Top 50 Most Profitable CNC Projects That Sell Like Hotcakes

profitable cnc projects

A decent CNC router machine’s best feature is that, with careful use, it can quickly pay for itself.

Even if you only purchased your CNC for recreational purposes, there’s no harm in having a nice time and making some extra money.

People adore CNC-made products for their customization and distinctive designs, regardless of where they are sold—on Facebook, Etsy, eBay, or even at a neighborhood flea/crafts market.

From a business perspective, CNCs are wonderful since it isn’t too difficult to produce 100 more of a given part after you’ve already produced one.

Deciding on what to make comes next after you have mastered the fundamentals of CNC are profitable CNC projects and how to best utilize their profitability. 

The focus of this write-up is on well-liked CNC project ideas that you can sell, profitable CNC projects, the locations of the templates, and the selling procedures.

So, if you think you’re a skilled enough machinist to transform some wood (or other machinable materials) into kitchenware, home accessories, trinkets, or other items, we’ve put together some suggestions for you to make money from your skill. 

Heck, even if you’re not wanting to sell anything, this list can inspire you to make or buy some thoughtful gifts for others or yourself.

profitable cnc projects

Key Takeaways

  • Small businesses now have access to enormous markets because of the growth of social media. Finding a target audience and creating a website are now easier than ever thanks to the development of digital marketing tools.
  • The cost of mass production is high regardless of how you look at it. If you’re wanting to manufacture your goods, what possibilities can dropshipping websites and print-on-demand businesses offer? ones that you created.Yes, especially with the introduction of reasonably priced CNC routers.

What is CNC?

CNC, or computer numerical control, is a machine that uses programmed automation and has features in common with 3D printing. 

As a result, builders can efficiently and elegantly carve out complex elements on a big scale.

It is a step above previous non-computerized devices that require manual labor or are guided by pre-made pattern guides in terms of operation.

The term “CNC router” refers to a machine that is controlled by a computer and used to sculpt intricate designs from materials such as glass, wood, plastic, and metal. 

It possesses a mixture of the boring machine, panel saw, and spindle molder that may be used to create successful CNC projects.

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profitable cnc projects

50 CNC Projects that Sell Well

The top 50 CNC projects that sold well this year are outlined below:

  • Coin Tray
  • House Number Signs
  • Christmas Ornaments 
  • Door Signs
  • Wood wall maps
  • paintbrush Holder
  • Charging Docks
  • End Tables
  • Photo Frames
  • Coasters
  • Bottle Openers
  • Cutting Boards
  • Desk Organizers
  • Bird House
  • Wood Ring Box
  • Wood Clocks
  • Serving Trays
  • Board Games
  • Home Decor Signs
  • Welcome signs
  • Advertising Signs
  • Man Cave signs
  • Address Plaque
  • Coordinate Signs
  • Garden signs
  • Trail Signs
  • Toy Train Tracks
  • Puzzles
  • Letter Blocks
  • Makeup Trays
  • Bathtub Trays
  • Christmas Decor
  • Wedding Decor
  • Baby Shower Gifts
  • Decorative Items
  • Keepsake Boxes
  • Bookends
  • Maps
  • Clocks
  • Glass Etchings
  • Wall Arts
  • Photo frames
  • Phone Holders and Charging Stations
  • Business Cards
  • Nameplates
  • Books and document holders
  • Engraved Pencils and pens
  • Cutting Boards
  • Cookie Cutters and Molds
  • Kitchen Utensils

1. Coin Trays

Coin trays are tiny storage receptacles for the momentary storage of small goods. 

For example, keys, money, transportation tokens, etc. 

It is an excellent technique to reuse hardwood scraps and turn them into commercial items that can be sold for $20 or more.

2. House Number Signs

One of the successful CNC projects is this image of numbers.

House numbers make it simple to locate addresses and are particularly helpful to emergency responders, making it simple for them to connect with persons who need assistance.

Homeowners will find it to be one of the imaginative projects that makes them happy.

3. Christmas Ornaments

The ideal project to manufacture and sell for profit is a set of Christmas ornaments, such as snowflakes or trees. 

They can be produced in big quantities and are typically sold for $35. They are used to ornament Christmas trees.

4. Door Signs

Products like welcome signs, personalized nameplates, and seasonal signs all sell briskly when they are infused with a little imagination. 

In addition to being utilized to convey information, they are also put at doorways to serve as excellent advertisements because they are visible to all passersby.

5. Wood Wall Maps

A fantastic addition to a possible home office would be wood wall maps. 

Cheap plywood can be used to create these. They can be purchased for, on average, $38.97 each.

6. Paintbrush Holder

Making use of your CNC machine, you may create this special addition, which is intended to stop the brush from drying out quickly after use.

Online sales can be greatly increased by taking attractive pictures of distinctive paintbrush holders. 

Note that they’re available for $29 to $45 each.

7. Charging Docks

One of the worthwhile CNC projects to try out is this one. 

Charging docks are often compact buildings that house all of the necessary accessories and charging wires in one location. 

With the help of CNC equipment, you may learn how to produce charging docks in bulk for roughly $35.52 each.

8. End Tables

End tables are compact tables that are frequently positioned next to sofa ends and used to store things like books, remote controllers, or beverages. 

In addition, they beautify the space by acting as a decorative element.

Making end tables that sell for $96 each might earn you some serious cash.

9. Photo Frame

In addition to being used as décor, photo frames safeguard images. 

So, with your CNC-crafted photo frame, which can be produced out of practically any material, let your consumer discover a distinctive approach to exhibiting their images from their priceless moments. 

It often costs between $11 and $45.

10. Coasters

You can start earning money by utilizing the lucrative CNC projects known as coasters. 

They serve as a barrier between hot beverage surfaces and the outside world. 

To shield beverages from contamination by outside elements, it can also be used to cover them.

Although wood is the most common medium used to make them, other materials such as clay, bamboo, marble, concrete, textiles, or even leather can also be used to create them. 

Any of these materials, or a mixture of them, can be used to manufacture one-of-a-kind coasters, which will make your goods desirable to clients desiring original designs.

11. Bottle Openers

To pry off metal bottle caps from bottlenecks, one uses a bottle opener. 

They are modern and practical and are available in various sizes. 

Others are affixed to walls, while some are freestanding. 

When placed within, they offer a rustic ambiance, while when placed outdoors, they might add a sense of modernity.

12. Cutting Boards

These are also known as chopping boards, and they are used by chefs to prepare food for cooking, such as vegetables. 

Cutting boards come in both wood and plastic varieties.

13. Desk Organizers

Your office supplies can be gathered in one spot with the help of desk organizers. 

In addition to many other benefits, it facilitates finding things and promotes efficient time management. 

Your potential clients are office employees, and desk organizers are $44.99 each.

14. Bird Houses

Birds are protected by birdhouses from the elements, domestic animals, and other predators. 

They are available for $32.99 to be payable on an initial deposit.

Hence, be sure to watch videos on YouTube or Google for a comprehensive tutorial on how to build birdhouses.

15. Wood Ring Box

Most frequently, ring boxes are required for wedding supplies. To move the wedding rings down the aisle, a ring bearer is used. 

While some could cost more, certain hardwood ring boxes cost about $18.32.

16. Wood Clocks

Clocks are useful for a variety of things, including timing events and recalling memories. 

They could be created from metal, wood, or any other material. 

It is worth mentioning that you can sell them for $70.60.

Therefore, be sure to watch videos on YouTube or on Google for a comprehensive tutorial on how to build wood clocks.

17. Serving Trays

Food and beverages are moved from one area to another using serving trays. 

Food is moved in huge amounts using it at home and on other occasions. 

For $24.99, you may purchase small serving trays.

Thus, be sure to watch videos on YouTube or Google for a comprehensive tutorial on how to build serving trays.

18. Board Games

The average price of a board game is $24.70. 

They serve as instruments for enhancing abilities including good sportsmanship, problem-solving capacity, and collaboration.

19. Home Decor Designs

A lot of signs for home decor will be positioned in or near the kitchen and living room sections. 

Signs for house décor are something people want their visitors to notice.

Funny or clever slogans work nicely, and if you’re stuck for ideas, take a stroll through Hobby Lobby to spark some creativity.

20. Welcome Signs

Everybody enjoys having a welcoming sign on their door. 

Use expressive text or a striking painting. Popular personalized signage includes a specified address. 

Just keep in mind that while customization is common, the design and production times will increase.

Another choice is to look for nearby companies that would like an “open” or “welcome” sign for their front door.

21. Advertising Signs

Find a nearby business that desires a personalized sign and make it similar to the welcome sign above.

Although this won’t fly at Walmart, many mom and small stores would adore a personalized plaque bearing their brand. 

Do not be afraid to slightly mark up your work because businesses frequently have larger expenditures than the regular Facebook marketplace user.

22. Man Cave Signs

The words “Man Cave,” “Welcome to ___’s Man Cave,” etc. may be included on these signs in addition to peoples’ names. 

Put a good finish on it after carving it in high-quality wood.

23. Address Plaque

In terms of their nature, these two are comparable to signs. 

This may be the ideal present if you or someone you know has a large lawn and struggles to see their house number from the street.

24. Coordinate Signs

Each individual has a distinct spot.

It might be the place where a couple initially met, got hitched, or resides. 

Maybe there will be three signs, one for each of the aforementioned situations.

Use your imagination and be sure to provide your consumer with some useful suggestions for potential coordinating uses.

Take the address and enter it on this website to determine the coordinates for your sign if your customer is unsure of the coordinates they require.

25. Garden Signs

When someone is passionate about something, they frequently try to flaunt it. 

You’re probably aware that people (dog moms, specifically) adore their dogs. But did you realize that many individuals also adore their plants?

Also, You can make signs that are essentially outside house decor or ones that designate certain plants.

The phrase “the garden is my happy place” might be a wonderful place to start when considering what to create and offer to somebody who adores their garden.

When coming up with your designs, bear in mind that garden signs typically have a whimsical and joyful feel to them.

26. Trail Signs

This one is a particular favorite because it’s so straightforward and because people tend to overlook minor flaws due to its “rustic” appearance. 

An excellent project for those who are just getting their CNC up and running.

Make trail markers to make travel simpler if you reside on a sizable property or know someone who does.

Particularly if they have a lot of land, this works quite effectively in wealthy locations where people purchase vacation houses.

27. Toy Train Tracks

The finest piece of advice we can give in this case is to remain patient. 

Train tracks may be carved quite simply and quickly, although it may take some time since you’ll need to put in numerous different track sets.

But we think you’ll adore the outcome. 

You shouldn’t have too much trouble selling these tracks to a needy parent or grandparent because so many of us recall playing with them as children.

The best course of action will be to produce them in batches once you have determined that there is a market for them. 

Consider selling both individual pieces and packs of tracks.

28. Letter Blocks

In a similar vein, cutting out some letter blocks is simple. These are fantastic learning materials that kids will adore. 

It is simple to begin because ready-to-carve blanks are available for practice.

Combining the blocks to spell names and selling them as room decor for kids is a good idea.

29. Puzzles

Unless you’re exceedingly ambitious, the puzzles we’re discussing will be fairly simple. 

Children do well with simpler puzzles, though. 

The puzzle can be divided into just three or four pieces if you want to produce animals.

Alternatively, you may create name puzzles, which look beautiful in children’s rooms and can be used as educational materials once the child is old enough.

30. Makeup Trays

These days, everything is organized. 

To hold all the different hair and beauty supplies, cut pockets into a tray.

It will significantly affect how the wood is finished. 

Consider using a light oak stain because brighter colors look good here.

31. Bathtub Trays

Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing bath?

Kids, I suppose. I’ve never understood why they dislike taking baths.

These trays aren’t intended for children in any case. These belong to Mum. 

Create a stand to hold a phone, book, or tablet, then carve out one or two pockets to accommodate a candle or a glass of wine. 

Remember that this item will be in contact with water, therefore it is better to paint or seal it to prevent water damage.

32. Christmas Ornaments 

There are several options available here. A gingerbread guy, a Christmas tree, or a snowflake can all be carved. 

You can even cut the center out into any Christmas-related motif you desire if you like a more conventional, round ornament.

People are going to purchase a lot of relatively straightforward ornaments during the holiday season.

These are a fantastic first project and another with ready-made blanks. 

Use your CNC to cut the blanks for 50 cents or less, then sell them for $5 or more. 

It would do you a lot of good to know that is a substantial profit. 

The main drawback is that they only sell well around Christmas, but it would be worthwhile to launch a Christmas in July marketing to boost summer sales.

33. Christmas Decor

Speaking about Christmas, various kinds of ornaments usually do quite well in the marketplace.

Make Santa a cookie tray or a cut-out tree with an LED star on top. 

Creative freedom is greatly encouraged in this environment.

Having the products prepared before the holiday season is the most important thing to keep in mind. 

You must have them available at all times to meet demand when you have a popular product.

34. Wedding Decor

Wintertime wedding supplies and summertime Christmas goods. 

These could be your main source of sales if you execute them well. 

It can be very profitable to sell signs, trays, and unique centerpieces. 

Why not profit from all the money that is spent on weddings?

Seek out ideas elsewhere; some of the best ones can be found in magazines and wedding shows. 

You can create handmade cake toppers to sell to your nearby bakery one moment while watching Bridezillas the next.

35. Wedding Gifts

Gifts are given to the wedding party by the bride and groom, as well as by the wedding guests.

Here, the focus should be on unique and/or customized projects. 

Pay attention to how you sell and publicize your goods because there can be a lot of rivalry in this area because there is so much money to be made. 

Your prospects of making a profit will probably be made or broken by it.

36. Baby Shower Gifts

There are a ton of various baby shower ideas that you may come up with, just like there are for weddings. 

One of the top-selling baby shower presents is frequently a sign. 

Families with new newborns represent another market opportunity. 

Parents and grandparents adore giving bespoke signs with the recipient’s name, birthdate, and weight as gifts.

37. Keepsake Boxes

To make a keepsake box, just carve a hole in a piece of wood, add hinges, and construct a lid. 

The box’s exterior can then be personalized by having anything carved onto it. 

You could also engrave meaningful words on the inside of the lid, which can be seen when the box is opened. 

38. Statues and Trophies 

Making statues and awards will be challenging if your CNC machine only has three axes. 

You can still make them, but they’ll be bigger and less precisely crafted.

Better, more intricate goods can be produced if you have a 4-axis router. 

Don’t try to make things too thin, though, as a word of caution. 

The pressure from the drill will probably cause the wood to crack, making all of your efforts useless.

39. Maps

These days, ornamental maps are incredibly trendy. They are popular all over the world.

maps of any kind, including those of towns, states, nations, the world, etc. 

An easy project might be to create a simple map, such as a cutout of a state or nation. 

To get started, all you need is the appropriate toolpath. Like each other project, carving is similar.

Try using a topographical map, though, if you want to go one step further. 

These are selling quickly and are getting more and more popular every day.

40. Clocks

Most of the time, clocks don’t differ much from a sign. 

You may probably locate one that works for your project because clock movements are quite inexpensive and come in a wide range of forms.

You have complete creative freedom when it comes to the face. 

Cut directly through the wood for a partially transparent clock, or inlay it with a really interesting design.

41. Glass Etchings

Unique decorative things can be created by etching or engraving glass. 

Take a dollar store picture frame or two and a diamond drag bit, and practice engraving smaller surfaces before moving on to larger ones. 

In addition to selling well, pet-related products also provide excellent practice pieces for engraving.

Buying larger frames and glass on a budget is easy to do at thrift stores.

42. Wall Art

Who wouldn’t want an attractive wall accent? 

We won’t instruct you in the creation of art because, well, that seems extremely challenging.

But we can tell you that when it comes to wall art, people like enormous works, so you’ll either need a larger CNC or you’ll need to think of inventive ways to manufacture it in chunks. 

Your pals here are textures and patterns. It will be equally vital to consider the wood’s grain kind. 

Just be careful not to go into this hoping to become wealthy. 

When executed properly, wall art can fetch hundreds or even more on the open market, but it is difficult for most people to accomplish it right.

43. Photo frames

You can construct your photo frames with a little effort and some basic tools. 

They sell well because they make great gifts for both holidays and special occasions. 

The most well-liked sayings or graphics tend to be those that refer to pets.

44. Phone Holders and Charging Stations

Anything phone-related has a huge market, yet the market is quite competitive. 

Before you fully commit to trying to earn a profit, practice creating them as gifts for your family. 

They do well in the marketplace, but it might be challenging to stand out.

45. Nameplates

Nameplates for a desk or door are very easy projects and a terrific way to give anyone’s working space some flair. 

If you’re seeking to market these, you should target those who work in manufacturing, gardening, and outside labor, or construction in particular.

46. Business Cards

People operating in the aforementioned areas would adore custom business cards because they are such a unique specialty. 

A thin, CNC-carved business card made of metal or wood is a blatantly visible approach to stand out from the crowd.

Furthermore, no one will give one of these business cards away out of frustration. 

Machined business cards are a great item to have because they are memorable and challenging to throw away, which are likely the two most crucial characteristics of a business card.

47. Engraved Pencils and Pens

To spread the word about your company and encourage people to use it, write your company name on various items.

They can also be used to create basic gifts with a unique touch.

Because there is more flat surface area for your engraving on the wide carpenter pencils, they perform best.

48. Drink coasters

Drink coasters are another incredibly well-liked product from CNC. 

Everyone who owns a home has coasters since no one wants to spoil a nice table with a wet drink. 

However, those inexpensive paper coasters are also simple to misplace and are susceptible to deterioration over time.

Also, a strong, beautifully made, wood coaster serves as a functional as well as attractive item. 

The target market for coasters is really broad, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble trying to sell them.

49. Cutting Boards

Because almost everyone needs one, cutting boards have a similar attraction to coasters. 

Cutting boards can be made more unique by adding a person’s monogram or initials to the corner.

Cutting boards shaped like your home state frequently do well on the market, while certain states are more suitable for this kind of undertaking than others. 

Note that Hawaii is not the place to try this act.

For cutting boards, it is recommended that you select dense hardwoods with a closed grain. 

This could be something like cherry, walnut, or maple.

 Because they are flat and smooth, these woods are excellent for cutting.

50. Cabinet Doors

A lot of homeowners may find it simple to sell cabinet doors because they appear excellent and increase the value of the house, similar to trim and molding. 

Simple jobs like making cabinet doors only require straight lines and are relatively simple. 

A more intricate design, however, can increase the value of your doors.

Similar to more expensive wood, you can charge more for your work. 

Naturally, that also entails more expensive initial outlays. 

But if you’re just getting started, MDF and primed plywood are affordable, easily accessible materials that you may use to create attractive cabinet doors.

How Profitable are CNC Projects?

A 10 to 15% net profit margin is typical for successful CNC machining companies. 

On top of the owner’s compensation, a shop with only $500,000 in annual sales makes profits of $50,000 to $75,000.

On online markets like Etsy and Amazon, where shoppers place a high value on small, artisan stores and regional craft fairs, CNC enterprises have grown enormously profitable as the demand for distinctive products increases.

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How Much Do CNC Operators Make?

The average hourly wage for a CNC Operator in the United States as of June 11, 2023, is $18.55.

Even though ZipRecruiter reports hourly pay as high as $26.44 and as low as $10.58, the majority of CNC operator salaries in the US are currently between $15.62 (25th percentile) and $20.67 (75th percentile). 

The wide range of salary for a CNC operator (up to $5.05) shows that there may be many potential for wage increases and promotions based on experience, location, and skill level.

According to recent job posting activity on ZipRecruiter, there aren’t many employers hiring right now, making the CNC operator job market in Lagos, Nigeria, as well as the entire state, not particularly active. 

Are CNC Projects Profitable in Nigeria?

The CNC job market is not very active in Nigeria because the demands from the public do not often match the supply rates the companies desire.

While CNC projects are profitable and have huge appeal in other countries such as the United States of America, and the rest of Europe, it is noteworthy that the CNC projects Business in Nigeria is still in its early stages of infancy.

According to recent job posting activity on Google, there aren’t many employers hiring right now, making the CNC operator job market in Lagos, Nigeria, as well as the entire state, not particularly active. 


Profitable CNC projects sell well because of the great demand for them, and many individuals are continually taking advantage of them. 

You can take advantage of this and start producing well-made goods that can be sold at regional expos, markets, and online retailers like Amazon and Etsy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if, despite having excellent design and high quality, my projects don’t sell?

Even if your projects are well-designed and of high quality, you need to work on your marketing abilities if you can’t sell them. 
Until you find a solid market for your goods, try to reach out to a wider audience through social media, post eye-catching, high-quality images of your work, and keep your profit margin as low as possible. 
You can also request that your loved ones spread the word about your product to their network.

Are the free templates available for projects that will generate revenue?

Yes, you can utilize free templates for projects that are profitable. 
However, there is a wide variety of prices for these products, and they are widely accessible. 
You should create your designs or edit the free templates to make them special and appealing if you want to generate a bigger profit.

What metal is utilized to create artificial jewelry?

Nickel, copper, cadmium, brass, stainless steel, and stainless steel are some of the metals that are most frequently used to make fake jewelry. 
In addition to these, any metal that is easily worked exhibits strong corrosion resistance is less expensive than gold or silver can be used to create fake jewelry. 
Adding beauty to your jewelry piece is also possible with acrylics and resin.

Where do I sell the CNC projects I make?

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to start if you want to sell your locally manufactured creations made with a CNC machine but are unsure of where to find potential customers. 
Facebook has more than 2.4 billion users, making it simpler than ever to promote your items in front of potential customers.

How profitable is wood CNC?

As the market for one-of-a-kind goods expands, CNC firms have found tremendous success on online marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon, where shoppers place a high value on independent, handcrafted businesses and regional craft fairs. 


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