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Although flying a drone is a ton of fun, they are most definitely not just toys. 

Drones are utilized professionally in a variety of applications, including aerial imaging, communications, and weather monitoring. 

By the end of 2021, the Federal Aviation Administration has records for about 526,000 recreational drones and around 334,000 commercial drones.

This statistic shows that people all over the world are gradually learning how to make money with drones.

Drone ownership offers a variety of business alternatives. These opportunities provide you the freedom to choose your hours and be your boss, just like the best side businesses. 

If you work hard, you might discover that you can earn extra money with little investment of time or money.

This article seeks to educate readers on how to make money with Drones without photography skills. You might want to grab a pen and paper for this one so sit back and continue reading!

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Key Takeaways

  • By 2025, the drone market is projected to be worth roughly $47 billion. This comes as no surprise given how far UAV technology has advanced in recent years.
  • You need to thoroughly investigate the market before you can start using a drone for profit. You’ll need to identify a specialized market first.
  • The correct tools are very important if you want to profit from drones. You’ll need high-quality photographs and videos to market your services, and a good drone can capture those.
  • You’ll need to start looking for your potential clientele as soon as you get your drone and certification.

How To Make Money With Drones Without Photographer Skills

Here are the essential details on how to use a drone to make money without photography skills

#1. Launch a Business Using Drones


Drone-related businesses include those that use them for mapping, inspections, event photography and videography, and even agricultural purposes.

The best approach to profit from the expanding drone market is to launch your drone-based enterprise.

You can launch a variety of enterprises, including manufacturing, drone deliveries, drone racing, and your line of drones. 

There are no restrictions on what you can accomplish with a little hard work and ingenuity!

#2. Beginning a Surveying and Mapping Business


Map-making and surveying are two tasks that drones are increasingly employed for. 

Drones are used by businesses in fields such as building, engineering, and land development to speed up and reduce costs on projects.

You can use your drone flying talents to offer aerial mapping services if you have mapping or surveying experience or if you have a strong interest in geography or cartography. 

This is a fantastic way to earn money while engaging in something you like.

This is a service that will always be in demand because people and businesses alike need reliable maps. 

Furthermore, it’s an excellent method to view the world from a fresh angle!

#3. Launch a Drone Inspection Service


Establishing a drone inspection business is another method to profit from them.

Businesses are requesting drone inspections frequently. 

Drones can securely and rapidly check difficult-to-reach regions, saving businesses’ inspection demands in both time and money.

#4. Search and rescue expertise


Search and rescue efforts are frequently hampered by challenging terrain or unfavorable weather. 

Drones for disaster assistance may, however, enter spaces that are inaccessible to humans, making them a vital component of search and rescue operations.

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#5. Show Others How to Fly A Drone


You can earn money by instructing others on how to operate drones if you have a passion for the technology and enjoy teaching others.

You have the option of doing this in person or online. 

This activity can be made profitable in several ways, such as charging for lessons, establishing a subscription-based business, developing an online course, or just giving away your services for free in exchange for advertising chances.

You might even develop a site solely devoted to drones and earn money from it by coaching, teaching, or promoting drone-related things.

#6. Participate in Drone Racing


Drone racing is becoming more and more well-liked all around the world, with many contests held on competitive circuits as well as unofficial competitions held among friends.

This can be the ideal approach to generate money if you have drone flying experience and enjoy competing against other drone enthusiasts.

You can sign up for hundreds of drone racing leagues, and many of them pay winners in cash. 

If you’re a competitive pilot, this could be a terrific opportunity to earn additional money.

If you possess the necessary skills to operate a drone at high speeds, think about joining a racing league. 

You might take home some significant cash rewards. 

Additionally, drone competitions are held all over the world. Imagine the places you may visit while earning money with your photographic skills.

#7. Launch a drone delivery business


To expedite deliveries, businesses are increasingly turning to drones. 

The use of drones for logistics by more and more businesses, even though this business model is still relatively new, is expected to be very lucrative with the correct permits and laws.

You will need to become certified, submit applications for the necessary licenses and registration, and make sure you have the appropriate equipment if you choose to pursue this more complex business model than the others mentioned in this piece.

You could start a pizza delivery business in no time at all!

#8. You can also Begin your Journey to Being an Influencer on Social Media


Using your stunning footage to grow a following on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube is a great method to earn money with drones. 

As your audience expands, interact with brands to discuss sponsorship opportunities. Post daily films displaying your drone talents.

This has the potential to be very profitable, plus you might get a ton of free drone gear in the process!

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#9. Aerial Pictures and Videos


Selling aerial images and movies is among the simplest and most popular methods to make money with a drone. 

You can use e-commerce sites like Etsy and eBay to sell photographs of stunning landscapes and other naturally attractive locations, or you can create your website. 

Additionally, you can sell your customers bespoke photos and films that you take. 

Establishing a YouTube channel and showcasing your talents to a huge audience is another option to make some money through photographs and videos. 

Additionally, by advertising these images, you can secure paid jobs.

#10. Promote business and private real estate


In the real estate sector, drone photographers are highly sought after. 

Real properties can be effectively advertised and even have their prices increased by using eye-catching images and movies taken by drones from a specific position. 

Additionally, commercial real estate like hotels or resorts is the subject of drone footage and photography. 

Drones offer a terrific vantage point to photograph the entire area and promote everything the location has to offer.

Despite the industry’s fierce competition, you can enhance your reputation and portfolio by honing your skills on the lovely properties in your immediate vicinity. 

Following that, you can contact several real estate firms or meet with the owners of a few opulent mansions in person to present your services.

#11. Project Inspections


Many new prospects for drone operators have arisen due to the inspection sector. 

This is so that automated systems can be used instead of manual inspection, which is costly and risky for the workers. 

Drones have therefore fundamentally changed this business, giving you a fantastic potential to make a lot of money.

Companies like building firms, utility or service providers, insurance providers, phone providers, and power providers are some of the ones you could contact for inspection work. 

In addition, you may use drones to inspect roofs, power lines, cell towers, bridges, gas and oil pipelines, and other structures.

#12. Agriculture


The use of drones and their surveillance capabilities in the agriculture sector can be very advantageous. 

Drones can be used to map, spray pesticides, monitor agricultural development, check irrigation systems, assess the condition of the soil, give spot treatments, and many other tasks. 

Farmers may easily enhance productivity with each crop cycle while simultaneously lowering costs thanks to these activities.

#13. Emergency assistance


Participating in search and rescue activities for disaster relief is a wonderful opportunity to use a drone to both make some money and assist people. 

The ability of drones to quickly find missing individuals or anything else has allowed them to successfully disrupt this market. 

Further, they work well in places that are hard to get by land and are distant or devastated. 

Additionally, UAVs are utilized for mapping, emergency supply delivery, firefighting, monitoring fire scenes, crowd surveillance, and so on.

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#14. Filmmaking


Follow your intuition and use your drone to create art if you have a narrative to convey. 

Although it might not be a quick way to make additional money, if you make something exceptional, you can enter it in a drone festival and possibly win a lot of money.

For instance, the Boston Drone Film Festival awards victors with a bag full of supplies and a seven-day journey as the big prize. 

If pitching to festivals doesn’t work out, you can potentially win cash prizes or get advice on AirVuz, which is essentially YouTube for drone artists.

#15. Resort and hotel advertisements


A hotel, resort, or casino’s setting or vistas may not always be adequately captured by standard photography. 

Marketing groups in the hospitality sector frequently use aerial photography to highlight assets. 

They must hire a drone operator like you if they don’t have an internal photographer.

Similar to real estate photography, compiling your aerial footage will require picture and video editing software. 

To spread the word, you need also to build a website for your portfolio and run social media profiles.

The Essentials for Using Drones to Make Money

You’ll need a drone with a camera and flight capabilities if you want to launch your own drone business. 

You must be knowledgeable in drone operation photography and videography.

Also, you’ll need to locate clients willing to pay for your services if you want to sell your drone-related services professionally. 

To do this, you must obtain your drone pilot certification.

Joining a company directory for drones, like Drone Services, is one of the finest ways to get clients. 

You will have access to a sizable drone market and lots of clients looking for services using drones as a result.

Utilizing online platforms is another excellent technique to find customers. 

Here, you can establish a profile and introduce potential customers to your drone services.

Start setting a price for your services once you’ve attracted a few clients. 

For instance, you may charge a set cost for particular services like event coverage or property inspections or an hourly rate for drone photography or filming.

A fantastic approach to generate extra revenue is by using drones for commercial purposes. 

Before you begin using a drone, you must, however, make sure you are aware of all applicable laws and regulations.

What kind of income can you expect from operating a drone?

According to, the average unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) pilot income is $81,201 per year. 

You may also use their tool to see more specific pay information by entering your own location and level of expertise.

Additionally, according to Thumbtack, the average aerial photographer makes between $250 and $350 per session. 

Sessions that last more than 90 minutes may cost an extra $50 to $70 per hour. 

The sort of equipment you have and your level of training might also affect price.

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The Bottom Line

Before you spend money on a drone, be careful to investigate local drone operators and create a business plan. 

A wise businessperson will ensure that there aren’t too many drone photographers on the market and will have a strategy in place to attract customers.

It can be a good side business if you already own a drone or have prior experience with aerial mapping, photo editing, or filmmaking. 

Don’t worry if flying drones and drone technologies don’t sound intriguing to you. 

There are many different ways to create money and achieve your financial objectives.


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