30 Most Profitable Shark Tank Products & Companies

most profitable shark tank

Since its first season in 2009, a lot of businesses have entered the ABC shark tank. 

Many firms received investments during season 14, which will run until February. 

Also, many of these startups went on to have success at a higher level as a result of participating in season 14. 

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 30 Most Profitable Shark Tank Products Ever in this write-up.

Up until season 14, more than 700 businesses received investments from several sharks; some of these businesses collapsed. 

Only a few businesses today are bringing in millions of dollars annually.

Many businesses that invested in Shark Tank found success; the company is currently expanding nicely. 

About 56% of the businesses that Shark has so far invested in on Shark Tank have grown to be significant brands or enterprises in the modern day.

The top 30 businesses that currently bring in $100M, $200M, or $300M in annual sales are highlighted in our list of the Most profitable Shark Tank Products 

This corporation has increased the reach of its products both domestically and abroad.

Key Takeaways

  • The capital that the sharks invest belongs to them alone; it is not provided by the program.
  • Usually, the sharks on “Shark Tank” want a stake in the company.
  • At least $100 million worth of sales have been made by each of the top eight most lucrative products that first appeared on Shark Tank.
  • Shark Half of the successful Shark Tank businesses listed below are owned by Lori Greiner.
  • Like Bombas, other Shark Tank winners have started charitable endeavors to support underprivileged and impoverished communities.

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30 Most Profitable Shark Tank Products & Companies This Year

We have discovered this information regarding the Shark Tank Company after conducting extensive study. 

Despite this, we cannot claim that we have missed any other worthwhile firm.

Therefore, let’s now briefly discuss these top 30 most profitable shark tank product firms. 

These numbers are assigned at random to each of the profitable Shark Tank product firms.

The 30 most profitable shark tank products and companies are;

  • Scrub Daddy – $300M
  • Bombas – $250M
  • College Foxes Packing – $180M
  • EverlyWell – $52M
  • Squatty Potty – $222M
  • DoorBot – $274M
  • Dude Wipes – $220M
  • lovepop – $150M
  • Simply Fit Board – $160M
  • Tipsy Elves – $120M
  • Manscaped – $500M
  • Glow Recipe – $100M
  • Outer – $71M
  • Emazing Lights – $20M
  • BabyQuip – $23M
  • Flex Screen – $55M
  • Aqua Vault – $26.5M
  • Red Dress Boutique – $29M
  • Drop Stop – $24M
  • Bermies – $50M
  • Everytable – $50M
  • Vade Nutrition – $41M
  • Getaway – $30M
  • Rapid Ramen Cooker – $55M
  • Bug Bite Thing – $25M
  • Cousins Maine Lobster Truck – $39M
  • Sseko Designs – $24M
  • Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli – $40M
  • MoinkBox – $74M
  • Silkroll – $20M

1.  Silkroll

most profitable shark tank

Women can exchange their unwanted clothing for new clothing on the Silkroll platform, a digital marketplace for clothing. 

Janet Wu and Erin Wold established this women’s point-based fashion trade exchange enterprise in 2016.

The Shark Tank episode 17 featuring the Silkroll Company did not result in a contract for this business. 

The company had $20 million in lifetime sales as of January.

2. MoinkBox

most profitable shark tank

Using direct farmer-to-consumer delivery, the meat business MoinkBox offers premium cuts that are always fresh. 

A monthly and weekly supply of meat is provided by this subscription-based company.

This business’s sales increased by $730k in one year, from $85k in 2017 to $730k in 2018. 

A total of $74 million in lifetime sales have been generated by the business as of January. 

11 to 50 people are employed by this company right now, according to the linking profile.

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3. Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli

most profitable shark tank

In Los Angeles, a firm called Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli produces ready-made cuisine. 

The company sells beef and meat products that are vegan and plant-based. 

In 2019, Jenny Hanna Goldfarb established this business. 

It is projected that the business will generate $40 million in total revenue by January.

4. Sseko Designs

Ben and Liz Bohannon started the clothing and fashion company Sseko Designs in 2009. 

This company’s original product line consisted solely of handcrafted leather sandals, shoes, bags, and other items. 

However, this firm has recently started selling handmade jewelry as well.

The company’s lifetime revenues are $24 million as of January. 

Funding for the business totaled $1.2 million in 2018.

5. Cousins Maine Lobster Truck

most profitable shark tank

Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac created the food and beverage business Cousins Maine Lobster Truck in 2012. 

There are 19 sites in the US where this company’s store can be found in 2022. 

The corporation generated $39 million in revenue as of January.

6. Bug Bite Thing

most profitable shark tank

A suction instrument for bug bites is sold by Bug Bite Thing, a retail business with headquarters in Florida. 

Bug bites can be relieved with the aid of this gadget. 

Ellen McAlister and Kelley Higney opened this business in 2018.

This business made an estimated $2 million in sales from 2018 to 2019. 

To acquire a 10% stake in this product company, Lori Greiner contributed $150,000. 

The company makes $25 million in revenue, as revealed by Lori on Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 11.

7. Rapid Ramen Cooker

The Rapid Ramen Cooker is among the top kitchenware for travelers and students. 

With this cooker, noodles may be made more quickly. 

By 2012, Chris Johnson had already established Rapid Brands. 

This cooker has sold $55 million worth of units worldwide as of January.

8. Getaway House

A company called Getaway House offers vacationers the chance to rent tiny homes. 

Custom-built with wood and equipped with tow wheels, the house was created by this company. 

Customers can get miniature homes from them in various places.

This business had raised 81 million dollars by 2021. 

The estimated yearly income of this business is $30 million as of January.

9. Vade Nutrition

A “pouch” is how Vade Nutrition’s product, which is a protein powerhouse, is packaged. 

Joe Johnson and Megan Johnson established this company in 2016. 

The creator of Shark Tank requested $250k in exchange for 10% ownership. 

Putting in $700,000 for 40% of the company’s shares is Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez. 

By January, the company’s lifetime sales will have reached $32 million, up from $6 million in 2022.

10. Everytable

Delicious, nourishing, and cost-effective meals are offered by the food company Everytable. 

In 2015, Sam Polk and David Foster established this business. 

On Shark Tank, Sam and David made an appearance and requested the sharks for $1 million in exchange for 5% stock. 

To receive 10% stock, Rohan Oza contributed $1 million to the business. 

As of January, the company’s expected annual sales were $50 million, up from $47 million in 2021.

11. Bermies

A clothing company called Bermies Miami Base specializes in swimsuit attire. 

The company makes and sells children’s and women’s swimwear as well as accessories and clothes for everyday use. 

Uki Deane founded this startup in 2016. 

The founder requested $200,000 for 20% stock from the shark after appearing on Shark Tank. 

This business, however, did not receive funding in Shark Tank. 

Furthermore, the company’s lifetime revenues are $50 million as of January.

12. Drop Stop

One item that aids in closing the gaps on the driver’s side is called Drop Stop. 

Sometimes items like food or car keys slip into the side of the car seat, and retrieving them can be very challenging. 

The business’s founder approached a shark for $300,000 for 15% equity after making an appearance on Shark Tank. 

For a 20% ownership stake, Lori Greiner contributed $300,000.

13. Red Dress Boutique

Boutique Red Dress is a chic, budget-friendly women’s apparel label. 

For women, this firm produces a variety of fashionable clothing in current styles. 

Josh Harbour and Diana Harbour started this business in 2008.

The business’s founder asked the shark for $600,000 for 5% equity as soon as he entered the shark tank. 

To acquire 20% stock in this fashion company, Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec invested $1.2 million. 

The business made $29 million in revenue in the year ending January.

14. Flex Screen

Joe Altieri started the business that makes Flex Screens, a flexible replacement window screen, in 2013. 

A total of $5 million had been sold by this business by 2019. 

The company’s sales as of January are $55 million, and its owners anticipate that by 2024 it will have grown to a $100 million business.

15. BabyQuip

Babyquip is a new company that offers baby equipment rental. 

On a retail basis, this startup offers everything connected to babies. 

In 2016, Joe and Fran Maier established this startup. 

The founder requested $500,000 from the sharks for 5% stock after making an appearance on Shark Tank. 

Furthermore, the company’s yearly revenue rises to $ 23 million by January.

16. Emazing Lights

Products for LED Light Gloves are created by EmazingLights. 

At parties and other events, these gloves can be employed as lights. 

Founder Brian Lim established this business in 2010. In exchange for 5% stock, the creator requested $625,000. 

This business made $ 20 million in revenue last year as of January.

17. Outer

Outdoor furniture is made by Outer. For outdoor furniture, this company mostly offers protective covers. 

Terry Lin and Jiake Liu established this business in 2017. 

In just 4 months, this business brought in $800,000. 

On Shark Tank S11E8, the two co-founders made an appearance and requested $750,000 for 4% ownership from the sharks. 

The business expects its lifetime sales to be $71 million as of January.

18. Glow Recipe

Natural skincare products for beauty are created by the company Glow Recipe. 

Based on their ten years of combined experience in the cosmetics sector, the brand’s founders Sarah Lee & Christine Chang started it in 2014. 

The beauty product from this company was introduced in 2017 at 2700 Sephora stores throughout the world. 

In addition, the business’s earnings have surpassed $100 million as of January.

19. Manscaped

A company called Manscaped makes products for male grooming and hygiene. 

Notably, Paul Tran started the business in 2016. 

The brand managers and investors of the business are Josh King and Steve King. 

This business generated $297.1 million in revenue in 2021. 

The sales of this business could reach $500 million as of January.

20. Tipsy Elves

The company Tipsy Elves produces jumpsuits, sweater dresses, and other accessories with Christmas-themed designs. 

After making an appearance on Shark Tank, “Nick” and “Evan,” the founders of this company, requested $100,000 for 5% equity. 

Sales for the business totaled $6 million in 2022. 

At the moment, this company creates clothing based on many occasions and holidays. 

Lifetime sales of the business are projected to be $120 million as of January.

21. Simply Fit Board

The Simply Fit Board is a tool for everyday activity. 

The results of using this equipment to exercise for 10 minutes each day are obvious after 6 weeks. 

This company making fitness equipment had received funding from Lori Greiner. 

Also, this business generated $1 million in income following the airing of this Shark Tank episode. 

The company had generated $160 million in sales as of January.

22. lovepop

The 3D design paper greeting card company LovePop produces and markets a selection of 3D design cards. 

This company creates greeting cards based on holidays and special occasions. 

Also, this business sold around $40 million worth of goods in 2021. 

The three large locations for this corporation in New York opened in 2022. 

This business currently sells its cards all around the world. 

Additionally, the business generated $150 million in revenue as of January.

23. Dude Wipes

Among other hygienic goods, Dude Wipes makes disposable wipes. 

Mike Deagan, Sean Riley, and Jeff Klimkowski launched the company in 2011. 

By January, the company expects to have lifetime sales of $220 million, up from $120 million in 2021.

24. DoorBot

The world’s first smartphone Doorbell product firm is called Doorbot. 

Also, the smart home business Ring LLC is the manufacturer of this Doorbot Security Camera. 

Ring is one of the most prosperous home security firms in the US, even though it was not invested in by Shark Tank.

Various smart home security products are now being produced by this company. 

This company’s product brought in $1.2-1.8 billion in annual sales on Amazon in 2018. 

The total annual sales of Doorbot products as of January were $274 million.

25. Squatty Potty

Manufacturers of toilet stools include Squatty Potty. 

Both plastic and bamboo were used to create this toilet stool. 

The year 2021 saw Aterian purchase this company. 

Lifetime sales of the business are $222 million as of January.

26. EverlyWell

Using their home medical testing kits, Everlywell is a healthcare company that offers health testing services. 

Users can have direct consultations with the doctor using their smartphone app. 

Founder Julia Cheek established this business in 2015. 

This corporation made $52 million in sales as of January.

27. College Foxes Packing

Franchise company College Foxes Packing offers packing and rubbish removal services. 

The business generated $200 million in total yearly income by 2021 after opening 160 franchises. 

This company’s annual revenue is $180 million as of January.

28. Bombas

Funky-looking socks are produced by the company Bombas. 

A pair of socks will allegedly be donated for every pair of socks sold by this company, which produces bright, unique socks. 

Along with creating socks, this company also sells slippers, t-shirts, and undergarments. 

This business generated $171 million in yearly revenue in 2021. 

Furthermore, this business’s yearly sales are $250 million as of January.

29. ScrubDaddy

In Shark Tank, ScrubDaddy is among the most prosperous businesses. 

Scrubbing posts in a variety of styles are produced by this business. 

In Shark Tank, Lori Greiner contributes $200k in exchange for 20% ownership of the business. 

Lifetime sales for the business are $300 million as of January.

30. Aqua Vault

A business called Aqua Vault produces lightweight outdoor safety equipment. 

This business produces a variety of outdoor equipment/products that are useful for keeping Beach residents’ valuables secure. 

Founded by Jonathan Kinas, Rob Peck, and Alvin Samtani, the business came to life in 2010. 

This company’s creator negotiated a price of $75,000 for 12% stock with the shark in Shark Tank. 

By January, the corporation will have earned a total of $26.3 million.

What Is The Most Successful Shark Tank Product Ever?

Bombas is the most profitable Shark Tank product, according to lifetime sales data, funds raised on the show, and post-show sales results. 

The creators of Bombas reportedly funded $200,000 on Shark Tank in 2014, and after the program aired, the business purportedly made $1.2 million in sales after selling out of its stock in just two weeks.

Following that, Bombas continued to grow, and the company has already collected astounding lifetime sales of over $225 million. 

Bombas has expanded into additional cozy clothing items like T-shirts, slippers, and undergarments while keeping socks as their primary focus.

Through more than 3,500 local Giving Partners across the country, Bombas and its founders have donated more than 50 million clothing items while adhering to their basic beliefs of aiding those who are homeless.

What Is Shark Tank’s Least Profitable Product?

Numerous products that attracted investment in Shark Tank later failed. 

An item named Toygaroo, a toy rental service that sought to be the “Netflix of toys,” was maybe one of the biggest Shark Tank failures.

In 2011, Toygaroo’s sales presentation was effective enough to persuade Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary to invest $200,000 in exchange for 35% of the business. 

However, just a year later, the company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. 

In 2016, Toygaroo permanently ceased business, therefore it’s safe to assume that the Sharks never received any of their investment back from this Shark Tank failure.


This is a list of the Top 30 Most Profitable and Successful Shark Tank Products that we have put together after extensive study. 

These are the top 30 businesses that, in our opinion, are still growing their global footprint while also boosting their revenue.

However, there are still plenty of businesses that generate annual revenues in the millions of dollars and are also growing globally. 


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