21 Most Profitable Plants to Grow and Sell for Every Farmer this Year

21 Most Profitable Plants to Grow and Sell for Every Farmer in 2023

The most important element in running a lucrative commercial farming operation is identifying and choosing profitable cash crop plants to produce. 

The term “cash crops” simply refers to plants that are raised or maintained, harvested, and sold for money rather than for food. 

In the past, the amount of cash crops a farm produced was often insignificant.

Nearly all crops are now primarily farmed for income and export, especially in wealthy nations. 

Many traditional farmers in emerging nations still use the same farming methods they always have. 

Intensive farming and automated farming are, nevertheless, both common in industrialized nations.

Small farm owners in the United States manage more than 90% of all farmlands.

Farmers also focus all their attention on the most profitable plants to grow and sell.

The global commodity markets have a significant impact on the costs of cash crops. 

Cash crop prices are influenced by a variety of variables, including the number of rivals, supply and demand, the creation of new goods, marketing initiatives, and agribusiness cycles. 

Additionally, the weather is crucial.

It is possible to choose the plant to grow primarily based on its marketability and profitability. 

When starting or expanding a farm, the choice of crops and varieties comes first. 

Making the best choice for the plants to grow will ultimately result in a profitable farming endeavor.

Therefore, this article shall examine and discuss the most profitable plants to grow and sell.

Kindly follow through to the end.

Key Takeaways

  •  Despite the size of your farm, there are many options for profitable crops. Numerous factors, such as soil quality and climate, influence the best crops to grow.
  • In order to generate the same amount of money from a crop with a lower value per pound, you will need to produce more of it. For this reason, it’s crucial to consider the costs of production as well as any time or capital required for crop growing.
  • If you have an acre or simply a square foot of area available, you should pick something that can provide a large yield. The yield is less crucial if your property is greater, therefore you might want to consider the added advantages of small crops.

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21 Most Profitable Plants to Grow and Sell for Every Farmer

The most profitable plants to grow and sell for every farmer are outlined and discussed below;

  • Lavender
  • Cactus
  • Cotton 
  • Flowers
  • Ginger
  • Garlic 
  • Grapes
  • Herbs
  • Horticulture plants 
  • Indoor Microgreens
  • Bamboo
  • Medicinal plants
  • Mushrooms
  • Spices
  • Staples
  • Sugarcane
  • Sunflower
  • Tea
  • Value-added plants
  • Vegetables
  • Christmas Tree
  • Almonds
  • Coconuts
  • Fertilizer Distribution Business

1. Lavender

most profitable plants to grow and sell

The global cultivation of lavender is thought to be a lucrative cash crop. 

Farming lavender requires specific climatic and soil conditions. 

Full sun, chilly temperatures, and high humidity are essential for lavender growth.

This is one of the most profitable plants to grow and sell 

2. Cactus

most profitable plants to grow and sell

As a plant decor item, cacti are among the most popular. 

Numerous plants can live harmoniously together in the same container, making it perfect for tabletop gardens. 

It is very profitable and satisfying to start a business making and selling cactus arrangements. 

You can start a business from home as well with little initial investment.

3. Cotton

most profitable plants to grow and sell

As one of the most significant fibers, cotton is also regarded as a productive cash crop plant. 

It dominates the agricultural and industrial economies. 

It also gives the textile industry its primary raw material, cotton fiber.

This is one of the most profitable plants to grow and sell 

4. Flowers

most profitable plants to grow and sell

Various flower varieties are thought to make successful cash crop plants to grow. 

Flower gardening is another excellent home-based company that can be started with little initial investment. 

In order to succeed in the flower farming industry, it’s crucial to choose the proper type for your climate and soil.

5. Ginger

most profitable plants to grow and sell

Grown commercially, ginger is regarded as a successful cash crop. 

It is well known for its fragrant rhizomes, which are used as both spices and medicines. 

Ginger is sold in a variety of commercially available forms, including dry ginger, raw ginger, blanched ginger, ginger oil, ginger candies, ginger beer, etc.

This is one of the most profitable plants to grow and sell 

6. Garlic

Garlic is simple to grow and is adaptable to a wide range of temperatures and soil types. 

In garlic growing, making the appropriate variety choice is crucial. 

Furthermore, If you have enough land, you can establish a garlic farm with little beginning money because garlic has a high yield.

This is one of the most profitable plants to grow and sell 

7. Grapes

most profitable plants to grow and sell

You need a long-term plan and a large capital investment if you want to be lucrative at growing grapes. 

Worldwide, wineries’ demand for grapes is rising quickly. 

One of the most lucrative plants to raise as a cash crop today is grapes thanks to improved technological and commercial features.

This is one of the most profitable plants to grow and sell 

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8. Herbs

Specialty herbs come in a wide variety, and many are valued for their therapeutic properties. 

The most important aspect of herb farming is choosing the proper herb and developing the appropriate marketing plan. 

Herbs like chives, cilantro, oregano, and chamomile are among the more profitable ones.

This is one of the most profitable plants to grow and sell 

9. Horticulture Plants

Fruits and vegetables are cash crop plants in horticulture that can be grown commercially successfully.  

Knowing which kinds perform best under the growing circumstances in a specific place is the key to profitability with these crops.

This is one of the most profitable plants to grow and sell 

10. Indoor Microgreens

Microgreens are incredibly little, edible plants that are older than sprouts but younger than fully developed plants. 

The first “true” leaves emerge after which microgreens are picked. 

They are the tiniest of the salad greens and can be grown from practically any type of plant that would result in a mature plant, including mustard, radish, or beet.

This is one of the most profitable plants to grow and sell 

11. Bamboo

One of the most popular landscape plants is bamboo. 

One of the world’s plants with the fastest growth is this one. 

Your bamboo grove can be harvested for more than 40 years and can grow up to four inches each day.

This is one of the most profitable plants to grow and sell 

12. Medicinal Plants

One of the successful agricultural business ideas is the commercial cultivation of medicinal plants. 

An entrepreneur can start growing therapeutic herbs with a modest initial expenditure if they have access to enough acreage and marketing expertise.

This is one of the most profitable plants to grow and sell 

13. Mushroom

With a comparatively minimal start-up capital investment, a mushroom-growing business might be a way to make a significant profit in just a few weeks. 

A person who has some knowledge of the science and technology involved in mushroom cultivation and who owns a facility for their farm would be ideal for starting a mushroom farming business.

With a turnaround time of only three weeks, mushroom farming is one of the most lucrative agricultural business ideas for young entrepreneurs. 

Yes, you heard correctly!

As a result of the great demand among restaurant owners and homes for high-quality, organic mushrooms, it also offers a very high-profit potential.

This is one of the most profitable plants to grow and sell 

14. Spices 

Specialty spices are the most expensive and are also quite popular all around the world. 

The most lucrative commercial income crops to grow include things like pure vanilla beans, saffron, and cardamom.

This is one of the most profitable plants to grow and sell 

15. Staples

Subsistence crops often include staples like rice, corn, root, and tuber crops. 

They are, however, frequently marketed in full or in part. These are also quite valuable as exports.

This is one of the most profitable plants to grow and sell 

16. Sugarcane

One of the crops with the highest yield is sugarcane. 

It is also among the most lucrative cash crop plants to grow. 

A crop with a long growing season, sugarcane experiences all four seasons throughout its life cycle, including rain, winter, and summer.

This is one of the most profitable plants to grow and sell 

17. Sunflower

The main necessity for launching a sunflower-growing business is land. 

A solid business opportunity exists when growing sunflowers for its oilseed while following the proper procedures. 

A farmer who is enthusiastic about agriculture and has their own land can establish a sunflower farm.

18. Tea

The market for tea is expanding globally, and the tea-growing industry has tremendous potential. 

Although they can be grown anywhere from sea level to altitudes as high as 1.3 miles above sea level, tea plants normally thrive in acidic soil and areas with significant rainfall (about 40 inches per year).

This is one of the most profitable plants to grow and sell 

19. Value-added Plants

The most lucrative plants to raise for commercial cash crops are those with additional value. 

With a modest capital investment, you can begin farming from your home. 

Value-added plant selling is simply the sale of specialty plants used for decoration.

This is one of the most profitable plants to grow and sell 

20. Vegetables

One of the most profitable agricultural plant ventures that a farmer can grow and sell successfully is vegetable gardening. 

With enough area, a businessperson can begin growing vegetables of high quality using top-notch seeds and fertilizers.

By purchasing them from nearby farms, a businessperson can launch an export operation for fresh produce. 

One only needs a phone and computer with an internet connection to launch this business from their home.

21. Christmas Trees

Particularly throughout the holidays, there is a strong demand for Christmas trees. 

Information indicates that selling Christmas trees results in a profit margin of more than 200% for a Christmas tree farm owner.

This is one of the most profitable plants to grow and sell 

22. Almonds

From trail mix to dairy replacements, almonds are a popular ingredient. 

Almond trees are quite hardy after they have grown to a certain size and, in the correct climate, can give a lot of fruit. 

The start-up process, nevertheless, can be lengthy. Therefore, see this more as a long-term investment.

23. Coconuts

The tropical plant genus includes coconuts among its most lucrative harvests. 

Those who live in warm climates can start these plants without a lot of resources and watch them develop into big trees that produce lots of coconuts.

This is one of the most profitable plants to grow and sell 

24. Business of Distributing Fertilizer

Starting a fertilizer distribution company could be a great way to join the fertilizer sector if you like the notion of making money while assisting others in working with the soil. 

With the right supplies from any place, business owners can start a fertilizer distribution company. 

Locate local vendors who are eager to work with you at a reasonable price. 

Buy goods from a reputable supplier that are of high quality and at a fair price. 

If you’re buying in quantity, you can also choose import. 

Lastly, the source you select for your fertilizer distribution business will rely on your start-up budget.

How Much Money Is Needed To Start A Successful Farming Business In Nigeria?

Although it does require some upfront money, farming in Nigeria is a fantastic way to make a living. 

Understanding how much capital is required to get started will aid those seeking the most lucrative farming activities in deciding which ones are most appropriate for their scenario.

When one thinks about productive agricultural methods in Nigeria, images of lush green fields and bushels of fresh vegetables come to mind. 

Beyond this utopian image, however, are the realities of toil, sacrifice, and expense, all of which have a price. 

If future success is to be had, aspiring Nigerian farmers must be aware that there will be an initial financial investment.

The scale of operations, the type of crop farmed, or the type of livestock raised, among other considerations, all affect the amount of capital needed. 

More money would be required for a large-scale farm that produced maize or sorghum than, say, one that raised chickens. 

The initial price, however, typically falls between NGN 50,000 ($133) and NGN 1 million ($2,660). 

The real sums could, of course, differ significantly based on the specific circumstances, thus these numbers are only estimates.

Having an adequate budget is necessary before entering agricultural operations in Nigeria, regardless of the activity chosen. 

Access to financing is still one of the largest obstacles to entry into farming in Nigeria. 

However, with thorough preparation and investigation into prospective revenue sources, aspirant business owners can find that their investments in profitable farming operations around the nation would be highly returned.

Is Plant Business Profitable in Nigeria?

For years, farming has played a significant role in Nigerian culture and lifestyle, but can farmers today actually produce enough money to support themselves and their families? 

There must be an answer to this important question.

Understanding the most lucrative farming practices in Nigeria is necessary before we can respond to this issue. 

Cassava, maize, and rice are widely recognized as the three most profitable crops farmed in Nigeria. 

Because it may be used for both food production and industrial purposes, cassava is widely grown throughout the nation. 

Because it can be used as both animal feed and to make flour, maize is also well-liked. 

Furthermore, with rising domestic and international demand for staple grains, rice has become significantly more profitable.

Depending on the production volume and the chosen technology, these crops demand varying amounts of capital investment. 

However, farmers can generate considerable profits even on small scales with careful planning, management, and the use of essential agricultural inputs like irrigation systems and fertilizers. 

In addition, there are other ways to make money, such as raising animals, which can supplement crop-growing efforts financially.

Consequently, it is evident that it is possible to make a livelihood off of farming in Nigeria, even though success mostly depends on a person’s efforts toward effective production techniques and proper market access. 

No matter where they start or what resources they have, anyone can build a secure future through agriculture with commitment and hard work.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting Type of Cash Crop Plants To Grow

The factors to consider before selecting the type of cash crop plants to grow for profit are;

  • It is crucial to carefully examine the biotic factors, geographical features, and climate. Living things such as ruminant animals, insects and other pests, disease pathogens, and weeds are considered part of the biotic component. The kind of crops that grow successfully in a given area will depend on the topographic aspects of the land, such as elevation, slope, and topography, as well as the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil, such as texture, color, organic matter content, pH, and fertility levels.
  • The crop and variety to be cultivated should be chosen depending on how well they will adapt to the farm’s current environment. You can obtain information from nearby farmers who are currently engaged in crop cultivation.
  • You must take the marketability and financial viability of each potential cash crop into account when choosing which plants to grow. The crop that will be chosen must simply produce a large yield.
  • The crop that you choose for your farm must have a technological and commercial component, and you must be aware of this.
  • You must choose your farming strategy. Whether you choose to cultivate only crops or combine them with cattle.
  • Another factor that needs careful consideration is security. You’ll need to keep thieves away from the crop.


Small farms can grow a variety of productive crops. 

Numerous aspects must be taken into account while determining the crop that will be the most profitable for your situation.

It’s possible that you desire to combine a few high-value revenue crops with less lucrative endeavors in your mixed farming firm.

If so, select a handful from the aforementioned list and begin further study on them before beginning.

Another possibility is that you want to launch a company that only sells one type of crop, like mushrooms or microgreens.

We can provide you with assistance if you’re interested in learning more about mushroom cultivation.

There are numerous options for high-value crops for small farms, regardless of your circumstances.

Simply consider your needs in terms of time commitment, expense, growing conditions, and locating a market for the product to determine what will work best for you.

It is also important to note that the Nigerian agriculture sector is a lucrative industry. 

But it’s crucial to take into account elements like the climate, the type of soil, and the state of the local economy while choosing an activity. 

To optimize returns on your investment, you should also follow advice like choosing high-value crops and utilizing government incentives.

Do some study, choose anything, and start expanding.

We hope this list of the most profitable plants to grow and sell this year has been a revelation and a 

great help. 

Good luck!


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