Who is the Highest Paid Mascot in 2024?

highest paid mascot

Have you been searching for the highest paid Mascot this year? Well, search no more; we’ve got you covered. This blog post reviews the highest paid Mascot this year, including the highest paid Mascots, and how much they earn.

In the world of sports and entertainment, mascots are often the unsung heroes who bring an extra layer of excitement and personality to the events we love.

These larger-than-life characters not only entertain the crowd but also play a crucial role in marketing and brand promotion.

While they may be hidden behind colorful costumes and elaborate masks, the individuals who put on these outfits are anything but anonymous, especially when it comes to their earnings.

Mascots are a beloved part of sports and entertainment, and they play an important role in creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for fans. But did you know that some mascots earn a very good living?

As we dive into the fascinating world of mascots, we’ll uncover the secrets behind the smiles and wacky antics of mascots this year

These fuzzy, feathered, or furry characters not only light up the stadium but also their bank accounts. In this blog post, we’ll explore their origins, their contributions to their respective teams and organizations, and most importantly, the figures that adorn their paychecks.

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The Evolution of Mascot Culture

Since their creation at the beginning of the 20th century, mascots have advanced significantly. What started as straightforward, static spectator waving has evolved into a lively and engaging event.

Mascots of today are expected to interact with fans, display skills, and even take part in social media campaigns.

Mascots are now more active and expressive than ever, thanks to developments in costume design and technology.

Their costumes’ complex engineering enables a variety of actions, including dancing and somersaults. These developments have only increased their value in the sports and entertainment industries.

The Stars Behind the Suits

It’s important to understand that mascots are more than just excited people dressed in costumes before we move on to the rankings.

They are entertainers, performers, and brand ambassadors who frequently have a strong bond with the teams they support.

These personalities bring each sporting event to life with a special fusion of athleticism, charisma, and imagination.

One could be curious as to how one becomes a mascot. Most frequently, it begins as a passion project for the club and its supporters.

Many mascots start as interns or volunteers, donning costumes and appearing at neighborhood activities or minor league games.

Their commitment, ingenuity, and capacity for fan connection propel them, over time, into the spotlight and onto the payroll.

Highest Paid Mascot in 2024

Below is the name of the highest paid mascot in 2024

Mascots are a beloved part of sports and entertainment, and they play an important role in creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for fans. But did you know that some mascots earn a very good living? The highest-paid mascot in the world makes over $600,000 per year.

That mascot is Rocky the Mountain Lion, the official mascot of the Denver Nuggets NBA team. Rocky is known for his energetic performances and his ability to connect with fans. He is also a skilled athlete, and he often performs acrobatic dunks and other tricks at Nuggets games.

Rocky’s high salary is a testament to his popularity and his value to the Nuggets organization. He is one of the most popular mascots in the NBA, and he helps generate millions of dollars in revenue for the team each year.

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How Rocky the Mountain Lion Became the Highest Paid Mascot in the World

Rocky the Mountain Lion became the highest-paid mascot in the world through a combination of hard work, talent, and popularity.

Rocky is known for his energetic performances and his ability to connect with fans. He is also a skilled athlete, and he often performs acrobatic dunks and other tricks at Nuggets games.

Rocky’s popularity has helped him land lucrative endorsement deals with major brands such as Nike and Gatorade.

Rocky has also appeared in numerous commercials and television shows. In addition to his endorsement deals and media appearances, Rocky also generates revenue for the Nuggets through merchandise sales and ticket sales.

Rocky’s success is a testament to the importance of mascots in the sports and entertainment industries. Mascots play an important role in creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for fans, and they can also be a valuable source of revenue for teams and organizations.

Highest Paid Mascots in 2024

Below is a list of the highest paid mascots in 2024

#1. Rocky the Mountain Lion – NBA ($625k Per Annum)

Highest paid mascot in sports is Rocky the Mountain Lion, with an annual salary of $625,000. Rocky represents the NBA team, the Denver Nuggets.

The mascots represent the symbol and identity of the team during games and other events. The teams use them for merchandising and as goodwill ambassadors.

The mascots’ salary structures vary from one another and can range from hourly to per-match compensation. The NBA, MLB, and NFL all offer the highest salaries for mascots.

#2. Harry the Hawk – $600k Per Annum

When it comes to becoming the mascot with a six-figure income, Harry the Hawk is not far behind. The Hawk receives $600,000 in yearly compensation.

The Atlanta Hawks’ NBA team’s official mascot is Harry. One of the first mascots in the history of the sport, he made his debut on October 25, 1986.

Harry the Hawk is a close second-place candidate for the title of highest-paid mascot. The Hawk receives a salary of $600,000 per year.

The Atlanta Hawks NBA team has Harry as its official mascot. He was one of the earliest sports mascots in history and made his debut on October 25, 1986.

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#3. Benny the Bull – NBA ($400k Per year)

The Chicago Bulls‘ official mascot, Benny the Bull, earns $400,000 annually. Moreover, Benny has more than 5.5 million followers on TikTok.

Benny debuted in 1969 and has become a household name for the Bulls. He is a very popular figure in the Bulls’ history, similar to Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and more.

The first public relations manager and stadium announcer for the team, Ben Bentley, is honored with the mascot’s name. The Bulls’ original mascot was Benny’s grandfather, and since then, several members of his family have served as guardians for the NBA team.

Benny was rated the most well-known sports mascot in 2013 by Forbes. Along with other skills, he is also known for his acrobatic dunks, half-court reverse shoots, and dancing.

#4. Wally the Green Monster – MLB (250K Per year)

Boston Red Sox have Wally the Green Monster as their official mascot. Wally earns $250,000 annually, which is the highest MLB mascot salary.

The 37′ 2″-tall Green Monster wall in left field at Fenway Park is the inspiration for the name of the large mascot. He makes between $1,000 and $2,000 per game and a salary of $2,000 per hour.

On April 13, 1997, the friendly monster made its debut. The fake biography claims that he has lived in Fenway Park since 1947, calling the Green Monster wall his home. He is wearing a #97 Red Sox jersey.

Wally was enthusiastically received by the younger fans when he first appeared, but the elder fans did not like him. Only after Wally was featured in fictional stories read by team broadcaster Jerry Remy were fans of all ages willing to accept him.

Ft. Myers, Florida, is Wally’s preferred vacation destination, while Monster Inc. is his preferred film. The tracks “Dirty Water” and “Shipping Up to Boston” are among his favorites.

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#5. Go the Gorilla – NBA ($200k Per year)

Since making his debut in 1988, Go the Gorilla has served as the Phoenix Suns’ mascot. He is wearing a Suns jersey and shorts.

Among the Top 5 highest-paid NBA mascots, Go the Gorilla earns $200,000 a year. He also participates in numerous charity events, which makes him well-known in the Sun’s community.

The creation of the mascot is credited to the marketing department of the Phoenix Suns, and it has appeared in several commercials. He is famous for his dance moves, wild antics, stunts, and dunks.

#6. Mr. Met – MLB ($200k Per year)

Mr. Met is one of the select few MLB mascots earning a $20,000 salary each year. According to Forbes, he was the top sports mascot in 2012.

On April 11, 1962, Mr. Met made his debut. He was first observed in 1962, but he didn’t make his MLB debut until April 17, 1964. He is 6’10” tall. Additionally, he was the MLB’s first-ever live-action mascot, which led to his winning Rookie of the Year.

Mr. Met has been portrayed by several people over the years, and Dan Reilly was the first to do so in 1964. AJ Mass and Matt Golden also portrayed the team amulet previously.

He has an unusually large baseball for a head and is seen in the Mets’ uniform. The cherished talisman has also appeared in many commercials and is also a Mascot Hall of Fame inductee.

#7. Phillie Phanatic – MLB ($200k Per year)

Another member of the $200,000 club is Phillie Phanatic, a fan of the Phillies. On April 25, 1978, the flurry and the green bird without wings were initially noticed.

Throughout the games, the Phanatic can be seen riding an ATV around and exploring the stadium. He is well-known for dancing in front of the other team’s dugout to humiliate their supporters.

His antics also include pouring popcorn on the announcers as part of his practical jokes and spraying hot dogs into the stands with a pneumatic pistol attached to his ATV. He receives $1,500 for each bout to amuse the crowd.

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#8. Rowdy – NFL ($65k Per year)

With a $65,000 yearly wage, Rowdy is the NFL’s highest paid mascot. NFL Properties created Rowdy in the 1990s under the name “Big D.”.

He didn’t make his formal NFL debut as Rowdy for the Dallas Cowboys until 1996 when his character design underwent alterations.

He can be seen in the Cowboys’ uniform combined with classic Western attire comprising a cowboy hat, boots, and chaps that resonate with the team’s identity.

Rowdy has also appeared in several TV events, including ESPN’s Alumni Beach Bowl and the Special Olympics, among a few others. He earns $50 per hour whenever he makes an appearance.

He tosses t-shirts into the stands while he drives on his four-wheeler and also mocks the opposition. Rowdy is involved in every home game and travels with the team to select away games.

#9. Pat Patriot – NFL ($65k Per year)

Pat Patriot, who earns $65,000 annually, is the official mascot of the New England Patriots. Together with Rowdy, Pat is the NFL’s highest-paid mascot.

Pat Patriot, also referred to as “Pat the Patriot,” was created by NFL Properties in the 1990s. He wears the #1 jersey and is supposed to have been born on July 4, 1776.

He has participated in 10 Super Bowls and has supported the Patriots on the sidelines when they have won six Super Bowl titles. Seven Pro Bowl appearances for Pat Patriot

#10. Sourdough Sam – NFL ($60k Per year)

The official mascot for the San Francisco 49ers, Sourdough Sam is a gold miner and is famous for his love of sourdough bread. He makes $45 per hour and is the joint-third-highest earner in the NFL.

Sourdough Sam can be seen wearing the franchise’s cardinal jersey and #49 is his jersey number. He wears a pair of Levi’s jeans along with a gold handkerchief around his neck. The team’s official logo is embedded on his large hat.

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What are the Factors that Contribute to a Mascot’s Salary?

  1. Popularity: The more popular a mascot is, the more valuable they are to their team. Mascots that are popular with fans and sponsors are likely to earn higher salaries.
  2. Skill: Mascots are often required to have a variety of skills, such as athleticism, performing ability, and comedic timing. Mascots who are skilled in these areas are likely to earn higher salaries.
  3. Market: The market in which a mascot works can also affect their salary. Mascots in major metropolitan areas are likely to earn higher salaries than mascots in smaller markets.


While mascots may remain hidden behind their costumes, their financial success and cultural impact are anything but concealed. These entertainers, performers, and brand ambassadors have rightfully earned their place among the highest-paid figures in the world of sports and entertainment.

As we cheer for our favorite teams, let’s not forget to salute the mascots who work tirelessly to make every game an unforgettable experience. After all, they are the true stars behind the suits.


Who is the highest-paid mascot of 2024, and how much do they earn?

Rocky the Mountain Lion – NBA ($625k Per year)

How do mascots secure their income beyond their performances?

Many wonder if mascots rely solely on their appearances during games or if they have other revenue streams. This question explores the various ways mascots generate income, such as merchandise sales and endorsements.

What skills and qualifications are needed to become a successful mascot?

Aspiring mascots or those interested in the field may inquire about the necessary skills, background, or training required to excel in this unique profession. This question focuses on the career path of a mascot.


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