Top 24 Driving Apps to Make Money Easily

Driving Apps to make money

When you yalk abot Driving Apps to make money, Uberr comes in mind. Did you know the average American spends 17,800 minutes (that’s nearly 12 days!) behind the wheel every year?

But what if you could transform those commutes, errands, and leisure drives into opportunities to make money on your terms?

Buckle up, because we’re diving into the top 13 driving apps that put you in control of your finances, offering flexibility, freedom, and the chance to be a boss.

Whether you crave the social interaction of rideshare driving or prefer the solitude of delivering delicious meals, there’s an app perfectly suited to your style and schedule.

So, fire up your engine, read on, and discover the key to unlocking your earning potential, one mile at a time!

Driving apps have revolutionized the way people can make extra money.

With the flexibility to work according to your schedule, these apps offer a great opportunity to save up for various financial goals.

Whether it’s for the upcoming holidays, a dream vacation, or building an emergency fund, driving apps provide a convenient way to earn additional income.

By utilizing these apps, individuals can increase their earning potential and reach their financial objectives more quickly.

The convenience and simplicity of these apps make them an attractive option for anyone looking to boost their income.

If you own a car and have some free time, you can easily transform it into a source of extra income by utilizing various driving apps available.

These apps offer flexible opportunities to earn money by completing tasks such as food delivery, ride-sharing, or package transportation.

By downloading a selection of these apps, following their instructions, and accepting jobs, you can make the most of your spare time and potentially earn a significant amount of extra cash.

While it may not cover all your expenses, every penny earned from these apps can certainly make a difference in your financial situation.

Top 13 Driving Apps to Make Money Easily

Driving Apps to make money

Here’s detailed information about each of the mentioned driving apps to make money from:

1. Instacart

Instacart provides a convenient way for customers to have their groceries delivered or picked up.

Shoppers, who are the drivers, utilize the app to carefully select and deliver items from nearby grocery stores. This service offers a seamless and efficient solution for those seeking a hassle-free shopping experience.

2. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a program that allows individuals to deliver Amazon packages using their vehicles.

Drivers use the app to find delivery opportunities, pick up packages from Amazon locations, and complete deliveries.

3. DoorDash

DoorDash operates as a food delivery platform that links customers with nearby restaurants. Delivery drivers, also known as Dashers, utilize the app to receive orders, collect food from restaurants, and deliver it to the customers.

4. Uber

Uber is a ride-sharing service that connects passengers with drivers through a mobile app. Uber drivers use the app to receive ride requests, navigate to the pickup location, and transport passengers to their destinations.

5. Lyft

    Lyft is a ride-sharing service similar to Uber. Lyft drivers use the app to accept ride requests, pick up passengers, and provide transportation to requested destinations.

    6. UberEats

    Uber Eats, a popular food delivery service by Uber, allows drivers to seamlessly accept food delivery requests through the app.

    They efficiently pick up orders from various restaurants and ensure prompt delivery to customers.

    This convenient platform has revolutionized the way people enjoy restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of their homes.

    7. Shipt

      Shipt is a grocery delivery service where shoppers use the app to fulfill orders from various grocery stores. Shoppers select and purchase items on behalf of customers and then deliver them to the customer’s doorstep.

      8. Grubhub

      Grubhub is a popular food delivery platform that allows customers to easily order from a variety of local restaurants.

      The app enables drivers to efficiently manage delivery requests, collect orders, and promptly deliver them to hungry customers.

      This convenient service has revolutionized the way people enjoy their favorite meals.

      9. HopSkipDrive

      HopSkipDrive is a ride service designed for transporting children. CareDrivers, as they are called, use the app to pick up and drop off kids, ensuring a safe and reliable transportation option for families.

      10. Roadie

      Roadie is a modern, community-driven delivery platform where drivers can earn extra income by using the user-friendly app to facilitate the delivery of a wide range of items.

      From small parcels to larger goods, Roadie connects senders and drivers, creating a convenient and efficient delivery network that benefits both parties.

      11. Postmates

      Postmates is a popular on-demand delivery service that caters to a wide range of needs. Whether it’s a quick meal, essential groceries, or even alcohol, Postmates has it covered.

      The app connects customers with dedicated drivers, known as Postmates, who efficiently fulfill delivery orders with ease.

      12. Turo

      Turo is a car-sharing platform that allows individuals to rent out their vehicles to others.

      Users can book cars through the app, and hosts use the app to manage reservations and coordinate vehicle pickups and returns.

      13. CitizenShipper

      CitizenShipper is a convenient platform that links individuals requiring items to be shipped with reliable drivers available for transportation.

      Through the user-friendly app, drivers can easily browse and accept shipping requests, making it a seamless process for both parties. This innovative service ensures efficient and secure delivery of items.

      14. Caviar

      Caviar is a luxury food delivery platform that collaborates with upscale dining establishments.

      Through the user-friendly app, drivers have the convenience of accepting orders, collecting exquisite cuisine from exclusive restaurants, and promptly delivering it to discerning customers seeking a high-end dining experience in the comfort of their own homes.

      15. Getaround

      Getaround is a convenient car-sharing platform where owners can earn extra income by renting out their vehicles when not in use.

      The app enables renters to easily find and book available cars, while owners have the flexibility to manage their listings.

      This innovative solution promotes efficient use of resources and fosters a sense of community.

      16. TaskRabbit

      TaskRabbit is a convenient platform connecting users with skilled Taskers who can assist with a wide range of tasks, such as cleaning, furniture assembly, and even moving help.

      Users can easily find reliable help through the app, making it a go-to solution for tackling everyday errands and chores.

      17. Carvertise

      Carvertise is a platform that pays drivers to wrap their cars with advertisements. Drivers use the app to sign up, get matched with advertisers, and earn money for driving with branded advertisements.

      18. FedEx

      FedEx’s mobile app empowers drivers to oversee deliveries, access real-time shipping details, and optimize routes for efficiency.

      The app offers comprehensive tools for tracking shipments, managing logistics, and enhancing customer service. With user-friendly features, drivers can streamline their workflow and ensure timely deliveries.

      19. UPS

      UPS (United Parcel Service) offers a user-friendly mobile app designed specifically for its drivers. This app enables them to efficiently track packages, manage deliveries, and optimize their routes for maximum efficiency.

      It provides real-time updates and notifications, ensuring smooth and timely deliveries. The app streamlines the entire delivery process, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

      20. Gopuff

      GoPuff is a company that offers on-demand delivery of various convenience items like snacks, beverages, and household essentials. The service is accessed through a mobile app, where drivers receive and fulfill customer orders promptly.

      On-demand delivery refers to the process of delivering goods or services immediately upon request, typically facilitated through a digital platform.

      This model allows customers to access a wide range of products and have them delivered to their location quickly and conveniently. The app streamlines the ordering and delivery process, making it efficient for both customers and drivers.

      21. Wingz

      Wingz offers a convenient and stress-free ride-hailing experience, specializing in pre-scheduled, fixed-price rides to airports and various destinations.

      Utilizing the user-friendly app, drivers ensure dependable and consistent transportation services.

      With a focus on reliability, Wingz aims to provide travelers with peace of mind when it comes to their transportation needs.

      22. Favor

      Favor is a convenient delivery platform where users can request products from nearby stores and have them brought to their doorstep by dedicated Runners.

      These Runners, also known as Favor drivers, rely on the app to efficiently manage and complete delivery tasks, providing a seamless and reliable service for customers.

      23. OnMyWay

      OnMyWay is an app that rewards users for safe driving by offering cash incentives and discounts. Users can earn rewards by avoiding phone usage while driving, and the app encourages safer driving habits.

      24. Saucey

      Saucey is a convenient alcohol delivery service that connects customers with local stores through an easy-to-use app.

      Customers can browse a wide selection of alcoholic beverages and place orders for delivery.

      Dedicated drivers then pick up the orders and deliver them directly to customers’ locations, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience.


      Each app has its unique features and services, catering to different transportation and delivery needs in the market.

      By focusing on informed research and responsible decision-making, you can find the driving app opportunities that best suit your needs and goals.

      Remember, there is no “easy money” solution, and sustainable income requires effort, research, and commitment to safe driving practices.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What Is the Most Profitable Driving App?

      All driving apps are profitable, but how much you make depends on where you live and how much you work. The common denominator for every app, though, is good customer service. Most apps allow customers to tip drivers, so the better service you provide, the more you’ll make.

      What Driving App Is Best?

      The best driving app is the one you’re comfortable using. Ask yourself if you’d prefer driving people using Uber, delivering groceries for Instacart, restaurant food for DoorDash, or if you prefer something more passive, such as wrapping your car in advertisements for Wrapify. Combining efforts using different driving apps can increase your earnings even further.

      Can You Earn a Living From Driving Apps?

      It might be hard to make a living from driving apps. You can certainly supplement your income, but since the work is unpredictable, it’s best to have another form of a steady income and use driving apps to supplement more.


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