24 Ways to Get Paid to Read Books Aloud: Unlocking Opportunities

Get Paid to Read Books Aloud

Do you love curling up with a good book and getting lost in its pages? Do you have a voice that could melt hearts and capture imaginations? If so, you might be surprised to learn that there are ways to get paid to read books aloud!

The world of book narration and audio entertainment is booming, and that means there’s a growing demand for talented voices.

Whether you’re a seasoned performer or just starting, there are opportunities for everyone who enjoys the magic of storytelling. From narrating audiobooks to online tutoring, this blog post dives into 15 creative ways to get paid for your dulcet tones and literary love.

24 Ways to Get Paid to Read Books Aloud:

Get Paid to Read Books Aloud

Reading books aloud is a great way to share your love of literature and make some money on the side. Here are 15 ways to get paid to do just that:

1. Become an Audiobook Narrator:

Becoming an audiobook narrator is a traditional route for individuals passionate about literature and storytelling. Platforms such as ACX, Audible Studios, Findaway Voices, and Brilliance Audio serve as connections between narrators and authors and publishers in need of skilled voices for their audiobooks.

To excel in this role, a narrator must possess a high-quality microphone, a suitable recording setup, and exceptional reading abilities. The potential for income and creative expression is substantial in this field, making it an attractive career path for book enthusiasts.

As an audiobook narrator, one has the opportunity to breathe life into stories and captivate audiences with their vocal talents.

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2. Narrate eBooks for Online Retailers:

Online retailers such as Amazon’s Audible, Google Play Books, and Apple Books provide text-to-speech narration, but human narrators are sought after to infuse personality and nuance into the reading experience.

This presents a valuable opportunity for aspiring narrators to gain experience and enhance their portfolios. By lending their voices to eBooks, individuals can showcase their skills and build a reputation in the industry.

Additionally, working with online retailers allows narrators to reach a wide audience and potentially attract future opportunities. Embracing this platform can serve as a stepping stone for narrators to establish themselves in the competitive field of audiobook narration.

3. Join an Online Book Club and Get Paid to Review:

If you’re an avid reader and enjoy sharing your thoughts on books, joining an online book club can be a rewarding opportunity. OnlineBookClub.org and Kirkus Reviews are platforms that offer payment to reviewers for reading and providing insightful critiques of new book releases.

This is a great way for bookworms to not only indulge in their passion for reading but also to help others discover new and exciting reads.

By joining these platforms, you can get paid to do what you love while also contributing to the literary community. It’s a win-win situation for book enthusiasts who want to turn their hobby into a source of income.

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4. Offer Audiobook Proofreading and Editing Services:

Experienced audiobook narrators have the opportunity to offer proofreading and editing services for audiobooks, ensuring top-notch quality recordings for other narrators. This can be a lucrative side gig and can be found on platforms like Freelancer.com and Upwork.

By leveraging their expertise, narrators can help improve the overall quality of audiobooks by correcting any errors in pronunciation, pacing, or tone. This service can be in high demand as authors and publishers are constantly looking for ways to enhance the quality of their audiobooks.

With the increasing popularity of audiobooks, there is a growing need for skilled professionals to ensure that the final product meets industry standards.

5. Record Audio Samples for Authors and Publishers:

As an audio recording professional, you can provide a valuable service to authors and publishers by creating high-quality audio samples of their work for promotional use.

By offering your voice to record these snippets, you can help them generate buzz around their books and reach a wider audience. This can include recording excerpts from books, author interviews, or promotional messages to engage potential readers.

Your expertise in creating compelling audio content can assist authors and publishers in effectively marketing their work and increasing visibility in the competitive literary market.

By showcasing the unique voice and tone of each piece, you can help create an immersive experience for listeners and attract new fans to the authors’ and publishers’ work.

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6. Read Books for Children Virtually:

Platforms such as Storia, Listen to Learn, and Bambino Storytime offer virtual opportunities for children to engage with books. These platforms connect young readers with online readers who bring stories to life, creating a heartwarming and interactive experience.

By utilizing these platforms, individuals can use their voices to spark a love of reading in young minds, providing a valuable resource for parents and educators alike. Virtual reading not only promotes literacy but also fosters a sense of connection and imagination in children.

This modern approach to storytelling allows for flexibility and accessibility, making it easier for children to discover the joy of reading from the comfort of their own homes.

7. Create a YouTube Channel for Book Reviews and Readings:

If you’re passionate about books, consider creating a YouTube channel dedicated to book reviews and readings. Share your love for literature by reviewing new releases, providing dramatic readings of excerpts, and interviewing authors.

Engage with a community of book lovers and build an audience through your insightful content. Monetize your channel by incorporating ads, seeking sponsorships from publishing companies, or even setting up crowdfunding campaigns to support your channel’s growth.

With dedication and engaging content, you can turn your passion for books into a successful YouTube channel that connects with fellow book enthusiasts.

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8. Start a Podcast Dedicated to Books:

Starting a podcast dedicated to books can be a fantastic way to connect with fellow book lovers and share your passion for literature. You can discuss a wide range of topics such as your favorite reads, author interviews, book reviews, and specific genres like mystery, romance, or fantasy.

Building a successful podcast requires time and effort, from planning and recording episodes to promoting your content and engaging with your audience.

However, the rewards can be significant, including the opportunity to connect with authors and publishers, build a community of bookworms, and even earn income through sponsorships or merchandise sales.

With dedication and creativity, a book-themed podcast can become a valuable resource for book enthusiasts looking for new recommendations and engaging discussions.

9. Offer Audiobook Narration Services on Fiverr or Upwork:

If you’re looking to offer audiobook narration services on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork, you have the flexibility to set your rates and showcase your narration talents to a diverse clientele.

Whether it’s short stories, poems, educational materials, or any other content, you can cater to a wide range of projects. Fiverr and Upwork provide a global reach, allowing you to connect with clients from various industries and geographical locations.

By creating a compelling profile and offering high-quality samples of your work, you can attract potential clients and build a successful audiobook narration business.

These platforms also offer tools for communication, project management, and secure payment processing, making it convenient to collaborate with clients and receive compensation for your services.

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10. Teach Online Reading Courses:

If you’re passionate about reading and skilled in voice modulation, consider teaching online reading courses to share your expertise with others. You can create engaging online courses that cover a variety of topics such as public speaking, storytelling, or audiobook narration.

Use your love of reading to help others improve their reading skills and develop their own unique voice modulation techniques. By offering these courses online, you can reach a wide audience and make a positive impact on people’s communication and storytelling abilities.

Whether it’s through public speaking, storytelling, or audiobook narration, your knowledge and passion for reading can inspire and educate others in an online learning environment.

11. Offer Voice Acting Services for Commercials and Video Games:

Voice acting for commercials and video games is a great opportunity for narrators to showcase their talent and earn extra income. In addition to traditional audiobook narration, voice actors can explore this avenue through casting agencies and online platforms that specialize in this type of work.

Commercials offer the chance to bring products and services to life with engaging and persuasive vocal delivery, while video games provide the opportunity to embody characters and immerse players in captivating narratives.

With the growing demand for voice talent in these industries, narrators can find a variety of opportunities to showcase their skills and expand their professional portfolio. This side hustle can be a rewarding and profitable endeavor for narrators looking to diversify their voice acting career.

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12. Translate Books into Audiobooks:

If you are proficient in more than one language, you have the opportunity to provide translation and narration services for publishers seeking to create audiobooks for international audiences.

This role demands fluency in both languages, as well as exceptional reading and comprehension abilities. By offering your skills in translating written books into audiobooks, you can help publishers reach a wider audience and bridge the gap between different language speakers.

This role not only requires linguistic proficiency but also the ability to convey the tone and emotion of the original text through narration, making the audiobook engaging and captivating for listeners. It’s a great way to contribute to the literary world and make books accessible to diverse audiences.

13. Narrate Audiobooks for Non-Profit Organizations and Libraries:

Volunteering to narrate audiobooks for non-profit organizations and libraries can be a rewarding way to give back to your community.

By lending your voice, you can help provide access to literature for visually impaired individuals or those with learning disabilities who may struggle with traditional print materials.

Many non-profit organizations and libraries rely on volunteers to produce audiobooks, making it a crucial contribution to their services. Narrating audiobooks not only promotes literacy and access to information but also fosters a sense of inclusivity and support for those who may face barriers to reading.

It’s a meaningful way to make a positive impact and support the important work of these organizations in enhancing accessibility and promoting literacy.

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14. Participate in Audiobook Contests and Competitions:

Participating in audiobook narration contests and competitions can provide valuable opportunities for aspiring narrators. These events are often hosted by various platforms and offer prizes, recognition, and exposure to potential clients.

By entering these competitions, narrators can showcase their skills, gain valuable experience, and receive feedback from industry professionals. Additionally, winning or placing in a contest can enhance a narrator’s credibility and visibility within the industry.

This exposure may lead to future opportunities for paid work and collaborations with authors and publishers. Overall, audiobook contests and competitions serve as a fantastic way for narrators to establish themselves in the industry and refine their craft.

15. Start a Membership Community for Book Lovers:

If you’re a social butterfly who loves sharing your passion for reading with others, consider creating a membership community for fellow bookworms. You can host virtual book clubs, online discussions, author Q&As, and even reading challenges.

Offer exclusive content, early access to book reviews, and personalized recommendations for your members. This can be a great way to build a loyal following, monetize your passion, and create a supportive space for book lovers to connect.

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16. Write and Narrate Your Audiobook:

If you have a passion for both writing and reading aloud, why not combine them and create your audiobook? This requires significant effort—writing, editing, audio production – but the potential rewards can be great. Self-publishing platforms like Draft2Digital and Audiobook Empire can help you get your audiobook on major platforms like Audible and iTunes.

17. Create Educational Audiobooks and videos:

You can start by creating educational audiobooks tailored for children or adults, focusing on specific subjects such as history, science, or personal development. You can then market your audiobooks through online platforms or directly to schools and libraries.

Additionally, you can create educational videos using excerpts from books to teach people about a particular subject. This approach allows you to combine your passion for reading with your teaching abilities, making it a great way to reach a wider audience.

By leveraging your expertise in specific subjects and your storytelling skills, you can create engaging and informative content that appeals to learners of all ages.

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18. Read to the Elderly or Visually Impaired:

Many organizations offer reading services to the elderly or visually impaired individuals. These services are a wonderful way to give back to the community and have a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

By volunteering to read to the elderly or visually impaired, you can help improve their quality of life by providing them with access to literature and information. This can also help combat feelings of isolation and loneliness that can often accompany old age or visual impairment.

Reading aloud can bring joy, comfort, and a sense of connection to those who may otherwise struggle to access written materials. It’s a simple yet powerful way to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

19. Participate in Research Studies:

You have the opportunity to contribute to research studies focusing on the impact of audiobooks on various demographics. By participating, you can engage in reading aloud and receive compensation for your involvement.

These studies are being conducted by universities and research institutions, aiming to explore the effects of audiobooks on different populations. Your participation can help researchers gather valuable insights and data, ultimately contributing to the advancement of knowledge in this field.

This is not only a chance to earn money but also to contribute to meaningful research that could potentially benefit others.

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20. Live Stream Your Reading:

Live-stream yourself Reading aloud on platforms like Twitch or YouTube can be a fantastic way to engage with fellow book enthusiasts and potentially earn money through donations or tips.

By sharing your passion for literature in real time, you can connect with a broader audience and create a sense of community among book lovers.

Additionally, live streaming allows for interactive discussions and the opportunity to receive immediate feedback from viewers. You can also incorporate various reading activities, such as Q&A sessions or themed read-alongs, to keep the audience engaged.

Overall, live streaming your reading sessions provides a dynamic and interactive platform to share your love for books while also potentially generating income through viewer support.

21. Audiobook Transcriptionist:

Audiobook transcriptionists play a crucial role in converting spoken words into written text. With a keen ear for detail and fast typing speed, they accurately transcribe audiobooks for companies.

This role offers an opportunity to earn income while indulging in captivating stories and narratives. Audiobook transcriptionists need to possess excellent listening skills to ensure accurate transcription of the content.

The transcripts produced are used for various purposes, such as creating printed or electronic versions of the audiobooks, improving accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments, and for archival or research purposes.

This role requires a high level of concentration and attention to detail to ensure the transcripts are error-free and reflect the original content faithfully.

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22. Read Aloud for Relaxation Apps:

Relaxation apps such as Calm and Headspace offer opportunities for individuals with calming voices to narrate bedtime stories, meditations, and mindfulness exercises. These apps seek talented readers who can soothe listeners to sleep with their soothing voices.

Narrators have the chance to contribute to the overall relaxation and well-being of app users by providing a comforting and tranquil listening experience. This role involves reading aloud gently and peacefully, creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and sleep.

By narrating for these apps, individuals can play a significant role in helping others unwind, de-stress, and find inner peace through the power of their voice.

23. Participate in Literary Contests:

Relaxation apps such as Calm and Headspace offer opportunities for individuals with calming voices to narrate bedtime stories, meditations, and mindfulness exercises.

These apps seek talented readers who can soothe listeners to sleep with their soothing voices. Narrators have the chance to contribute to the overall relaxation and well-being of app users by providing a comforting and tranquil listening experience.

This role involves reading aloud gently and peacefully, creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and sleep. By narrating for these apps, individuals can play a significant role in helping others unwind, de-stress, and find inner peace through the power of their voice.

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24. Teach Creative Writing Workshops:

If you’re passionate about storytelling, consider leading creative writing workshops either online or in person. As a workshop leader, you’ll have the opportunity to guide aspiring authors through the writing process, provide constructive feedback, and help them bring their own stories to life.

You can cover various aspects of creative writing, such as character development, plot structure, dialogue, and more. Additionally, you can create a supportive and inspiring environment where writers can share their work, receive feedback, and grow in their craft.

Through these workshops, you can help cultivate a community of writers and provide valuable guidance to individuals looking to improve their writing skills and pursue their passion for storytelling.

Tips to Boost Your Chances of Getting Paid to Read Books Aloud:

Here are some additional tips to boost your chances of getting paid to read books aloud:

  • Invest in Quality Equipment: A good microphone, recording software, and a quiet recording space are essential for producing professional-quality audiobooks.
  • Sharpen Your Skills: Take voice acting classes, practice different accents and character voices, and study the art of storytelling.
  • Build Your Brand: Create a website or online portfolio showcasing your skills and experience. Develop a professional presence on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Network with Industry Professionals: Attend industry events, join online communities, and connect with other narrators, authors, and publishers.
  • Be Patient and Persistent: Building a successful career in audiobook narration takes time and effort. Don’t get discouraged by setbacks; stay focused on your goals; and keep practicing your craft.


Getting paid to read books aloud isn’t just a dream anymore. With the rise of audiobooks, online platforms, and creative content avenues, there are countless opportunities for book lovers to turn their passion into a rewarding career or side hustle.

Whether you prefer the solitude of the recording booth or the thrill of live storytelling, there’s a way to make your voice heard and get paid for doing what you love.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need any special training to become an audiobook narrator?

While not essential, training in voice acting, storytelling, and vocal techniques can significantly improve your skills and marketability. Many online courses and workshops are available to help you develop your abilities.

What equipment do I need to get started?

A good microphone, recording software, and a quiet recording space are essential. You may also want to invest in headphones, editing software, and soundproofing materials.

How much can I earn?

Pay rates for audiobook narrators vary depending on experience, skill level, project type, and platform. You can earn anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per finished audiobook.

Where can I find more information and resources?

Several online communities and organizations cater to audiobook narrators, such as the Audiobook Narrators Association of America (ANAA) and the Society of Voice Arts & Sciences (SOVAS). These organizations offer valuable resources, training opportunities, and networking events.

What kind of books are in demand for audiobooks?

All genres are represented in the audiobook market, but popular choices include thrillers, romance, nonfiction, and young adult titles.


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