Theobarth Grants: Scam Or Legit? Read This Review Before You Apply


Maybe you are here to see if Theobarth Grant is a scam or legit or to confirm how much of a grant they give and the organization’s legitimacy, you will be given a holistic review on Theobarth Grants. Then we will tell you if you should apply or not.

There has been a lot said about this organization already. Some doubts have been raised by the CBN regarding other credibility of the grant they said they are offering.

All these and more we will discuss. Even the response Google’s AI text tool, Bard gave me was helpful when I was researching how to access Theobarth Grant.

What They Say They Are

Theobarth Foundation is an internationally recognized Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and a registered limited liability company in Nigeria, incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and other financial institutions that regulate all business conglomerates in Nigeria.

And the said their fundamental mission is to ensure the stability of all the poor people in the system, to give people’s lives meaning by empowering the downtrodden through social intervention programs, technology, skill acquisition programs, adult education, practical and radical human development programs, keeping track of the poor, in Nigeria and Africa.

According to, Theobarth Grant is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) that doubles as limited liability and is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and other financial agencies that regulate businesses in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the founder, Dr. Apostle Theophilus O. Ebny is reported to have a criminal record.

Is Theobarth Grant a Scam or Legit?

theobarth grants

In truth, the Theobarth grant is not legitimate; it functions by gathering your details to deceive you into losing your money upon registration. Theobarth Grants is a scam!

If they are unsuccessful in obtaining money from you, they may either sell your information or attempt to compromise your bank account.

Falling for the Theobarth grant can lead to a loss in one way or another; the choice is yours to make.

Google Says Theobarth Grants Is Scam

When I made a search on Bard for “What Are Theobarth Grants” below is what I received as feedback from Google.

“There is no such thing as Theobarth Grants. It is a scam. A quick Google search reveals that the Theobarth Global Foundation is not a legitimate organization. Their website is poorly designed and contains grammatical errors. They also ask for a processing fee to apply for a grant, which is a red flag for a scam.”

“If you are looking for grants, I recommend that you research legitimate organizations that offer grants. You can find a list of legitimate grant-making organizations on the Foundation Center website.”

“Here are some tips for avoiding grant scams:

  • Do your research. Before you apply for a grant, make sure that the organization is legitimate. You can do this by checking their website, reading reviews, and contacting them directly.
  • Be wary of organizations that ask for money upfront. Legitimate grant-making organizations do not charge application fees.
  • Be suspicious of organizations that promise quick turnaround times. It takes time to review grant applications and make funding decisions.
  • If you have any doubts, don’t apply. If you are unsure about the legitimacy of an organization, it is best to err on the side of caution and not apply for a grant.”

“I hope this helps!”

Another reason why we confirmed that this grant and the organization are fake and scams is their report from CBN.

They said they were not aware of the Theobarth grant disbursement claimed initially.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has officially disassociated itself from Theobart and similar fraudulent grant schemes across the country.

CBN has issued a warning against the misuse of its name to deceive Nigerians.

Finance Bloggers are flagging Theobart Grant has this to say concerning Theobart Grant’s legitimacy.

Let’s take a moment to analyze the obvious here – this is undeniably a scam. To begin with, legitimate grants do not require any payment. Grants are funds provided by the government or organizations to individuals, groups, or entities for specific purposes.

If you’re asked to pay money in exchange for a grant, it ceases to be a grant.

Consider the grant provider as well. They do incur costs related to processing applications, disbursements, and monitoring fund usage.

However, these costs are typically accounted for in their budgets and are not transferred to grant recipients as a condition for receiving the grant.

If you’re being asked for money to get a grant, it’s a clear sign of a scam.

Furthermore, the use of an OPAY account to collect funds raises suspicion. Why would a legitimate NGO offering grants resort to an OPAY account?

What happened to using traditional bank accounts? To clarify, OPAY primarily serves as a mobile money platform, designed for individuals, especially those with limited access to traditional banking services.

It’s not a suitable platform for an NGO to collect funds.

The use of an OPAY account offers insight into how this scam operates. Opening an OPAY account is a straightforward process: download the OPAY app, verify your phone number, provide basic information, and you have a tier 1 account.

Your phone number becomes your account number, minus the first digit. This information highlights the dubious nature of this scheme.


While we keep seeking a possible grant to help us in business or life, let us stay woke and vigilant to scammers and internet fraud.

First, their associate website is not secure and safe to access. Google also sends a red flag at them.

NogoFallMaga made another review about them concluding that they are scams.

We also saw a Facebook post that says how CBN sending a disclaimer regarding the fake disbursement of grants.

The founder, hiding under the clergy role, was also recorded as a fraud and scam. That founder is not a true Christian.

Let us be aware of the kind of site we visit. if it doesn’t have a https do not sign up with your details.

Our verdict on Theobarth Grants is that with all the proofs above, Theobarth Grants is fake and a scam. Do not apply even for a free application.

Do share with us your thoughts or experience with them to help others.


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