5 Super Book Bolt Alternatives in Nigeria | How Much Does It Cost To Book Bolt?

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What comes to mind when you hear the word “Bolt”? I know your guess is as good as mine. Bolt brings to mind transportation and mobility. So easy to book bolt right?

Transportation has always been an important aspect of life and human interaction. Before modern times, people have always moved from one place to another, from transporting themselves or their products to different parts of their cities and around neighboring cities.

The need for transportation can not be over-emphasized, at every point in time, there will be a need for people to move about and to engage in normal life processes engaging in one form of transportation or the other.

Now, Imagine a life where we don’t have to move about or where there’s no means of transportation.

What was your imagination like? You don’t want to think about how life will be right?

Transportation is an aspect of growth and economic prosperity.

This will help you appreciate how important transport is.

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Key Takeaways

Below are key takeaways to note about the importance of transportation.

  • Transportation ensures mobility and helps to make essential products and services accessible to where they are needed and this alone can improve the quality of life of people in a given community.
  • It brings out the ease of life; imagine that there’s no form of transportation and a lot of places will suffer congestion, which will in turn severely affect the normal ease of doing things and going about one’s normal life.
  • Encourages Tourism and Travel: Without transportation, people won’t visit other cities or nations; there will be no form of interaction between people from different walks of life and tribes; and it also provides an opportunity to visit places of interest.
  • Drives Economic Growth: Transportation is a key driver of economic growth—the movement of people, goods, and services from one place to another, connecting producers and consumers to reach a larger market.

Creation of Bolt

As the times changed, the need to embrace innovation became more important, and people started having desires for improved and comfortable means of transportation.

Bolt was created to disrupt the traditional means of transportation, where an individual or group of individuals can bolt and simply enjoy comfort and ease of movement at an affordable and more convenient means.

Bolt, formerly known as Taxify, is a transport system that provides innovative transport services.

It was founded in 2013 by Markus Villig and has its headquarters situated in Tallinn, Estonia.

One can book bolts in most countries because bolt services span numerous countries and cities around the world.

They offer on-demand services simply by using their app to book a ride to your destination.

Bolt became a welcome idea because it focused on providing affordable and convenient transportation options to its users.

Bolt offers a variety of services ranging from Bolt Standard, Bolt Plus (intended for a larger number of users), Bolt XL ( used for a group of persons), and Bolt Business ( used for corporate travels and tours.) They offer competitive prices and driver-friendly policies.

Bolt gained so much popularity and acceptance in the market because of its user-friendly app, convenience, and affordable pricing.

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Reasons why Bolt Gained so much Popularity during the Emergence

  • Customer Experience: Bolt had its focuses on ensuring that its customers have an experience that is entirely different and worth the ride compared to the traditional taxi service method.

They had the mobile app which has a tracking system to track the driver’s location, it had an open pricing system, and it was convenient for users thereby reducing the bottlenecks and frustrations that accompany the traditional taxi system. 

  • Wide reach: Bolt expanded beyond the city of Estonia to many parts of the world, it expanded its reach beyond its home market and became a global player in the transport industry.
  • Unique Approach: While Bolt had its customers in mind, it also didn’t just stop at that, it also had a driver-centric approach to its brand, and that aspect was to create opportunities for drivers to earn more and have flexible working hours.

The driver-centric approach gave room for expansion because it attracted many drivers to their platform and this helped to ensure there was a reliable and available supply of vehicles available for users to book bolts.

Do you just Book a Bolt Ride?

Some guidelines can guide you effectively in booking a bolt ride, they are listed below.

It is important to note these steps that can help you to effectively book a bolt ride.

#1. Ensure you have a smartphone:

you need a smartphone to be able to access the bolt app. Why must it be a smartphone? The need to have a smartphone to access the bolt app to be able to book a ride is because the intending bolt user needs a phone that can connect to the internet and can easily access the app for download.

#2. Download the bolt app:

You can now go ahead to download the app on your mobile phone. Bolt app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be gotten from the respective online stores.

#3. Create an account:

Once the bolt app is downloaded, you can proceed to sign up either using an active phone number or email address.

When doing this, follow the prompting attentively and complete the processes.

  • Set up your profile: after creating the account, proceed to setting up a profile. The profile information needed is as follows, your name, profile picture, and preferred payment method.

You are allowed to use multiple payment options, including credit/debit cards or digital wallets.

  • Turn on your location service: this enables the app to access your device’s GPS or read your location setting, get the needed permission, and connect you to the nearest driver.

To Use the App

To use the bolt app, follow these steps:

#1. Enter your Destination:

Enter your destination on the search bar which is on the home screen.

This can be done manually or can be accessed by the app.

#2. Choose your preferred ride:

After entering your destination, a variety of ride options pops up. You can now select the best options that suit you.

#3. Confirm the ride and track your driver:

Confirm the ride, follow up with your drivers’ details, and track the driver as they make their way to pick you up.

#4.Ride and make payment:

After your ride, the price pops up on your home screen, you can make payment with the best payment options that are suitable to you.

Book Bolt Alternative In Nigeria | How Much Does It Cost To Book Bolt?

To book Bolt in Nigeria, the cost varies depending on some factors which include the distance covered in the journey, the specific time of the day, the rate of demand and supply conditions at a given time to the selected ride options.

The estimated fare on the Bolt app is not usually a fixed price, the price can fluctuate due to some of the factors listed above, it is also important to note that the final amount on the app may differ from what was originally shown when the ride was booked and this can be due to factors such as changes in route or because of circumstances during such trips.

When you book a bolt, there are also possibilities of adjustment in pricing during peak hours or due to weather conditions, whatever the case, it is important to note that the bolt will always display the prices on your device.

If you want to have your car listed amongst the variety of cars customers see when they book a bolt, here are some steps to take to actualize that desire.

  • Step 1:  Go to the bolt website, choose your country(Nigeria), and sign up as a driver.
  • Step 2: Proceed to provide needed information required of you.
  • Step 3: Upload the required documents, this step is to verify your identity and ownership of the vehicle.

Some of the documents include; A valid driver’s License, a vehicle registration document to authenticate ownership of the vehicle. 

  • Step 4: Complete background check, this is usually done to check drivers’ history and background such as the existence of any criminal record or vices. Other checks will be carried out to ensure passenger safety.
  • Step 5: Train. Bolt may require drivers signed up with them to attend training to familiarize themselves with the platforms and their policies.
  • Step 6: Approval, at this point, bolt review your application and documents and notify you of your approval on their platform.
  • Step 7: If your application was approved, then you proceed to this step by installing the bolt drivers app on your device. You will be provided with the necessary instructions to get this done.
  • Step 8:  Set up your driver’s account. Your phone number, email address, creating your password, and other personal information will be required.
  • Step 9:  At this point, your account is ready, and the app starts notifying you of available rides. You can now start accepting rides.

Aside Bolt, there is a wide variety of other ride options made available to Nigerians, we will look into the other alternatives to Bolt in Nigeria.

Some of the Alternative Ride-hailing Systems Include:

1. Uber

Has Uber Ever Been Profitable? What Will It Take For Uber To Become Profitable?

Uber is a transportation company that was founded in 2009, Uber was developed to provide reliable, convenient, and affordable transportation options to its users.

Uber operates primarily through a mobile app, which allows drivers and passengers to interact.

Uber operates a system similar to that of bolt.

2. GidiCab

GidiCab is a Nigerian ride platform, and service platform, where intending taxi commuters are connected to driver partners for a very convenient pickup and ride.

GidiCab is available in Lagos. They offer both on-demand and scheduled rides.

3. OgaTaxi

Oga Taxi is a Nigerian ride platform that operates mostly in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, it offers affordable rides and allows for loyalty programs.

4. Oride

Oride is a bike-hailing platform by Opay. Oride offers a variety of bike rides for commuters.

Oride approach is entirely different from the scope of the bolt, unlike the taxi-hailing platform, Oride is designed for bikers and provides convenience for its riders.

5. Smart Ride

Smart ride is a technology-inclined transportation service in Nigeria that was launched in Lagos On February 28, 2017. Smart cabs revolutionized the outlook of transportation companies in Nigeria. 

Aside Bolt, these other hailing services have made it much easier for users to have a stress-free ride experience.

While Bolt and other ride-hailing services offer numerous benefits, there are challenges that one might encounter from time to time when they need to bolt.

Some of those Challenges Can be.

  • Availability of vehicles when needed, most times when one sets out to book bolt or any ride, they may not be readily available to pick up customers, especially during peak hours or in areas with limited drivers. This might also lead to long pick-up hours.
  • There might be technical challenges here and here in times when individuals book bolt, these technical challenges can be due to poor service, technical glitches, or even issues with the bolt app(such as app crashes, and server errors) and this can affect users and restrict them from accessing the services.
  • Traffic and delays in major cities like  Lagos can hinder the operations of bolt riders.

While we understand that bolt riders are efficient, it is also important to remember that the challenges can come due to factors beyond their control.

  • The economic situation of the location: recently bolt drivers have complained about the inability of the challenges they face in the pricing displayed by the app. Their complaints have centered around economic circumstances and how they are not been adhered to to improve the experience of both drivers and users.

These challenges are not exclusive to Bolts, they are also applicable to other ride-hailing services.

What makes Bolt and these other ride-hailing services is that there has been significant advancement in the transportation sectors and with the innovation, there are provision of an array of benefits such as convenience, accessibility, transparent pricing, and safety.


Book Bolt alternatives in Nigeria | This blog post reviews some of the alternatives to bolt in Nigeria, and how much it costs to book bolt.


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