators to monetize their content. There are many ways that creators can make money on TikTok, including:

  • Creator Fund: The Creator Fund is a program that pays creators based on the number of views their videos receive. Creators must be at least 18 years old, have over 10,000 followers, and have at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days to be eligible for the Creator Fund. TikTok does not publicly disclose how much it pays creators through the Creator Fund, but it is estimated that creators earn between 2 and 4 cents per 1,000 views.
  • Brand deals: Creators can also partner with brands to promote their products or services in their videos. Brand deals can be very lucrative for creators, and the amount that creators earn from brand deals varies depending on the brand, the size of the creator’s audience, and the scope of the campaign.
  • Live streaming: Creators can also earn money by live streaming on TikTok. Fans can purchase virtual gifts for creators during live streams, and creators can also earn money from TikTok through in-app purchases.
  • Affiliate marketing: Creators can also earn money by promoting affiliate links in their videos. When a fan clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase, the creator earns a commission.

How Much Does Tiktok Pay per view?

Using their Creator Fund (if you qualify), TikTok compensates you for views. 

Although the corporation doesn’t completely disclose how much they pay authors, several have been able to determine the typical rate.

Per 1,000 views, you can earn between 2 and 4 cents, according to the best estimate. 

These views are counted per video, not across your entire account. 

For instance, at 2-4 cents per 1,000 views, if your video goes viral and receives 2 million views, you would probably have earned $40 to $80.

How much does TikTok pay per 1,000 views?

Fortunately, several prominent creators of the program have disclosed their earnings. It’s generally agreed that the TikTok Creator Fund compensates creators at a rate of 2 to 4 cents per 1,000 views, resulting in earnings of approximately $20 to $40 for a million views.

How to Maximize Your Earnings on TikTok

There are several things that creators can do to maximize their earnings on TikTok. Here are a few tips:

  • Create high-quality content: The best way to earn money on TikTok is to create high-quality content that is engaging and informative. TikTok users are more likely to watch, like, and share videos that are well-made and interesting.
  • Build a community: Another important step is to build a community around your TikTok channel. This can be done by interacting with your fans, responding to comments, and participating in challenges and trends.
  • Use relevant hashtags. When you post a video, be sure to use relevant hashtags. This will help your videos to be discovered by more people.
  • Post consistently: The more often you post, the more likely your videos are to be seen by your fans. Aim to post at least once a day, but more often is ideal.
  • Promote your TikTok account: You can also promote your TikTok account on other social media platforms and through your website or blog.

Other Ways to Monetize Your TikTok Content

In addition to the methods mentioned above, there are several other ways to monetize your TikTok content. Here are a few ideas:

  • Sell your products or services: If you have a product or service that you sell, you can promote it on your TikTok channel. You can also use TikTok to sell digital products, such as e-books, courses, and templates.
  • Offer paid memberships. You can also offer paid memberships to your fans. This could give them access to exclusive content, early access to new videos, or other benefits.
  • Start a Patreon: Patreon is a platform that allows creators to earn money from their fans through monthly subscriptions. You can offer different tiers of membership, with different benefits for each tier.
  • Get sponsorships: If you have a large and engaged following, you can reach out to brands and offer to sponsor your videos. This can be a very lucrative way to monetize your TikTok content.

What is the TikTok Creator Fund and how do I Qualify?

The TikTok Creator Fund is a program that pays creators based on the number of views their videos receive. To qualify for the Creator Fund, you must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • At least have over 10,000 followers
  • Have at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days

To apply for the Creator Fund, you can go to your TikTok Pro account and tap on “Creator Fund.”

How do I get Brand deals on TikTok?

There are a few things you can do to get brand deals on TikTok:

  1. Create high-quality content that is relevant to your niche. Brands are more likely to want to partner with creators who have a strong following and who create content that resonates with their target audience.
  2. Reach out to brands directly. Many brands have contact information for creators on their website or social media pages. You can also reach out to brands through TikTok’s Creator Marketplace.
  3. Use a talent agency. Several talent agencies specialize in helping creators get brand deals.

How Much Does TikTok Pay Creators?

The amount of money that TikTok creators can make varies greatly depending on a variety of variables, such as follower count and engagement rate. 

The fact that there are so many various ways to generate money on TikTok further complicates this problem.

TikTok has introduced several initiatives over the past few years that enable producers to get paid directly through the app. 

A portion of TikTok’s earnings based on views is paid to creators through these programs, which include the TikTok Creator Fund and the new Creativity Programme Beta.

Though TikTok provides a few options for artists to get payments directly via the app, the truth is that many of the app’s highest-earning creators make the majority of their money from sources other than the platform, typically through brand collaborations or by selling their items. 

Before we do that, though, let’s look at how you may make money directly through TikTok and how much the platform rewards its producers.

The Creator Fund and Creativity Program

TikTok introduced a Creator Fund in 2020 and committed to paying its users $1 billion in total over three years. 

How much the corporation has already paid out from that initial commitment is not known to the public.

The fund is essentially a sizable pot of money that TikTok utilizes to compensate a subset of creators who have at least 10,000 followers and 100,000 video views within the past 30 days. 

According to TikTok, while establishing Creator Fund reimbursements, it takes into account things like video view counts, video interaction, and the place where a video was viewed.

How much does TikTok pay through the Creativity Program Beta?

The minimal rewards from the Creator Fund worried several creators, so TikTok introduced the Creativity Program Beta earlier this year.

This new program was created, in the words of TikTok, to “generate higher revenue potential” for creators of all kinds. 

To put it another way, the Creativity Program Beta promises to pay artists even more than its forerunner.

Because the Creativity Programme Beta is so new (and, as its name suggests, is currently undergoing beta testing), not much information has been made public regarding the precise amount of compensation given to program creators. 

All we can do for the time being is wait impatiently for the figures to start coming in. The program does, however, appear promising!

The TikTok Creativity Program Beta is currently invite-only, but in the coming months, it will be open to creators who are based in the United States. 

The Creativity Program Beta is now easily accessible through the app for creators who have already signed up for the TikTok Creator Fund.

What are Alternate ways to make money on TikTok?

While the Creator Fund and Creativity Programme Beta on TikTok give creators a means to get paid directly through the app, there are a ton of other methods to rake in even more cash on the platform.

You can sell digital goods and merchandise, as well as monetize your livestreams, through TikTok. 

Continue reading to discover about six additional ways you can earn money with the app.

#1. Sell Digital Products 

How Much Does TikTok Pay Per View

Anything you can offer online as a downloadable file, from templates to ebooks, is a digital product. 

There has also never been a better time to develop and advertise digital items online, with the global market for digital media predicted to exceed $536 billion in 2023. 

Anything that can be downloaded is profitable.

Selling digital goods is a relatively simple approach to increasing your earnings as a TikTok artist. 

First off, producing and selling digital goods doesn’t require a lot of financial outlay because no physical inventory or storefront rental is required.

Digital goods are a strong source of passive revenue as well because they only need to be produced once. 

Once you’ve linked a digital product to your TikTok following and posted it to your online storefront, you can sit back and watch the downloads (and money!) come in. 

Depending on your following and interaction rate, you may estimate how much money you could make using our TikTok Money Calculator to promote your digital items on the platform.

#2. Sell Merch

How Much Does TikTok Pay Per View

Another excellent strategy for growing your TikTok audience and earning money is to sell merchandise. 

Everybody benefits, therefore everything works out. Like a sports shirt, think of TikTok merchandise. 

These tangible items—such as T-shirts, mugs, and tote bags—are branded with a creator’s name or phrase and are bought by fans as a sign of support.

With so many print-on-demand (POD) services readily available online now, it’s simpler than ever for creators to start selling merchandise. 

Create your logo, and the POD firm will print and mail the item to the customer. 

There is no need to maintain an inventory or handle shipment logistics. Very simple!

#3. Livestream on TikTok 

How Much Does TikTok Pay Per View

Although going live on TikTok might be lucrative, live streaming is a fantastic way to communicate with your audience in real-time.

With the use of TikTok’s LIVE Gifting tool, producers can effectively monetize a live session. 

Content producers can start accumulating virtual gifts from fans, such as TikTok Diamonds, by turning on the LIVE Gifts option on their account. 

These gifts can be exchanged for cash.

Want to make money on TikTok Live? Visit TikTok to find out more about its Live Gifting function and to begin making money from your live videos.

#4. Collaborate with a Brand

How Much Does TikTok Pay Per View

One of the most common and desired methods of making money on TikTok is through brand partnerships. 

A third-party brand will hire and pay a content producer in this type of influencer marketing campaign to promote the business’s goods or services through sponsored content. 

These collaborations on TikTok can take many shapes depending on the situation, but often, the brand and the creator will agree on a specific price per sponsored TikTok video.

Your follower count and engagement rate are just a couple of the variables that can affect how much money you can make through a marketing partnership. 

TikTok creators who have a larger audience and higher engagement levels will benefit financially from brand agreements.

You should put your efforts into expanding your TikTok following and improving your engagement if you want to profit as much as you can from these influencer marketing initiatives. 

Our TikTok Money Calculator can assist you in determining your current engagement rate as well as provide you with a general sense of the price you should charge per sponsored post based on the metrics of your TikTok account. 

Knowing your current engagement rate is a wonderful place to start.

#5. Learn how to become an Affiliate Marketer

How Much Does TikTok Pay Per View

Utilizing the app to promote the goods and companies you love can be a simple way to generate money, according to TikTok’s affiliate program. 

Browse TikTok’s over 10,000 product marketplaces, ask manufacturers for samples and promote your favorite goods in your movies and live streams.

You will get a cut of the sale when someone buys something via one of your affiliate links.

#6. Help Brands Create UGC

How Much Does TikTok Pay Per View

No matter how big (or small) of a following you have, user-generated content (UGC) is a fantastic way for creators to make money. 

The capacity to produce high-quality, engaging material is what brands are more interested in when trying to recruit a UGC producer than a large following.

To produce TikTok content that accurately represents actual user-generated content, brands pay UGC providers. 

A UGC creator’s content is often shared on the company’s social media pages rather than the creator’s TikTok account, in contrast to content created in conjunction with a brand.

It can be just as profitable to develop UCG for brands as it is to use brand partnerships to promote goods. 

Instead of concentrating on your engagement rate and follower count, the secret to maximizing your income as a UCG creator is to concentrate on your content creation game by consistently raising the caliber of your videos.

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How to Achieve TikTok Payment Eligibility

Beyond video views, there are further requirements to be eligible for the TikTok Creator Fund. 

TikTok avoids paying users who have just one popular video and little account activity by expanding the requirements to be eligible for payment. 

It is more likely for creators to receive financial compensation if they use TikTok frequently and attempt to develop a steady audience.

The standards listed below must be met for you to be eligible for TikTok’s Creator Fund.

  • Be headquartered in the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, or Italy
  • Minimum age of 18
  • Possess ten thousand followers.
  • 30 days ago, you had at least 100,000 views on your video
  • Follow the terms of service and community guidelines for TikTok with your account.

Even though access to the Creator Fund is now restricted to a small number of nations, TikTok is making great efforts to expand access to the fund to more TikTok users.

Conclusion on How Much Does TikTok Pay Per View

It’s more difficult than it would seem at first to make money on TikTok. You must therefore be prepared to put a lot of time and effort into it if you plan to do it. 

Develop a fan base and work on increasing your TikTok views, likes, and followers if you are interested in the site and want to earn money there.

However, if you own a company, investing in it and promoting your goods is the best method to generate money on TikTok. 

As a result, you will have significantly better odds of success.

Furthermore, to get paid tons of cash by TikTok, you have to first figure out what you can do to get TikTok to pay you well.

Once you do this, you have answered the question: How much does TikTok pay per view?

FAQ on How Much Does TikTok Pay Per View

How much does TikTok pay per view?

TikTok does not publicly disclose how much it pays creators through the Creator Fund, but it is estimated that creators earn between 2 and 4 cents per 1,000 views. This means that a creator with 1 million views could earn between $20 and $40.

How do I get approved for the TikTok Creator Fund?

To be approved for the TikTok Creator Fund, you must meet the following requirements:

Be at least 18 years old
Have over 10,000 followers
Have at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days
Have an account that complies with TikTok’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service
Once you meet these requirements, you can apply for the Creator Fund through your TikTok Pro account.

What are other ways to monetize my TikTok content?

In addition to the Creator Fund, there are several other ways to monetize your TikTok content, including:

Brand deals: You can partner with brands to promote their products or services in your videos.
Live streaming: You can earn money from virtual gifts that fans purchase during your live streams.
Affiliate marketing: You can promote affiliate links in your videos and earn a commission when a fan makes a purchase through your link.
Selling your products or services: You can use TikTok to promote your products or services and drive sales.

How can I maximize my earnings on TikTok?

Here are a few tips for maximizing your earnings on TikTok:
Create high-quality content that is engaging and informative.
Build a community around your TikTok channel by interacting with your fans and participating in challenges and trends.
Use relevant hashtags to help your videos get discovered by more people.
Post consistently, at least once a day, but more often is ideal.
Promote your TikTok account on other social media platforms and through your website or blog.


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