Get Paid to Go On Dates: 15 Most Profitable Ways

how to get paid to go on a date

It is possible to get paid to go on dates. For the adventurous soul, romance, and finance needn’t be mutually exclusive.

Forget awkward split bills and lingering pressure after free dinners – this new year ushers in a new era where dates can be lucrative ventures.

From platonic companionship to intimate experiences, the avenues for monetizing your dating life are blooming brighter than ever.

Paid dating services are on the rise, providing a platform for individuals to connect with others who share similar interests and expectations.

These services cater to the changing societal norms surrounding relationships and offer an alternative approach to finding love.

The financial incentives associated with paid dating are undeniably attractive.

Beyond monetary gains, participants in paid dating experiences delve into the experience economy, where memorable moments hold significant value.

While the allure of paid dating is apparent, ensuring safety and security is paramount.

Verifying profiles and establishing a secure environment for both parties involved is crucial to the success and longevity of paid dating services.

So, whether you’re a social butterfly or a seasoned dater, buckle up as we explore the 15 most profitable ways to get paid to go on dates in 2024.

How Paid Dating Works

Paid dating is a unique way to earn money by spending time with someone.

It offers the opportunity to go on dates with affluent individuals, with platforms offering fixed prices ranging from $10 to $300 per hour, or negotiable rates.

Signing up for these platforms is typically the only requirement to start earning immediately. It’s important to note that physical intimacy is not a requirement, as paid dating is not an escort service.

This option provides a flexible and potentially lucrative income source for those interested in socializing and companionship.

If your partner attempts to coerce or pressure you into doing something that goes against your desires or comfort level, you have the option to report them.

Reporting such behavior typically leads to an investigation by the platform’s administrators, and if the allegations are substantiated, the offending party may face consequences such as being banned from the platform.

This measure is in place to prioritize the safety and well-being of all users, and to ensure that interactions on the platform are respectful and consensual.

15 Most Profitable Ways to Get Paid to Go On Dates in 2024

how to get paid to go on a date

Ditch the dinner-and-a-movie cliché and delve into the unexplored territories of compensated dating. Here are some ideas to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit:

1. Luxury Dating Platforms

Join exclusive platforms catering to high-income clientele. Sites like Luxy or SeekingArrangement connect successful individuals with attractive companions for lavish dates and travel experiences.

2. Event Sponsorship

Attend high-profile events as a “plus one” for companies seeking brand promotion. Be a charming ambassador at galas, conferences, or sporting events, earning generous fees and enjoying luxurious experiences.

3. Travel Companionship

Become a paid travel partner for solo adventurers or business travelers seeking company. Explore exotic destinations, share cultural experiences, and earn while indulging your wanderlust.

4. Virtual Dating Coach

Leverage your dating expertise to guide others through the complex world of online and offline connections. Offer personalized coaching, advice, and profile optimization, guiding singles toward successful relationships.

5. Professional Dates

Put your social skills to use by attending business meetings or social gatherings as a hired companion. Provide conversation, networking opportunities, and a polished presence for executives or individuals seeking support in social settings.

6. Foodie Dates

Share your culinary expertise by offering bespoke food tours, private cooking classes, or themed food adventures. Cater to couples seeking unique culinary experiences and build a loyal clientele.

7. Creative Collaborations

Combine your artistic talents with romance. Offer painting experiences, pottery classes, or creative workshops for couples, weaving in elements of intimacy and connection as you teach your craft.

8. Adventure Dates

Cater to thrill-seekers by offering paid hiking trips, rock climbing excursions, or adrenaline-pumping activities like skydiving or white-water rafting. Ensure safety and create unforgettable memories for adventurous couples.

9. Cultural Guides

Leverage your knowledge of a specific culture or city to host unique date experiences. Lead museum tours, offer historical walks, or curate personalized adventures for couples seeking immersion in a new culture.

10. Language Exchange Dates

If you’re multilingual, offer conversational practice through engaging dates. Help couples learn a new language while enjoying coffee chats, movie nights, or cultural outings, charging for your language expertise.

11. Subscription Dating

Offer monthly or annual memberships granting access to regular “friend dates” or curated experiences. Provide companionship, emotional support, and a reliable social outlet for busy professionals seeking platonic connection.

12. Dating Concierge

Act as a personal matchmaker, connecting like-minded individuals for potential long-term relationships. Earn commission on successful matches and build a reputation as a trusted confidante in the dating world.

13. Relationship Coach for Couples

Leverage your experience and understanding of relationships to guide couples through communication challenges, conflict resolution, or intimacy issues. Offer paid workshops, retreats, or personalized coaching.

14. Muse for Creatives

Become the inspiration for writers, artists, or musicians. Offer paid companionship and engagement, providing insights, feedback, and emotional support as they fuel their creative endeavors.

15. Travel Blogging Couple

Document your paid travel adventures as a duo, building a blog, social media following, and earning through collaborations, sponsorships, and exclusive travel partnerships.

5 Best Get Paid To Go on Dates Websites

how to get paid to go on a date

These websites provide convenient access across different devices, allowing users to access their services regardless of the gadget they use.

The websites listed here provide top-notch services and are extremely user-friendly.

1. Ohala

Ohlala is a widely used dating platform that offers financial incentives, particularly popular with the younger demographic. This service links you with other single users in your vicinity and is accessible to both men and women worldwide.

Key Attributes

  • Ohlala offers the opportunity to discuss the terms of your date with your partner
  • Male users can create a date invitation and receive applications and inquiries from female users. They can then select a suitable date from the applicants
  • Female users can search for date invitations and review male user profiles before sending applications
  • Ohlala is user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Users have the ability to send photos and videos to others and receive compensation for it

You will receive compensation according to your contracts. Registration is free, but customers are required to pay a subscription fee starting from $57.99. This website caters to individuals seeking dates in their local area only. The straightforward design of this platform has made it popular among users.

2. Miss Travel

This platform, as the name suggests, is primarily geared towards connecting travel companions. It caters to both male and female users in multiple countries.

The older demographic of this platform consists mostly of males, while the younger demographic is predominantly females, aged 18 and above.

To get started on Miss Travel, all you need is a quick registration and subscription.

Key Features

  • Miss Travel provides a highly adaptable platform that enables you and your potential travel partner to come to mutually beneficial terms.
  • You have the ability to browse through other members’ profiles in search of the perfect travel companion. If you come across someone you’re interested in, you can initiate a conversation and discuss arrangements.
  • The interface of the platform is user-friendly and resembles that of popular social media platforms.
  • It is observed that women tend to attract more potential travel partners compared to men on this site.
  • Users are allowed to upload an unlimited number of photos on the platform.

Your earnings are determined by your negotiation skills. The monthly subscription fee is $49.99. Alternatively, you can opt for a three-month subscription at $54.99 or a six-month subscription at $59.99.

3. Rent A Date

Rent A Date is a leading paid dating platform that specializes in connecting people for social events.

It caters to both men and women worldwide, with an age range of 18 to 75 years. By paying a membership fee, users can access the site’s gallery to select a date.

On the day of the meeting, your chosen date will contact you to make arrangements.

Key Features

  • Rent A Date requires a minimum engagement time of two hours for all dates
  • The company emphasizes spending time conversing and getting to know each other
  • Following the date, the company gathers feedback from your client about how the date went
  • Your payment is received after the date, and is influenced by your client’s review

You will receive a minimum payment of $165 per hour and there is a small fee required to access the website’s gallery.

Rent A Date is ideal for individuals seeking companionship for social events.

The majority of clients are wealthy individuals who lack the time to find social companions themselves. If you are comfortable accompanying others for a fee, Rent A Date is a great choice.

4. My Bunny Date

Here is another web-based platform where you can get paid to go on dates. It operates on an auction system, where clients compete to win a date with you.

You just need to set up a profile, and clients can bid on the opportunity to go on a date with you.

Once you receive offers, you can choose to accept any of them and go on a date.

While the platform is open to both men and women, it predominantly attracts male clients, making it advantageous for women interested in getting paid to go on dates with wealthy men.

Key Features

  • Customers have the option to propose any sum for individuals they find appealing.
  • The customer settles the agreed-upon amount after the date.
  • Multiple dates with each other are permissible, but MyBunnyDate only facilitates the first encounter.
  • Certain users are recognized as ‘generous members’ who bestow substantial tips on their dates.
  • ‘Gorgeous members’ are unattached users who go on dates with the ‘generous members’.

You get paid depending on the winning bid.

MyBunnyDate is great for both men and women who need company or just quick money.

5. RentAFriend

RentAFriend is centered around its name, focusing on providing a platform for individuals seeking platonic connections.

Participants are compensated for their friendship, and the service is available globally, facilitating short-term relationships typically lasting only a few hours.

Key Features

  • RentAFriend exclusively admits individuals with clean criminal records
  • The minimum age requirement is 18 years old.
  • The site enables users to search for nearby friends, view their profiles, explore their interests, and see their photos
  • Users have the option to set their own rates when accepting a friend request
  • Users can also approve or reject suggested activities from their friends


With all we have listed and reviewed, it shows that you can get paid to go on dates. This is because every interaction holds potential.

Be upfront about your expectations, maintain clear boundaries, and always prioritize personal safety.

Treat each date with respect and professionalism, regardless of the financial aspect.

Monetizing dating isn’t just about the monetary gain. It’s about reshaping the traditional dynamics, empowering individuals to own their worth and value their time.


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