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Is Traveluro legit? The burden of making reservations for hotels, flights, buses, rental cars, and other necessities when about to make a business trip, vacation, or travel of any sort can be overwhelming. Traveluro has made it very easy to achieve all these at very affordable prices.

Traveluro is an online travel agency that takes care of the necessary booking needs of an individual going on a trip, whether it’s a vacation or a business meeting. It takes care of the plane or bus, hotel reservations, and bookings in advance.

In this article, we will discuss more about Traveluro and answer the question of its legitimacy.

Origin And About Traveluro

Traveluro is owned by a company known as Holisto Ltd. (a parent tech-powered online travel agency), which is based in Israel with headquarters in the United States. It was founded in 2015 with a staff strength of 370. The founders thought of making travel easy, affordable, enjoyable, and personalized for the traveler, and the company was born.

Traveluro is a new company, so much information on them and about what they do has not been made known to the general public.

Despite the minimal information, it would interest you to know that their services offer a large range of travel options, and they’re at discounted and competitive prices. They offer you the same products or services at a cheaper rate than you would have gotten if you had gone to the hotel, bus station, or rental shop yourself to make that reservation.

Nevertheless, many have used their services for various travel reasons and have various experiences. While some have negative remarks about their organization, others have positive and encouraging feedback to give.

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Traveluro Contact Details

Traveluro has its headquarters in the United States, so basically most contacts can be made to their US office for customer support and help of any kind. Their mode of contact is either via email or phone.

Their customer care support number is available on their website and their email is always available for customers who wish to contact them for any reason.

How Traveluro Runs Their Business

This travel agency runs the way every other online business works. They stand as an intermediary between you (the traveler) and the hotel or resort where you need to make a booking. While you send your money to them, they proceed to make the reservations on your behalf.

The rates at which they’re pricing vary between clients, distances, and the hotels you the traveler would like to stay in. But! Where there is a glitch, based on experiences documented and complained about by various individuals, it would be advised to have a plan B.

Traveluro has not exactly had the good reputation of a reputable and trustworthy company, especially in anything advanced to avoid last-minute disappointments.

Traveluro Website Rating

Based on ratings obtained from users of the Traveluro website from various states across the US, the company gained site traffic of 472 reviews, of which 469 were obtained organically between July and October 2022, before a major decline began taking place.

The decline in reviews continued from October 2022 until April 2023 with a monthly decrease of visitors from 58 to 30. Based on customer experiences, 70% of their customers rated them 1-star. A very poor performance rating.

Despite all that, if you’re looking for an online travel agency to scan through so you can be informed on the right travel rates in order to make a more informed decision, going through the Traveluro website is worth checking out.

What People Appreciate About Traveluro

  • The Midas Touch of Savings: There is no denying Traveluro’s attraction. Users have found amazing deals, often cutting hotel costs by up to 50% when compared to popular booking sites. It’s enough to give even the thriftiest traveler concern.
  • Variety is the Spice of Life: Traveluro offers a surprisingly wide range of places to stay, from elegant buildings overlooking major cities to beautiful B&Bs hidden away in peaceful towns. You may be able to find what you’re looking for here, whether you’re seeking luxurious style or warm comfort.
  • Ease in Simplicity: Using Traveluro to book a stay is surprisingly easy. The website has an easy-to-use interface and straightforward navigation. Even the technophobe in your travel squad can manage a simple booking.

Red Flags and Common Complaints

However, there are risks associated with entering the travel sphere, just like with any journey into the unknown. The following indications have chilled people to the bone:

  • Hidden Fees in the Coral Reef: Upon closer examination, such astonishing pricing may reveal unexpected costs. Taxes, resort fees, and unexpected “cleaning fees” might raise the initial quotation, leaving you feeling taken advantage of and out of cash.
  • The Chameleon Hotel: Be prepared for last-minute reductions in price or deceptive advertising. Consumers have complained about being checked into hotels that were not what was promised, and occasionally ending up in rooms that were significantly less than what they had anticipated.
  • Communication Black Hole: Reaching Traveluro customer care can feel like trying to contact Atlantis. Frustratingly long wait periods, inadequate responses, and unanswered emails create a grim image of post-booking support.

Is Traveluro Legit?


Traveluro is a legitimately registered online travel agency that has been up and running since 2015; nonetheless, reviews and feedback from travelers who have used their services have come in in numbers on the negative side, much more than on the positive.

Complaints are either refusal to refund payments after the cancellation of trips, refusal to attend to customers who have complaints about their services, customers arriving at their destinations to find out that the bookings for their hotels were never made, etc.

Our sincere advice in the article would be to look for alternative travel agencies that have better ratings, and reviews, a stronger reputation to uphold, and better customer service.

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Alternative Travel Agencies to Traveluro



Traveluro is a sub-company under Holisto Ltd., a company founded in 2015 in Israel with headquarters in the United States, and a total of 370 people as the working staff. Despite its buoyant reviews in the second half of 2022, there was a drastic drop in its customer visits and reviews, with poorer feedback from the customers who had experienced its services.

The list of complaints concerning the company has become so long and definitely bounced potential customers, so we’re offering a suggestion to either try alternative travel agencies or have a plan B in place if you still wish to go ahead and use the services of the company, Traveluro.

For those who have no idea about the use of travel agencies for booking or making reservations for business trips or vacations, taking a trip through the Traveluro website can give an insight into what it’s about.

Nevertheless, the decision to take action lies in your hands. Enjoy your trip and plan wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Traveluro?

Holisto Ltd

Does Traveluro charge any fees for booking

No. They don’t charge any fee for booking 

Is Traveluro legit?

Traveluro is a legitimately registered business with poor customer experience ratings

Is Traveluro a good site to use for travel?

Traveluro has a general rating of 1-star from 70% of its customers and so it’s advised to look for alternatives.

What are alternative sites to Traveluro?

Some alternative sites to Traveluro are,,,,, etc




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