Is a Coffee Shop Profitable? How Much Money Does a Coffee Shop Owner Make?

is a coffee shop profitable

Many Americans did not live near a Central Perk-like neighborhood coffee shop when Friends first hit the airwaves in the 1990s. 

A few decades later, it would be difficult to find a village or city without at least a few coffee shops. 

These cafés, which present a significant commercial opportunity, have developed into gathering places for communities all around the country.

Recently, especially when it comes to specialized drinks, coffee has become more and more well-liked. 

Coffee shop operators can easily make $5,000 to $13,000 a month – or more – due to the huge demand for drinks that can cost over $5. 

You can increase income by stepping up your marketing initiatives.

Using branded custom coffee cups and sleeve advertising is one simple approach to promote your coffee establishment. 

High-quality disposable items from Budget Branders are available for printing with the name and logo of your business. 

It makes sense to mark them as you are likely already buying these goods for your coffee shop and will be sending your customers out into the world with an advertisement for your company.

The figures show that more than half of Americans who are 18 years old and older consume at least one cup of coffee daily. 

This equals 150 million individuals. 

Additionally, the average coffee drinker consumes roughly 2.7 cups each day, which translates to more than 405 million cups of this amazing beverage being consumed each day.

It is not surprising that many people choose to create their own coffee shops given the high demand. Is it, however, genuinely a good idea? 

Is it feasible enough to earn enough money to live well without having to worry about money? 

In the information that follows, we’ll look at this more closely.

This article shall also answer the question: Is a coffee shop profitable?

Key Takeaways 

  • Coffee shops frequently have lower operating costs than other types of businesses since coffee has better profit margins than other food goods.
  • 75-85% of your monthly sales will probably be spent on running your coffee business each month. To make up for losses in labor, food prices, or marketing over the first few years, you may need to make investments in the store.
  • You might want to learn how you can turn your revenues into profits if you’re thinking about opening a coffee shop or if you’re writing a business plan for one. To grow profitability and reach break-even, you must understand the amount of revenue you must bring in.

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Is Owning a Coffee Shop Profitable?

You’ve been waiting for a yes or no response, and it depends. 

Your coffee shop is more likely to be a success and generate a sizable profit if you have a great location, reasonable prices, top-notch coffee, and wise business judgments. 

Unexpectedly, unwise business decisions, not an unattractive site, or even poor coffee, are what kill most coffee shops.

We, therefore, advise you to pursue your dream of opening a coffee shop if you were on the fence about it. 

In actuality, you have a good chance of succeeding as long as you make sensible business judgments. 

If you’re unsure about where to start, you might look at our post on how to launch a successful coffee business.

You cannot neglect marketing while starting a café or other form of coffee business. 

Furthermore, what better method to promote your coffee ship than by employing coffee sleeves? 

They are inexpensive, and you can customize them by adding details about your company, like the name and address.

Remember that you may always place a little order for the first time if you’re unsure about the concept to test how it will function for you.

How Much Money Does a Coffee Shop Owner Make?

Making a profit is one of the key motives behind people starting their own enterprises. 

It’s fantastic to be your own boss and set your own hours, but losing all of your money in the process isn’t worth it.

There is no definitive answer as to how much a coffee shop proprietor makes. 

Several independent studies have found that, depending on the region, the owner of a medium-sized coffee shop can earn anywhere between $50,000 and $250,000 annually.

There is no assurance that you will make exactly that much money because this is merely an average figure. 

Coffee shop owners range in income from those who make virtually nothing to those who bring in six figures annually.

Additionally, it’s critical to keep in mind that revenue is merely one factor. 

Knowing your monthly expenses is important if you run a coffee business. 

After all, maintaining a coffee shop is just as important as opening one.

Last but not least, the average coffee business makes between $5.000 and $20.000 each month in revenue. 

However, a variety of variables can significantly alter that figure.

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How Much Profit Do Coffee Shops Make?

As an enthusiast, you should know that Opening a coffee shop is expensive. 

To open your own coffee shop, you might need to invest anywhere between $80,000 and $300,000 (or more!). 

Coffee shops, though, offer a lot of promise. 

You could make between $60,000 and $160,000 a year if you run a coffee business, depending on your region and other circumstances.

Coffee often has a greater profit margin than prepared items, just like other forms of beverages. 

Typically, a cup of coffee has a gross profit margin of between 75 and 80%. 

However, a basic cup of coffee is typically quite affordable compared to a latte, mocha, or other upscale coffee beverage. 

Even if the materials in a cup of coffee might not be very expensive, in order to make a profit, you need to sell a lot of standard coffee cups. 

Specialty beverages, dishes, and other menu items all play a role in this.

You should think about including more things on your menu to boost sales, like:

  • baked goodies, of which up to 40% of your sales may be accounted for. Even while the majority of customers don’t visit coffee shops expressly for pastries, many will add one to their order if it is attractively displayed.
  • seasonal beverages, which don’t always cost a lot to produce but can draw customers into the store. A standard cup of coffee costs far less than these.
  • If you want to attract the millennial and Generation Z demographic, complex and specialty beverages are practically a need. Lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, and frappuccinos are a few examples of these beverages. They usually don’t require a lot of ingredients, and they can be prepared quickly.

Naturally, when determining profitability, you must take your costs into account. 

Beans, water, and heat are only a few of the ingredients needed to make a cup of coffee. 

Additionally, you’ll need to plan for expenses like staff salaries, rent or mortgage payments, electricity, marketing, insurance, and other running expenses. 

You’ll also need to pay for the food and drink you consume, as well as for extras like paper coffee cups and sleeves.

The money the coffee shop makes will go toward paying your wage. 

The typical owner’s pay is less than 50% of the total revenue. 

After all, you must cover all costs and invest in the company before you can get compensated. 

Independent small- to medium-sized coffee shop operators typically earn between $60,000 and $160,000 per year.

Of course, this figure may fluctuate greatly depending on a variety of elements, including your location, how busy your coffee shop is, and the types of “extras” you provide. 

In comparison to a coffee shop in a suburban strip mall, you might do much more business if you are based in a premium location, such as downtown near office buildings or on a college campus.

How Can You Make Your Coffee Shop More Profitable?

This doesn’t imply there’s nothing you can do with the revenue, even if it initially falls far short of expectations. 

Actually, the exact opposite. 

You have a lot of options for boosting your coffee shop’s profitability. 

It’s important to keep in mind that occasionally it may take some time before success materializes.

So what are some ways to increase the profits at your little coffee shop?

1. Ensure that your inventory management selections are sound

is a coffee shop profitable

Do not place an excessive number of orders. 

Always remember that ordering less first and more afterward is preferable to purchasing a large quantity initially and then having to toss half of it away. 

Although you might offer it to your coworkers or close family and friends, the fact that you are losing money remains unchanged.

2. Consider upselling or cross-selling. 

is a coffee shop profitable

These two terms may be unfamiliar to you. Let’s simply explain if not. 

Cross-selling is the practice of offering customers products that go well with those they have previously purchased or want to purchase. 

In a coffee shop, this may mean offering customers both a coffee and a piece of cake. 

It’s an excellent strategy for generating sales. 

Contrarily, upselling entails recommending a more expensive product to a client. 

Consequently, suppose the client wants to purchase a standard late. 

It would be considered upselling if you persuade them to try a latte made with almond milk and caramel syrup.

3. Increase costs 

is a coffee shop profitable

The pricing can be raised, but you must do it deftly if you want to boost your profit. 

Don’t boost the price because you will inevitably lose some clients. 

Instead, only modestly increase the pricing, perhaps by 10–20%. 

Certain individuals may respond negatively, but that is unavoidable.

How Much Does It Cost to Open a Coffee Shop?

Depending on the type of shop you choose to open, it will cost you a certain amount of money. 

For instance, a small kiosk-style grab-and-go coffee shop will be far less expensive than a moderate or medium-sized sit-down coffee shop. 

Opening a coffee shop, for instance, will cost more if you choose to do it in a mall or a finer part of the city or town where you reside because the cost of a retail location will be much greater there. 

Of course, they can be considerably cheaper depending on where you decide to open.

It will cost between $40,000 and $200,000 to open a little sit-down coffee business. 

The price of a larger coffee shop will not be considerably greater, but it will be more expensive, starting at about $75,000 and going up to $300,000. 

When starting a coffee shop, you need to take the following into account, among other things:

  • Location
  • Build-out
  • Buying goods
  • Marketing
  • Equipment
  • Furniture and décor
  • Recruiting personnel

Challenges Coffee Shop Owners Face When Opening a Coffee Shop

One of the less difficult retail companies to launch is a coffee shop, but there are still a number of difficulties. 

1. Finding an affordable retail space to set up your business is the first step. 

Then you also need to have the money to buy all of the furniture, equipment, and decorations that make the best coffee shops aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

2. When creating a coffee shop, it’s really helpful to have business experience or to have worked extensively in one for a while. 

Your ability to create your own shop will be greatly aided by this experience. 

Similar to starting any other retail business, opening a coffee shop comes with a long list of prerequisites.

3. A floor plan for your coffee shop must be created, the appropriate permissions and licenses must be obtained, and hiring an accountant to keep track of spending is a good idea. 

Finding local financial possibilities to assist you get through the first year or two, which are the most challenging, as well as creating a marketing strategy before you start are also smart moves.

How Long Does It Take a Coffee Shop to Become Profitable?

Although it is possible to become profitable at a quicker or slower rate than that, the typical time it takes for a new coffee shop to become profitable is between 2 and 5 years. 

The time depends on a variety of variables, including the local coffee market demand, the number of rival coffee shops, and how your rates stack up against them. 

As buying coffee in bulk will be one of your more expensive expenses, it also depends on your business acumen, the skill of the workers you employ, and national coffee pricing.


Your life can be significantly changed by the money you earn from running your own coffee business. 

There are folks who can afford brand-new homes, and automobiles, and generally live better lives. 

As a coffee shop business owner, you can earn a salary of $60,000 to $160,000. 

Remember that this is simply the typical range. 

Some will earn much more than that. It actually depends on your efforts.

Depending on how you feel after reading this essay, you can feel motivated or overwhelmed. 

As you may have read, a number of things will have a significant impact on how much money you make as a coffee shop owner. 

You’ll be well on your way to earning an income that suits your needs if you keep your costs low and manage your margins properly. 

If you currently have a business and aren’t making as much money as you’d like, maybe you’ve learned some techniques to make adjustments to increase both the revenue of the business and your own personal earnings.

Do you believe you are prepared to establish your own business?

Perhaps you’ve opened your doors by the time you read this. 

Are you trying to figure out when you’ll break even or how to change the menu or business itself in a small enough way to maximize profits? 

Whatever brought you here, this page contains a wealth of knowledge that will benefit you in your present or future endeavors. 

Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do coffee shops make from each coffee?

The typical profit margin for a coffee shop is 12% of all coffee items sold, which means that for every cup of coffee sold, 12% of the purchase price is left over after expenses. 

The branded coffee shop industry generated $3.06 billion in revenue in 2020, according to Project Café UK 2021.

How much time does it take a coffee business to turn a profit?

If everything goes according to plan in the early going, breaking even and then turning a profit often take nine months to a year to complete. 
Depending on the kind of coffee shop you’ve opened, you might require anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 or more in order to stay in business.

What obstacles must a coffee shop owner overcome?

Numerous cafe proprietors struggle to satisfy patron requests, many of which go above and beyond what the typical patron would expect. 
Some clients are tough to deal with because they consistently ask for more food or beverages, prefer their meal served in a certain manner and expect more, or make excessive demands of them.

Is managing a coffee shop challenging?

Running a successful cafe doesn’t have to be challenging, but with so many things that seem to be working against you from the beginning – busy and hectic workdays, long hours, and fierce competition from other coffee shops, to name a few – it can seem nearly impossible to start a new cafe business.

Is selling coffee a profitable endeavor?

With the proper marketing strategy in place and a powerful brand, selling coffee can be quite lucrative. 
Don’t let the fact that coffee is a widely available item with lots of competitors scare you away from the industry. 
Think about the benefits of a high-commodity good like coffee: a large number of clients


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