Top 14 Dirty Ways to Make Money Online and Onsite

Dirty Ways to Make Money

Nowadays, people have an array of unconventional options to earn money both online and offline. For those unafraid of getting their hands dirty, pursuing one of the following dirty jobs can prove to be a lucrative endeavor.

Many people dream of making money online and some are struggling to make money.

There are many dirty ways to make money online some of which require some investment and some of which require nothing. 

The truth is there are real and dirty ways to make money online – millions of people are doing it each day. From freelance digital nomads to savvy marketers to rising entrepreneurs

This blog post will delve into some of the most prevalent dirty ways to make money from the comfort of your home.

Whether it’s through unconventional online gigs or hands-on physical tasks, there are numerous opportunities to explore.

Keep reading to discover more about these unique money-making ventures.

What Are Dirty Jobs?

These are jobs or work tasks that are socially perceived as disgusting, unpleasant, degrading, and tainted by uncleanliness or stigma. The workers who perform these jobs are often stigmatized.

An unpleasant task is a job that is not desirable or requires physical effort, often in difficult, dirty, or unpleasant environments.

These types of jobs are usually seen as messy, requiring a lot of physical work, and potentially dangerous.

The need for these jobs is growing due to a lack of workers in these industries.

This shortage has opened up a special chance for people to take on these roles and make extra money without needing advanced formal education.

The stigma associated with the dirty job can take different forms:

  • Social. This is the case with workers who hold subordinate roles or who have regular contact with stigmatized people (hotel employees, building custodians, correctional agents, people who work with AIDS patients, etc.).
  • Physical. This is the case with jobs where workers are in direct contact with dirt, waste material, or bodily fluids (septic tank maintenance technicians, cleaners, etc.).
  • Moral. This is the case with workers whose tasks are perceived as immoral or not conforming to social or civil norms (sex workers, erotic dancers, debt collectors, telemarketers, etc.).

10 Online Dirty Ways to Make Money From Home

Dirty Ways to Make Money

There are a few unethical methods to earn money online that can lead to successful careers, while others may just be a means to make extra income or get some fast cash.

1. Sell used items

Selling pre-owned goods can be a fantastic way to earn some additional income. There are numerous online platforms available for selling your used items, with Amazon, eBay, and Bonanza being among the most popular.

It is crucial to conduct thorough research before selecting a platform, as they each have different fee structures and requirements.

The secondhand market is experiencing rapid growth, with 40% of secondhand purchases occurring online in 2017.

It is projected that the market will reach $64 billion globally by 2025, indicating abundant opportunities for making money through online sales of used items.

2. Sell custom products

Selling products like Jewelry, Fashion, or Home decoration brands can be a lucrative venture with the right approach.

Setting up an online store through platforms like WordPress or Shopify is the first step.

Utilizing Google Ads, Email Marketing, and SEO can effectively promote and sell these products.

By following the right strategies, it’s possible to generate over $30k per month.

With a strong online presence and targeted marketing efforts, reaching a wide audience and driving sales is achievable.

Success in selling these products is within reach for those who take the right steps and stay committed to their goals.

3. Junk Mail Reader

Your email account is equipped with a specialized spam folder to filter out unwanted emails.

This folder serves as a catch-all for unsolicited messages from a variety of sources, such as online marketers and adult content promoters.

It acts as a shield, protecting your inbox from clutter and potential security risks.

By segregating these emails, you can focus on important communications without the distraction of irrelevant or potentially harmful content.

This feature ensures that your email experience remains streamlined and secure, allowing you to manage your messages with ease.

Many individuals choose to delete these emails without reading them.

Nevertheless, there are businesses like SBKC that are willing to compensate you for retaining these unsolicited emails in your inbox. If you’re intrigued by this method of earning money, you may want to explore this company.

4. Sell Used Items

Selling pre-owned goods can be a lucrative way to earn some additional income. There are numerous online platforms available for selling your used items, with popular options including Amazon, eBay, and Bonanza.

It’s crucial to thoroughly research their fee structures and requirements before making a decision.

The secondhand market is experiencing rapid growth, with 40% of secondhand purchases occurring online in 2017.

It is projected to reach a global value of $64 billion by 2025, indicating plentiful opportunities for earning money through online sales of used items.

5. Betting Websites

Betting online is a widely enjoyed pastime globally. Numerous bookmakers provide betting odds for sports and various casino games.

For some, betting is a leisure activity, while for others, it is a serious pursuit and may even be a full-time occupation.

Please be aware that there is always a potential for financial loss. Conduct thorough research, establish a budget, and handle your funds with caution.

6. Invest in Shitcoin

Investing in shitcoin is another dirty way to make money online. Shitcoins are digital assets with no real-world use cases or purposes.

They are often created as copycats of popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but they lack the same underlying fundamentals.

Shitcoins are frequently utilized in pump-and-dump scams, in which a collective of individuals artificially boost the value of a coin by trading it among themselves.

After artificially inflating the value, they sell off their coins, leaving other investors with significant losses.

It is crucial to understand the potential hazards of investing in shitcoins.

These coins tend to be highly unpredictable, with the possibility of sudden price crashes. Furthermore, there is a substantial risk of falling victim to scams when investing in shitcoins.

7. Get Paid to Flirt and Chat

Engaging in online flirting offers a fantastic chance for individuals who love to chat and desire the flexibility of working from home. No previous experience is required, making it accessible to anyone.

Numerous companies are willing to compensate you for participating in phone conversations with a seductive undertone, requiring only a mobile phone and a creative imagination.

Platforms like, Chat Recruit, and offer this type of opportunity, where your role involves interacting with the community members and creating excitement through flirtatious conversations.

8. Making a Drop-shipping

Dropshipping is an innovative retail model that allows businesses to offer a wide range of products without the need to hold inventory.

This method provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness, as retailers only purchase items when they are sold.

By partnering with third-party suppliers, such as manufacturers or wholesalers, retailers can streamline their operations and focus on marketing and customer service.

Dropshipping also enables retailers to offer a diverse product selection, adapt to market trends quickly, and reduce the risk of overstocking.

Overall, it’s a convenient and efficient way to run a retail business in today’s competitive market.

9. Online survey sites

Numerous websites such as Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and InboxDollars offer monetary rewards for completing surveys.

These sites typically pay between $2 to $15 per survey, and by completing just 5 surveys a day, you can potentially earn a substantial amount of money.

This opportunity can serve as a lucrative side hustle for individuals looking to make extra income.

It’s a convenient way to earn money in your spare time, and with dedication, it can become a reliable source of additional income.

10. Become a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is a convenient way to make money online.

Businesses enlist mystery shoppers to evaluate their offerings by visiting different establishments and carrying out specific tasks.
To become a mystery shopper, you need to sign up with a mystery shopping company.

With numerous companies available, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research.
Once registered, you can browse and choose assignments that suit your preferences and availability.

Upon finishing an assignment, you are required to submit a detailed report to the company, including your observations, feedback, and any relevant photos or videos.

5 Offline Dirty Ways to Make Money

1. Roadkill Cleaning

In regions where roadkill is frequent, there is an opportunity to gather and sell it to companies that utilize animal materials as a means to earn additional income.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to recognize that this is not suitable for everyone. It can be dirty and hazardous, and it demands significant physical effort.

Therefore, if you are prepared to confront the potential dangers and difficulties of collecting roadkill, it can serve as a means to earn extra income while also contributing to waste reduction.

2. Headstone Cleaning

If you’re comfortable working in cemeteries, headstone cleaning can be a lucrative opportunity to make money while assisting families in preserving the memories of their loved ones.

Despite the efforts of cemeteries to upkeep their grounds, there is still a demand for headstone cleaners to provide individual graves with the care they need.

Headstones are crafted from a variety of materials such as limestone, granite, and marble, each of which calls for distinct cleaning techniques.

By conducting some research, you can locate specialized tools and cleaning agents to effectively clean them.

3. Dog Poop Cleaner

A lot of people frequently enlist the services of individuals to tidy up their dogs’ excrement. Although it may appear to be an unconventional way to make a living, it can be quite profitable.

Pet owners often lack the time or desire to clean up after their animals, so they hire professional waste removers to handle the task for them.

This not only aids in maintaining a clean environment but also helps in creating a more pleasant community to reside in.

If you have a fondness for dogs and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, this line of work has the potential to bring in a decent income.

4. Dog Food Taster

If you’re willing to explore new opportunities and seeking a work-from-home position, consider becoming a dog food taster.

Dog food tasters are individuals who are paid to sample and evaluate the quality of dog food.

They do this by opening a few cans of dog food each day, smelling the contents, and tasting them to ensure proper ingredient balance.

While the idea of tasting dog food may not appeal to everyone, it’s important to note that the meat in dog food is safe for human consumption.


There are lots of dirty ways to make money online and onsite. But the issue is if you will be able to take the pains and shame to an extent.

Surprisingly, some of the jobs listed above are high-paying jobs.

These onsite jobs are quite similar to blue-collar jobs.

So, do your research well before you apply or sign up.


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