13 Places to Get Paid to Nap or Sleep in 2024

how to get paid to nap or sleep

Who wouldn’t want to get paid to nap? Getting paid to nap may seem too good to be true, but it’s a genuine opportunity for some individuals.

Several companies and organizations recognize the value of napping and are willing to compensate people for it.

This trend reflects the evolving understanding of the importance of rest and rejuvenation. For those skilled at napping, numerous opportunities exist to turn this talent into a source of income.

Whether it’s participating in sleep studies, working as a professional nap reviewer, or contributing to sleep-related research, there are various avenues to monetize this valuable skill.

So, if you’re a master at catching Zzz’s, there are indeed snooze-worthy gigs that offer compensation for your expertise.

What is Napping?

how to get paid to nap or sleep - what is napping

A nap, in essence, is a short period of sleep taken during the day. It’s typically shorter than a regular night’s sleep, ranging from 20 to 30 minutes, though some naps can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as an hour.

Naps typically occur due to drowsiness or fatigue, and they offer various benefits including:

  • Increased alertness and cognitive function: A short nap can help you feel more refreshed and focused, improving your ability to concentrate and perform tasks.
  • Reduced stress and anxiety: Napping can lower levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, promoting relaxation and emotional well-being.
  • Improved mood and energy levels: A quick snooze can combat daytime sleepiness, elevating your mood and boosting your energy levels for the rest of the day.
  • Enhanced memory and learning: Naps can consolidate memories and facilitate learning, particularly when taken after studying or engaging in mentally demanding activities.

However, taking excessively long naps or napping too close to bedtime can disrupt your regular sleep cycle and lead to difficulty falling asleep at night.

So, it’s important to practice healthy napping habits, such as keeping them short, timing them appropriately, and establishing a consistent sleep schedule to reap the benefits while avoiding potential drawbacks.

Napping can be a powerful tool for enhancing your mood, productivity, and overall well-being.

So, next time you feel that midday sleepiness creeping in, consider indulging in a well-timed nap and let the restorative power of a short snooze work its magic!

Can You Really Get Paid to Nap or Sleep?

Absolutely! From sleep research studies paying participants to professional nappers testing luxury mattresses, opportunities abound for slumber-loving folks.

Universities, mattress companies, and even cuddle businesses are tapping into the power of a good snooze and offering lucrative compensation in return.

So, if you’re a champion napper, ditch the alarm clock and turn your sleep skills into a sweet side hustle!

What Are the Highest-Paying Sleep Jobs?

Paychecks for napping can vary greatly, offering something for everyone. Sleep research studies often pay the most, with lucrative hourly rates or lump sums for participating in monitored snooze sessions.

Biohacking companies and professional snuggling gigs can also be highly rewarding, while mattress testers and white noise app testers offer a comfortable and potentially lucrative way to catch some Zzz’s.

Research different options and find the napping niche that fits your sleep style and earning goals.

How Can I Find Sleep Study Opportunities Near Me?

Finding sleep study opportunities is easier than you might think! Start by searching online databases like ClinicalTrials.gov or searching for “sleep studies near me” on your favorite search engine.

Universities and research institutions often advertise studies on their websites and departmental pages.

Look for opportunities at local hospitals, sleep clinics, and sleep research centers.

Reach out directly to researchers or contact coordinators listed in study postings. With a bit of research and initiative, you could be catching paid Zzz’s in no time!

13 Places to Get Paid to Nap

how to get paid to nap or sleep

1. Sleep Research Studies

Universities and research institutions frequently conduct sleep studies that require participants to spend hours snoozing in monitored environments. These studies typically pay by the hour or offer a lump sum compensation, making them a lucrative option for professional nappers.

2. Mattress Testers

Luxury mattress companies often seek individuals to test their latest sleep havens. Imagine getting paid to drift off to dreamland on plush, cloud-like mattresses – sounds like a job description straight out of paradise!

3. Professional Snugglers

Cuddling is known to reduce stress and anxiety, and some companies capitalize on this by offering professional snuggling services. If you’re a natural cuddler with a talent for inducing relaxation, this could be your calling.

4. Biohacking Companies

Biohacking firms dedicated to optimizing human performance might hire you to nap strategically as part of their research on sleep cycles and productivity. Who knew strategic napping could be the key to unlocking peak human potential?

5. Sleep Pod Hotels

These capsule-style hotels are popping up in major cities, offering travelers a convenient and affordable place to catch a quick power nap. Some establishments even hire “nap concierges” to ensure guests have a comfortable and restful experience.

6. White Noise App Testers

Apps designed to lull you to sleep need real-world testing, and that’s where you come in! Imagine getting paid to listen to soothing ocean waves, crackling fireplaces, or gentle rain showers while drifting off to sleep – not a bad gig, right?

7. ASMR Content Creators

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) videos create tingling sensations that induce relaxation and sleep. If you have a knack for whispering, tapping, or creating calming sounds, you could build a loyal following and monetize your ASMR-inducing naps on YouTube or Twitch.

8. Meditation Retreats

Some meditation retreats incorporate guided “nap meditations” into their programs, requiring facilitators to guide participants through the process of falling asleep peacefully. If you’re a meditation enthusiast with a calming presence, this could be a mindful way to earn some extra cash.

9. Daycare Centers

Some daycare centers hire “nap monitors” to watch over sleeping children. While it might involve the occasional diaper change or soothing a fussy sleeper, it’s a relatively stress-free way to get paid for some quality shut-eye.

10. Pet Sitters

House-sitting gigs often involve taking care of pets, which sometimes includes playtime and, yes, naptime! If you’re an animal lover who enjoys the company of furry friends while catching some winks, pet sitting can be a rewarding and relaxing side hustle.

11. NASA

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has a program called the “Napping for Science” study, which pays participants to take naps in a controlled environment. The purpose of the study is to learn more about the effects of napping on astronaut performance.

12. The Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic has a program called the “Sleep Research Program,” which pays participants to take naps in a sleep lab. The purpose of the study is to learn more about the causes and treatments of sleep disorders.

13. The National Sleep Foundation

The National Sleep Foundation has a program called the “Sleep Health Study,” which pays participants to take naps in a sleep lab. The purpose of the study is to learn more about the relationship between sleep and overall health.


So, ditch the alarm clock and embrace the power of the power nap! With a little research and some strategic snoozing, you could turn your sleep skills into a source of income. Remember, the key is to find a napping gig that aligns with your interests, sleep preferences, and overall well-being. Happy napping, and sweet dreams!

The University of California, Berkeley: The University of California, Berkeley has a similar program called the “Sleep and Cognition Lab,” which pays participants to take naps in a sleep lab. The purpose of the study is to learn more about the relationship between sleep and cognitive function.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need any qualifications to get paid to nap? Qualifications vary depending on the gig, but most jobs require good health and the ability to sleep on demand.
  • How much can I earn by napping? Earnings vary widely depending on the job and your experience. Some studies pay hundreds of dollars per night, while others offer hourly rates.
  • Is it safe to participate in sleep studies? Sleep studies are generally safe, but it’s always important to consult with a doctor before participating if you have any health concerns.
  • What are the downsides of getting paid to nap? Some napping jobs might require strict sleep schedules or involve sleeping in unfamiliar environments, which could disrupt your regular sleep patterns.
  • Is getting paid to nap too good to be true? While it might seem like a dream come true, getting paid to nap is a legitimate opportunity for many people. Just do your research, choose reputable companies, and prioritize your health and well-being.


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