15 Easy Side Hustle Ideas for Wage Earners: Full Guide

Side Hustle Ideas

Have you ever thought of possible ways you could earn more as a wage earner? If yes, then this is the perfect blog post that reveals easy side hustle ideas you could jump on immediately and start earning extra income.

Wage earners make up a large portion of the global population, as these wages are simply agreed-upon payments for particular work done within a period. Everyone wishes to be sure they can earn a particular amount of money after carrying out a task. With this revelation, it is necessary to note that many wage earners struggle to live a fulfilled life as their wages are never enough to meet all their needs and have enough for savings and investments.

The only way out is to get side hustles that can augment your wage earnings and help you gain better buying power. This comprehensive guide reveals 15 easy side hustle ideas for wage earners.

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Key Takeaways

  • Earning a wage is good but is considered a risk when it turns out to be your only source of income, especially when the amount is just average. Getting a side hustle is recommended
  • To effectively choose a side hustle, you must consider your strengths, expertise, experience, environment, competition, etc. to ensure you do not get stuck.
  • Side hustles are not a guarantee of financial freedom. It is simply an alternative to increasing your earnings as a wage earner.

What is a wage?

A wage is the amount of money you get paid for the labor you perform. It is similar to money for “renting” your time and abilities to a company.

How it practically works:

  • You have time and significant skills. These are comparable to priceless resources.
  • You make these resources available to an organization or person. You commit to using them for their intended purposes.
  • They give you money in exchange. This sum represents your pay.

Average Wage Earning in USA

The average hourly wage for an American in the US is $28.16.

Most American wages now fall between the 25th and 75th ranges, at $15.87 and $32.93, respectively. Based on skill level, region, and years of experience, there may be various prospects for growth and better income. The average pay range for an American varies widely, up to $17.07.

The annual salary ranges from $45,060 to $335,200 and facilities like housing and transportation are also included. With an annual median wage of $89,000, 50% of Americans make less than this amount, while the remaining 50% earn more than the median.

What is Side Hustle?

A side hustle is an extra source of income that one does on top of their regular job and main source of income. A side hustle allows one to earn extra money, whether it’s as a passionate interest or just a backup source of income.

Because it is done alongside or in addition to one’s full-time employment, a side hustle receives a name. Thus, having a side business requires a second job.

Key Characteristics of Side Hustles

  • Extra cash: The main goal of a side hustle is to bring in income in addition to one’s regular job. This money can be set aside for a variety of things, like paying off debt, achieving goal savings, or just enjoying a better quality of life.
  • Flexibility: People choose side projects for their flexibility. They can be completed on an individual basis, in the individual’s spare time, and at any size based on their dedication and availability.
  • Variety: Innumerable side business opportunities suit a broad spectrum of abilities, passions, and financial constraints. There is something for everyone, ranging from local services and small enterprises to freelance jobs and artistic endeavors on the Internet.
  • Low entry barrier: A lot of side projects just need a little initial expense. This enables people to try out various revenue streams and test their entrepreneurial ideas.

15 Easy Side Hustle Ideas for Wage Earners

There are so many side hustle ideas that wage-earners can explore as they seek to earn more income. Here are 15 such ideas:

  • Sell Private Label Products
  • Self-Publish Print-on-Demand (POD) Books
  • Dropshipping
  • Test Apps and Platforms
  • Create a Podcast
  • Take online surveys
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Youtube Channel
  • Online Courses and Coaching
  • Deliver Groceries
  • Online Tutoring
  • Rent your home
  • Wash Cars
  • Become an event planner
  • Affiliate Marketing

#1. Sell Private Label Products

This is one of the side hustle ideas you should genuinely try out.

Private Labelling refers to products made by a particular company but resold under the name of another. For entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to produce and market their own goods without the responsibility of manufacturing themselves, private label products can be a compelling alternative. Higher profit margins, greater control over the product and branding, and the option to outsource production are some of the main advantages of private labeling.

Many manufacturers and producers create products and open up private labeling rights to the public. This allows anyone who meets their conditions to have access to the products, brand them to their taste, and have the reserved right to resell them with their name. As a wage earner, you should explore this as one of your side hustle ideas.

Simple Steps to Sell Private-Label Products:

  1. Find a lucrative and in-demand product niche: Perform market research to identify high-demand products that would be suitable for private labeling. Think about product categories where brand awareness and quality are important.
  2. Locate a reliable manufacturer: To optimize profit potential, look for manufacturers—often located abroad—who can create high-quality goods at competitive prices. Examine producers closely for production capacity and quality assurance measures.
  3. Create unique branding: Create eye-catching, unique product packaging and branding that appeals to your target market. Obtain trademark and private label brand registration.
  4. Assure adherence to regulations: Make sure items comply with all applicable safety standards and laws for the markets you plan to sell them in by working closely with the manufacturer.
  5. Strike a good deal: Utilize large order sizes to get the best possible price per item. Before making a major investment, start with tiny test orders to evaluate the quality.
  6. Market shamelessly: Use marketing techniques to offer your branded items to customers and raise awareness, such as influencer partnerships, social media campaigns, and sponsored advertisements.
  7. Sell via a variety of channels: Provide goods via a variety of distribution channels, such as your website, independent online marketplaces, and, if practical, physical retail locations. Increase potential sales and reach.

#2. Self-Publish Print-on-Demand (POD) Books

This is a book publishing type that allows you to print books based on demand from intending buyers. Self-publishing print-on-demand (POD) books has become a largely accepted publishing route for authors who want to bring their work to market without going through traditional publishing routes. This book publishing option allows you to have control over the publishing process and offers a cost-effective way to produce physical copies of your books.

This is one of many side hustle ideas you could explore. Here are different steps you could take to self-publish print-on-demand books.

  1. Prepare your manuscript: First things first, get your manuscript ready for publishing. This comprises formatting it according to the specifications of the POD platform of your choice and revising and proofreading it.
  2. Cover Design: Make your book cover visually appealing. You can create your cover art using web resources or by hiring a professional designer. Make sure the book’s cover appropriately conveys the type and content of the book.
  3. Selecting a POD Platform: Find a POD platform that meets your demands by doing some research. Blurb, Lulu, IngramSpark, and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) are a few well-known platforms. When making your decision, take into account elements like printing quality, distribution choices, and royalty fees.
  4. Generate Copyright and ISBN: Assign your book an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). This distinctive ID, which can be acquired on the platform or via an ISBN agency, is required for distribution. Think about registering your work for copyright protection as well.
  5. Book Formatting: Format your book’s inside by following the POD platform’s instructions. Take note of the page numbers, chapter titles, font, and margins. Make sure your manuscript appears professional and is positioned correctly.
  6. Upload and Evaluate: Send your manuscript and cover in format to the POD platform. Examine the platform’s preview to make sure there are no mistakes or formatting problems. Make the required changes until you are happy with the outcome.
  7. Pricing and Distribution: Choose the channels via which your book will be distributed. POD platforms generally provide choices for both physical distribution to bookshops and online distribution through sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. When determining the book’s pricing, take into account things like market demand, royalty rates, and production costs.
  8. Marketing and Promotion: To help you promote your book, create a marketing strategy. To create buzz and connect with your target audience, make use of book reviews, author websites, social media, and other marketing resources. Think about contacting influencers and book bloggers about possible partnerships and putting up online ads.
  9. Ordering & Distribution: After your book is on sale, you have two options for placing orders: you can order straight from the POD platform or through internet retailers. There is no need for huge print runs or upfront inventory because the platform manages the printing and distribution of individual copies as they are ordered.
  10. Track Sales and Reviews: Maintain tabs on the sales and customer feedback of your book. To better understand your readership and make wise marketing decisions, analyze the data. Additionally, since positive reviews have a significant impact on your book’s visibility and reputation, encourage happy readers to leave them.

With these few steps, you can make extra money by doing one-time work while the system runs seamlessly afterward.

#3. Dropshipping

This is the third item on the list of side hustle ideas.

Dropshipping is a business model that allows entrepreneurs to sell products online without having to carry inventory or handle shipping logistics. In a dropshipping arrangement, the retailer partners with a supplier or wholesaler who handles the storage, packaging, and shipping of products to the customers.

Here are a few steps to running a dropshipping side hustle.

  1. Choose a niche: Decide which product category or specialty you wish to concentrate on. Finding a profitable and demand-driven niche through research is crucial. Take into account elements including target-audience preferences, competition, and market developments.
  2. Locate Reputable Providers: Do your homework and find reputable dropshipping providers or wholesalers. Seek out vendors who have a solid track record, reasonable prices, high-quality goods, and effective delivery options. You can locate suppliers with the use of well-known websites like Oberlo, SaleHoo, and AliExpress.
  3. Create an Online Store: To promote your goods and increase sales, establish an online store. E-commerce systems such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or Shopify can make it simple for you to set up your store. Tailor the look, feel, and branding of your store to make it stand out from the competition.
  4. Source and List Products: Look through the vendors’ catalogs and decide which goods to carry in your store. Add product listings to your online store that include thorough product details, pictures, and prices. To increase search engine visibility and draw in more buyers, make sure your product titles and descriptions are optimized.
  5. Decide on a Pricing Strategy: Choose how much to charge for your goods. Take into account elements including the cost of the product, transportation costs, rivalry in the market, and targeted profit margins. Achieving a balance between offering cheap prices to draw in customers and maintaining your company’s profitability is crucial.
  6. Market and Promote Your Store: Use marketing techniques to increase online store visitors. Employ search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO to raise awareness and draw in prospective buyers.
  7. Handle Orders: You will get the payment and shipping information from a consumer who places an order on your website. Send the supplier the order details, the customer’s shipping details, and their payment. After that, the provider will take care of the packaging and shipment on their own.
  8. Customer service: To guarantee client happiness and return business, deliver first-rate customer service. Answer questions from customers, deal with their concerns and settle any problems that may come up during the purchase and shipping process as soon as possible. Keep lines of contact open with your clients during the entire purchasing process.
  9. Analyze and Improve: Continually assess how your dropshipping company is doing. Track sales, client comments, and website statistics to find areas that need work. Based on the information, choose products, develop marketing plans, and improve customer service.
  10. Scale Your Business: As your dropshipping company develops, think about adding more products to your lineup, forming alliances with suppliers, or looking into new advertising avenues. Make constant adjustments and improvements to your strategy to fulfill the shifting needs of the industry and realize the full potential of your company.

#4. Test Apps and Platforms

Test apps and platforms are software tools or environments specifically designed for testing applications. They provide a controlled environment to simulate various scenarios and assess the performance and functionality of the application. These platforms often offer features such as test case management, bug tracking, test automation, and performance monitoring.

Software application quality, usability, and usefulness are all dependent on test apps and platforms. Before the final product is released, they are used to find and fix defects, performance difficulties, and issues with the user experience. As one of the side hustle ideas, testing apps and platforms can afford you the chance to make extra income.

#5. Create a Podcast

Side Hustle Ideas
Side Hustle Ideas

Creating a podcast is an excellent way to share your thoughts, ideas, expertise, or stories with a wide audience. It allows you to connect with listeners and build a loyal following. It is also one of the side hustle ideas, as you can get paid for sharing knowledge via podcast.

Planning, capturing, editing, and releasing episodes that appeal to your target audience are all part of the process of making a podcast. It necessitates giving subjects, format, tools, and distribution channels considerable thought.

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#6. Take online surveys

Taking online surveys is an easy way to earn some extra income or rewards by sharing your opinions and feedback on various topics. Many companies and market research firms conduct online surveys to gather valuable insights from consumers. This is one of the easiest side hustle ideas.

Taking online surveys involves signing up with survey platforms, completing surveys, and earning rewards or compensation for your participation. These surveys typically cover a wide range of topics, such as product preferences, advertising effectiveness, market trends, and more.

#7. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a kind of advertising approach that uses the popularity and power of people, or “influencers,” to endorse goods, services, or companies. Social media influencers enjoy a substantial following and are seen as reliable resources for advice and viewpoints.

The goal of influencer marketing is to reach a target audience by means of well-known people who have gained the respect and confidence of their followers. Brands can benefit from influencers’ devoted followings and use their influence to advertise their goods and services by collaborating with them.

This is a very quality way of earning extra money as a wage earner and forms one of the side hustle ideas. To be an influencer marketer, you just have to gain the know-like-trust factor of an audience.

#8. Youtube Channel

Side Hustle Ideas

A YouTube channel is a platform for individuals or businesses to create and share video content with a broad audience. It allows users to upload, organize, and share their videos on the popular video-sharing platform, YouTube.

A YouTube channel gives you a place to share your originality, knowledge, or ability to entertain others through videos. It helps you to establish a relationship with viewers, create a community, and possibly make money off of your material through sponsorships, advertising, or product sales.

#9. Online Courses and Coaching

Online courses and coaching have become increasingly popular as a convenient and accessible way to learn new skills, acquire knowledge, or receive personalized guidance from experts. These digital platforms offer a wide range of educational opportunities and allow individuals to learn at their own pace and from the comfort of their own homes. 

The flexibility to learn or get help remotely is offered via online courses and coaching, which frequently take the form of one-on-one sessions, interactive modules, or video-based lessons. These platforms address a wide range of themes, such as hobbies, career skills, personal growth, and academic disciplines.

Create and launch online courses and coaching programs to sell and earn extra income as a wage earner.

#10. Deliver Groceries

Delivering groceries is the movement of goods from a store or warehouse to a customer’s front door. With the rise of online grocery shopping and the demand for quick, contactless delivery choices, this service has grown in popularity.

Delivering groceries entails moving food and other home goods from a shop to a customer’s preferred location quickly and efficiently. Customers who would rather have their groceries delivered than visit a physical store can find it convenient.

As a wage earner, you can add this as a side hustle to earn more. You can deliver groceries in your free time and on your work-free days.

#11. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is the process of using digital platforms to give students distant educational instruction and support. Online tutoring has become increasingly popular as a practical and efficient means of matching students with experienced tutors, thanks to technological improvements and the growing desire for flexible learning options.

Using online chat platforms, online whiteboards, and video conferencing, tutoring online entails giving students individualized academic support and guidance. It is a practical choice for both tutors and students because it gives tutors the ability to connect with students anywhere in the world and allows for scheduling flexibility. This is one of the side hustle ideas, as it doesn’t require physical involvement.

#12. Rent your home

Renting out your home refers to the process of leasing your property to a tenant in exchange for regular rental payments. Renting can be a lucrative opportunity for you as a homeowner who has an extra property or is temporarily away from your primary residence.

When you rent out your house, you give someone else the right to occupy and use it in return for payment. This can guarantee that your property is inhabited and kept up while also serving as a source of revenue. You can even rent out a room or space in your home for money.

#13. Wash Cars

Car washing is the process of cleaning a car’s exterior and interior surfaces to get rid of dirt, sludge, and other impurities. Frequent car washing extends the life of the vehicle’s paint and finishes while also improving the vehicle’s appearance.

Lots of car owners are busy and have little or no time to wash their cars. You can earn extra cash by adding car washing as a side hustle.

#14. Become an Event Planner

Becoming an event planner involves organizing and coordinating various aspects of events, such as weddings, conferences, parties, and corporate functions. Event planners are responsible for ensuring that events run smoothly and successfully.

Strong relational, organizational, and problem-solving abilities are necessary for event planners. Working directly with customers, providers, and venues to realize their vision is a vital and creative job.

You can become an event planner without having to quit your job. You simply add it as a side hustle.

#15. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a common type of performance-based marketing in which people who promote and generate leads or sales for a company’s goods or services are paid a commission. In this win-win situation, businesses may broaden their customer base and boost revenue, while affiliates can get passive money.

In affiliate marketing, you market a company’s goods or services in exchange for a commission for each successful sale or referral that results from your advertising. It is an affordable method for affiliates to make money off of their online impact and presence, as well as for businesses to reach a larger audience.

You can do affiliate marketing from anywhere in the world by simply becoming an affiliate for the product or company.

How to apply Side Hustle Ideas

Getting side hustle ideas as a wage earner is great, but you must understand how to take full advantage of them. Here are a few steps:

#1. Determine your interests and skills

Spend some time assessing your interests, hobbies, and skills. Seek out chances where you can use these advantages to benefit other people. If you’re passionate about graphic design, for instance, you might provide freelance design services.

#2. Evaluate your alternatives for a side job

Evaluate the viability, earning potential, and market demand of several side gig concepts. Take into consideration factors like your time, money, and competitors in the industry of choice. You can select the best concept by reducing the number of options available to you, according to this research.

#3. Establish definite objectives

Specify your goals for your side hustle. Do you want to make it your full-time business in the future, or are you just seeking some extra cash for a particular purpose?

#4. Create a Plan:

Create a thorough plan that outlines your strategy for launching and expanding your side hustle. Tasks like pricing, branding, marketing tactics, market research, and financial concerns should all be part of this plan. Having a well-thought-out plan will increase the likelihood of success.

#5. Take action and begin small

By putting your side hustle ideas into practice, begin modestly and increase gradually as you acquire confidence and expertise. With this strategy, you can test the market, improve your products, and make changes as you go.

#6. Make connections and promote yourself

Promote your side business by making use of your current network and establishing new ones. Make use of social media, establish a business website or portfolio, and interact with prospective clients on a proactive basis.

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Are these side hustle ideas suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The side hustle ideas mentioned in the blog post are beginner-friendly. They require minimal investment and can be easily learned or started with little to no prior experience.

How do I choose the right side hustle idea for me?

To choose the right side hustle idea, consider your skills, interests, and available time. Reflect on what you enjoy doing and what you’re good at. Look for opportunities that align with your strengths and passions.

Can I pursue multiple side hustles simultaneously?

Yes, it is possible to pursue multiple side hustles simultaneously. However, it’s important to consider your available time, energy, and ability to manage multiple commitments effectively. Starting with one side hustle and gradually expanding to others once you have gained experience and established a system can be a good approach

How can I manage my time effectively between my wage-earning job and side hustle?

Time management is crucial when juggling a wage-earning job and a side hustle. Prioritize your tasks, set clear goals, and create a schedule that allows for dedicated time to work on your side hustle.


In conclusion. Depending only on your wages might be a great risk, as bills keep piling up and responsibilities keep increasing.

However, it is important to note that these side hustle ideas can only truly be considered a way out if properly applied. Accumulating side hustles that will affect your productivity at your regular job can be dangerous; thus, you need to stick to your strengths and maximize time management, as well as create a balance to ensure none affects the other.


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