How to Land Your First Cleaning Contracts Worth Millions | 2023

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Government cleaning contracts can bring in a lot of money, but you must first outcompete your rivals.

Your cleaning business may benefit greatly from employment with the federal government. 

However, obtaining contracts to clean for the government is difficult. 

Small businesses are eligible for around 23% of the federal government’s contractor payments, but there is fierce competition for those monies. 

Additionally, there are additional steps you must take when submitting a bid for a government contract, and omitting any of them could harm your chances of winning the offer.

The good news is that state and municipal governments can also hire cleaning services, which typically involve less paperwork and is just as lucrative. 

This means that is no longer a herculean task to think of how to land your first cleaning contract worth millions.

No matter which level of government you opt for—federal, state, or local—it’s critical to understand how government bids differ from those from the private sector and what you must do to obtain those contracts.

This article seeks to educate readers on how to land your first cleaning contract worth millions in 2023.

You might want to grab a pen and paper for this one so sit back and continue reading!

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Key Takeaways

  • You will ultimately obtain consumer cleaning contracts through the creation of a marketing campaign
  • To price contracts, disseminate bids, and collect payment from clients, you must also develop a system
  • A commercial cleaning business can give a hungry entrepreneur a steady and stable income with the correct processes in place, even though obtaining and keeping cleaning contracts is by no means a simple undertaking.

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What are the steps to land your first cleaning contracts worth millions

The steps on how to land your first cleaning contracts worth millions are;

  • Obtain your Credentials
  • Find the Ideal Positions
  • Obtain an RFP, then submit your offer
  • Government Contracts
  • Various Government Cleaning jobs
  • Identify What Spaces Need Cleaning
  • Make a Cleaning Proposal
  • Send a quotation for the cleaning contract
  • Create a Cleaning Quotation 

Step 1. Obtain your Credentials

cleaning contracts

Credentials are required before you may submit a bid for cleaning contracts with the government. 

The first is referred to as a Dun and Bradstreet number, or D-U-N-S. 

Governments evaluate your reputation and financial soundness using this nine-digit number. 

Any federal contract bids frequently require the number, although you can apply online via the Dunn and Bradstreet website.

You will then need to sign up with the System for Award Management (SAM). 

To cooperate with the authorities, you will require this. 

You may apply for your SAM registration online, just like you can for your D-U-N-S number, and since it’s a government website, you can use it for free to register, renew, or check the progress of your application.

Your North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is the last thing you need to know. The code is 561720 for the majority of janitorial services. 

There are certain exceptions, though, for specialty services like carpet cleaning. 

Check out their website and search for your code for free to ensure you’re using the correct one.

Step 2. Find the ideal positions

cleaning contracts

You can now submit bids for cleaning contracts with the government. But how do you locate them? 

Fortunately, you may search for and submit bids for government contracts on a few websites. 

Websites like,, and are all excellent sources for federal contracts. 

The U.S. General Services Administration is another organization that supports small companies in obtaining government contracts.

Look for requests for state and local bids that match the services you provide by contacting your state Department of Labor or the chamber of commerce in the area. 

In order to find non-federal contracts, you may also use Google. Just make sure to limit your search to the location(s) where you want to conduct business.

Step 3. Obtain an RFP, then submit your offer.

cleaning contracts

A Request for Proposal (RFP), a document that describes in detail the cleaning job’s requirements, will be used to begin any government cleaning contracts. 

To ensure that your cleaning company provides all the services required to complete the task specifications, it is crucial to thoroughly read through these. 

You are now prepared to draft and submit your proposal if you have done so.

The level of depth and thoroughness required in proposals for government employment is very high. 

Keeping this in mind, you must differentiate yourself from the competitors if you want the same position. 

What differentiates your company from the competition? 

What do you bring to the table that they don’t? A breakdown of your costs, such as cleaning services, personnel salaries, supplies, and profit margin, can be found here as well. 

Making sure you conduct your market research and provide the lowest competitive bid feasible will help your proposal appear more appealing. 

Cost can be a crucial factor in securing government cleaning contracts. 

Make sure that your bid will still result in a profit before placing it.

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Step 4. Why do governments use contracts?

cleaning contracts

You might be wondering why government contracts are even necessary if this sounds like a lot of labor. 

Why are they superior to other contracts?

Government contracts have the potential to be long-term, which is one of their main advantages. 

Some bids are “spot bids,” which means they expire at the conclusion of the task, while others are for lengthy periods, which might guarantee you business for a considerable amount of time provided you keep up your quality of work.

Money is yet another perk. Government cleaning contracts typically pay quite well, with millions of dollars going to cleaning companies each year. 

If you are clever enough to win the bid, it could result in hefty gains for you.

Step 5. There are various kinds of government cleaning jobs

cleaning contracts

Not just federal and state offices are subject to cleaning in the government sector. 

Other fascinating, distinctive government cleaning occupations abound. 

You can put up a bid to clean city halls, libraries, fire stations, public schools, state colleges, and more. 

These occupations typically pay significantly more money and might occasionally be more entertaining than a typical office cleaning job. 

Just be mindful of any particular certificates you might need to clean establishments like hospitals.

Use technologies that can assist you in managing your appointments and remaining organized, regardless of the types of jobs you ultimately decide to take on. 

Software like Janitorial Manager may assist you with a variety of tasks, including creating bid proposals, project management, customer communication, inventory management, and more. 

Particularly for government employment, janitorial management software can be quite helpful because many government cleaning contracts have specific, subtle details that might be missed if they aren’t tracked from the start. 

Customer satisfaction is also substantially more likely when real-time communication is possible with the client.

Step 6. Identify What Spaces Need Cleaning

cleaning contracts

It’s crucial to first decide what kind of facility you want to target, and it’s necessary to consider how different facilities and sectors are while making your choice. 

For instance, compared to a doctor’s office or nursery, light industrial or manufacturing enterprises most likely need a lower degree of service. 

With the organization’s various goals, the cleaning requirements for the facilities alter. 

In comparison to an organization tasked with delivering cardboard boxes, one that is responsible for the welfare of infants will have very different requirements.

Think about your abilities, strengths, and shortcomings when deciding what kinds of clients you want to seek.

Your ideal consumers can be found by figuring out what best fits your skill set. 

Some businesses might not require or desire ongoing janitorial services, but they might need one-time cleaning services after an office party. 

Special event clean-up contracts will have a wide range of needs, just like recurrent commercial cleaning contracts, therefore the entrepreneur must choose which of these prospects to pursue.

Step 7. Clean Close – Logistics, Travel, and Expenses

cleaning contracts

Second, choosing which clients to target should take into account travel and logistics. 

When choosing the kinds of contracts your office cleaning company wishes to target, don’t forget that travel time represents a serious expense in terms of both money and your time. 

Calculating the expenses related to visiting client accounts is strongly advised. 

Additionally, it’s crucial to do your study on the regions where your target customers are located and sell to those that are closest. 

The likelihood that cleaning will be missed due to traffic or other unanticipated and uncontrollable situations will be reduced by grouping your cleaning accounts in close proximity to one another, which will also cut down on your commuting time and related expenditures.

Step 8. Make a cleaning proposal

cleaning contracts

You’ve determined your pricing, and you’re prepared to create a proposal. 

What you have to offer as a commercial cleaning company is described in a document called a proposal that you deliver to a potential client.

What format should a proposal for a cleaning contract have? 

Create a thorough document using the following details:

  • An outline of the company’s history
  • Detailed team biographies and experience
  • A list of cleaning services and projects for businesses
  • What distinguishes you from rivals (for instance, your offerings or experience)
  • Timeline for finishing the cleaning

This proposal also allows you to attach your finished quote.

If the client issued an RFP for the contract, they might want to see more details in your bid. To make sure you’ve included everything, thoroughly read over their requirements.

Step 9. Send a quotation for the cleaning contract

cleaning contracts

Whenever possible, submit a bid no later than 48 hours after the walkthrough or by the RFP closing date. 

This demonstrates to the client your commitment to the partnership and your eagerness to get to work.

If the customer doesn’t respond to your email regarding the estimate within a week or after the RFP decision deadline has passed, it’s acceptable to send a courteous follow-up email.

You can begin cleaning as soon as the estimate is accepted and the contract is signed.

Step 10. Create a cleaning quotation.

The time has come to use the cleaning business quoting software to make a quote now that you have all the information you require. 

The following information should be included in your quote, which informs customers how much your services will cost:

  • Name of your company and your client’s contacts
  • Date and quote number
  • Service line items and their associated expenses
  • Your payment terms and conditions (including the amount of the deposit, the start date, the payment due dates, and any other significant information that might have an impact on the quality of the service)

How to acquire alternative cleaning contracts

You can sign cleaning agreements with a variety of business clients, including companies, banks, schools, and residences.

Here’s how to secure contracts with each kind of client for your cleaning business:

  • Obtaining cleaning contracts with offices: How to do it
  • Uncertain about how to procure office cleaning contracts? 
  • Start by locating a specific office or a business structure in your service region that you are interested in cleaning.
  • Then make a phone call or send an email to the office, ask to talk with the property manager or office manager, and schedule a time to go over the cleaning tasks that might be covered by your office cleaning service.

How much Am I to charge for office cleaning?

Office cleaning rates are often calculated per square foot, like those for the majority of commercial cleaning services. 

For every square foot cleaned, offices typically charge between $0.07 and $0.15 every visit.

How to secure cleaning jobs with banks

  • You should first explore nearby banks. 
  • Prioritize independent banks until your firm expands because state or national banks will probably prefer to use the same service provider for all of their locations.
  • Create a list of smaller banks that you would like to collaborate with. 
  • After that, speak with the bank’s site manager about your bank cleaning services. 
  • Cleaning foreclosures is another option in addition to cleaning banks.
  • Before being added to the bank’s list of authorized cleaning firms, you might need to submit an application. 
  • To ensure that the bank can trust you with money and private client information, you and your workers will also need to pass a background check.

How to obtain cleaning contracts for homes

You might not want to pursue cleaning contracts for homes as a commercial cleaner. But in case you do, here’s how to secure residential cleaning contracts and work for your small business:

  • Talk to your regular or one-time cleaning customers about a contract.
  • Offer a discount or an incentive for signing, such as an upgrade in service.
  • Make the contract duration shorter (say, 6 to 24 months) to avoid locking the client in for all time. This also enables you to modify the contract terms in the event that your pricing alter.

How to obtain cleaning agreements for apartments

With the correct apartment complex as a partner, apartment cleaning can be a reliable source of income. 

Locate apartment complexes in your service region, then get in touch with the property management to discuss offering an apartment cleaning service.

Compared to conventional house cleaning, flat cleaning is less frequent but more thorough. 

When a tenant vacates and before a new tenant moves in, you’ll offer move-out cleaning, which entails intensive deep cleaning.

The Bottom Line

The ability to sell both a large quantity and frequently determines the ultimate success of any organization. 

Above all, consistency is essential to starting, expanding, and running a successful commercial cleaning firm. 

So any business owner who hopes to turn a profit should strongly consider putting procedures in place for sales, marketing, and collections. 

Operating a successful commercial cleaning business requires more than just deciding on your service offerings and figuring out who your target clients and markets are.

We hope this article has been highly beneficial to your understanding of how to land your first cleaning contract worth millions of dollars.

Therefore, Jazz up and go get that bag!

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